Frozen Burgers in Air Fryer (New Favorite)

The burgers are elite; they are the spotlight of the table, where everyone’s hands and eyes are, to grab that juicy, delicious burger for their tummies. If you only order one dish, this most superficial burger will undoubtedly make the rounds, and you will certainly get it.

When you’ve got so much to do or just got home after spending a long day in your office, and you just want to have a comfortable dish and a good rest afterward, then these frozen burgers come in handy with no preparation, your favorite veggies, and condiments.

The burgers are game changers, but what else is a game changer? The air fryer. Yes, ever since I got my hands on this appliance, my cooking has been easy; I don’t get to work hours standing in front of the stove, and I also don’t have to turn on and heat the oven every single time.

Whether you use frozen burgers or make them from scratch, the patty is always consistently juicy and moist, with a plump bun surrounding it. And when you add those fresh vegetables, they get more delectable, mouth-watering, and delicious.

Here is more about this beauty:

CourseMain meal
Prep time1 minute
Total time10-12 minutes
The general info on the frozen air-fried patty

How long do you cook frozen burgers in an air fryer?

Burger with fries on a wooden board
Burger on a wooden board

8-10 minutes only.

If you reduce the timings and do not follow the instructions, you will have uncooked patties, which is unhealthy. All you have to do is preheat the fryer to 350F and lay the patties in the fryer basket with parchment paper and some oil.

The air fryer then does the rest, and you have to just flip the patty once it reaches the halfway point in the timer. This is to ensure that the patty cooks evenly.

When the timer is done, take out the patty and place it on a bun with some spicy mayo and fresh-cut veggies over them, and you have a delicious munching burger.

Are frozen burgers good in air fryers?

Yes, frozen burgers in an air fryer are the quickest way to get your dinner done in under 10 minutes with little bun preparation.

The frozen patties don’t have to be thawed before cooking; however, you may need to adjust the timing and temperature according to the thickness and the brand you are using.

It is also advised to use a thermometer when your patty is cooked, I don’t know about the oven, pan-fry, or grilling method but the air fryer works best for me and might for you too.

How to make a juicy frozen burger in an air fryer?


  • Frozen patties (you can use any brand)


  • Preheat your air fryer to 350F or 176C for 2-3 minutes with the basket still in its place.
  • Line the foil or parchment paper onto the basket and place the patties in a single layer (don’t overcrowd them) and close the basket back into the fryer.
  • Cook the patty for 10 minutes with a one-time flip when the timer is halfway through (5 minutes into the cooking).
  • Once the patty looks moist, insert the thermometer and see if it reaches 160-165F degrees internally then your patty is done too well.
  • At this point, you can add cheese on top of the patty and wait for it to meet, it takes 2-3 minutes completely.
  • Take the cheesy patty and keep it between the sauce buns with your favorite veggies and toppings.

How do you know when an air fryer burger is ready?

Close up image of a beef burger
A beef burger with cheese ready to be eaten

You’ll know when the air fryer burger is ready when you examine it properly. When the burgers are ready in the fryer, it may seem like they are cooked through, but the right way is to check on them with all that you have.

First of all, check the color of the patty; if it’s brown-golden, then it’s cooked fine, but if the color is pink, then it needs more time in the fryer.

Second, check for texture and juice by pressing your tongs or fork against the patty; if it bounces back, the meat is undercooked; if pressing on the patty causes it to bump and juices to run through it, the patty is done.

Third and importantly, insert the thermometer probe on the side of the patty (not too deep), so if the reading on the screen reads about 160 or above, the meat is cooked to a well-done consistency.

What are the temperatures for cooking medium rare patty?

Everyone has their own choices and preferences when it comes to cooking meat so that their taste buds can enjoy the immense taste. Check the temperature by inserting a meat thermometer into the cooked patty.

If you are a lover of rare meat, check the thermometer for readings of 120F. At 130F, the patty is cooked to medium rare, and at 140F, it is medium. The 150°F reading indicates that it is medium-well, and 160°F or above is well-done, with perfectly juicy and tender meat to be melted in your mouth.

Also, time plays a big role in cooking the desired patty, for a rare patty set a timer for 4 minutes, 6 minutes for medium rare, 8 minutes for medium, and for well-done meat, total of 10 minutes will be enough.

Do you need to flip the burgers in an air fryer?

Loaded burgers on a wooden board
Fliping burger patties help them cook evenly.

Yes, flipping the patty in an air fryer is a meaningful step in cooking.

This crucial step makes thorough cooking possible, but flip it once the time is halfway, or your frying could be altered. Here are some other things you should keep at your fingertips.

  • Constant turning will result in a dry and toughened patty.
  • If you flip it too quickly the meat on one side will be good and the other would be uncooked.
  • Constant flipping will also make your patty stick onto the air fryer basket rack.

Is it necessary to thaw frozen patties before air frying?

No, defrosting is not required for making frozen patties in the air fryer; the thawing is unnecessary.

It is because frozen foods are a means for cooking when you are short on time; what’s the point of having them as a convenience if defrosting takes twice the time as melting ice?

Also, keeping the frozen meat or just a slice of meat on the kitchen counter at room temperature will increase the chances that the meat quality will deteriorate because this temperature will be favorable for bacteria growth as soon as you keep it like this.

Are burgers in the air fryer messy?

No, the mess in the air fryer is literally zero.

This is by far the best method for cooking any food you desire. The air fryer keeps the balance between the crispiness of the skin and the juiciness on the insides, what else is needed for a satisfying meal?

Furthermore, the no-oil concept makes the air fryer more beloved as it cuts down on fat and cholesterol while preserving nutrition like no other. If you’re still unsure about cleaning, use parchment paper or foil to make an easy spotless basket.

Can I use foil in the air fryer?

Yes, it is safe to use the foil in an air fryer; in fact, it makes the cleanup more uncomplicated for the running juices and crumbs at the bottom of the basket.

Hence, one thing to keep in mind is that you should not cover the whole basket with foil as it interrupts the circulating hot air and makes the cooking irregular even if all the frying factors are perfectly set, instead cover the food or make foil a boat-shaped so the airflow is still there.

Check out this video regarding foil and air fryer

Storing and reheating:

To store the leftover burgers make sure they are cool down to room temperature and then put them in the air-tight container, this will be good for 3-4 days maximum. To put life back into the burgers, preheat the fryer to 350 Fahrenheit and then put them in a single layer for 5 minutes until they are hot enough.

Nutritional Value:

The juicy patty and warm bun are ideal combinations for unexpected hunger, but the vegetables in them make it even more appealing. Just like this combination, this whole dish has uncountable minerals and nutrients for your healthy body, some of which are:

Total fat27g
Total carbohydrates40g
The nutrition for an air-fried burger

The above-mentioned nutrients are enough for you to keep health as a priority because they make a big part of daily nourishment easy. However, to maintain a more healthy lifestyle, you must limit your burger consumption.

Can You Eat Air Fryer Burgers On A Keto Diet?

It is determined by the burger.

Check the ingredient labels of all burgers you buy or ingredients you buy to prepare your own burgers.

Always, always read the labeling to ensure it meets your dietary requirements. If you’re gluten-free, I recommend pairing this Gluten Free Bread with your air-fried hamburger!

Why Is My Air Fryer Smoking?

If your air fryer smokes while frying foods with greasy drains, such as hamburgers or bacon, add a tablespoon or two of water to the inner basket.

Others have recommended sandwiching a slice of bread between the air fryer baskets to capture the grease.

It is incredibly simple to cook frozen hamburgers in an air fryer. Every time, the air fryer burgers cook swiftly and evenly.


  • This quick and easy air-fried burger will make you obsessed over them in no time.
  • You can serve them as an appetizer, snack, or a quick dinner.
  • Frozen burgers are budget friendly and make your food ready in under 10 minutes.
  • You don’t have to defrost or thaw it before air frying.
  • the frozen air-fried burgers are the legit comforting food for any craving night or day.
  • The burgers are customizable which means you can rely upon your favorite additions for it.
  • The air fryer helps you make dinner and lunch with easy cleanup, no oil, and cheap electricity.

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