Air Fryer Brownies (Sweet Treat)

Brownies are a perfect snack for tea time. With the air fryer, you can get an ideal fudgy brownie texture that is better than the one made in the oven. This is a quick and yummy treat for all chocolate lovers.

In this blog, you’ll get the easiest recipe for making brownies in the air fryer, along with some gluten-free alternatives.

How to Bake Brownies In the Air Fryer?


1/2 cup of flour: We need all-purpose flour for this recipe. You can use gluten-free flour if you have diabetes or just want to opt for healthier options.

1/3 cup of cocoa powder: You can use Dutch chocolate powder or Hershey’s dark powder. While the natural cocoa powder is affordable, it might give a bit of a cakey taste.

1/2 cup of melted butter or 2tbsp Of coconut oil for adding a bland coconut flavor to the brownies. You can also use butter, which might dry out the brownies if not monitored.

1 cup of sugar: Use granulated sugar or coconut sugar. Any substitute is fine for a low-calorie intake. Granulated sucrose is also an option. The brownies shouldn’t be made without sugar as it may make them sour.

2 eggs: Eggs are irreplaceable. The gooey, fudgy texture is all due to the 2-3 eggs used while making the batter!

Chocolate chips: You can also use melted dark chocolate for toppings.

To balance the sweet and salty flavors, add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and half a teaspoon of salt.

This recipe also needs a 6-inch round pan. It works perfectly in air fryers.

caramel ice cream on the top of a fudge brownie
Brownie served with caramel ice cream is incredible


  1. Melt the butter in the microwave. Mix it with sugar in a small bowl. Keep a thick consistency. Your brownies will become fluffy and light as a result.
  2. Add the all-purpose flour, sugar, butter, eggs, oil, salt, and baking powder in a large bowl.
  3. Wisk everything together. After that, add the vanilla extract and give a thorough stir.
  4. While you mix your brownie batter, preheat your air fryer by setting the temperature to 330 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes.
  5. Spray your 6-inch pan with nonstick cooking spray or olive oil. Or you can use melted butter for this purpose. Then add the blended mixture to the pan.
  6. Use the back of a spatula to smoothen the top of the mixture.
  7. Air-fry the mixture for 20 to 25 minutes at 350 degrees.
  8. Take a toothpick and insert it in the center of the base. If it comes out clean, that means the brownies are ready. Remove it from the pan and let it cool.
  9. Cut these brownies into small rectangular shapes and serve them with ice cream.

Nutritional Information

NutrientsAmount (g/mg)
Nutrient breakdown of a single serving of air-fried brownies

Expert Tips

  • Do not overmix the mixture, as it may destroy the texture of your brownies due to excessive air space.
  • The toothpicks used for testing come out clean, indicating the endpoint. If it comes out moist, it still needs some time.
  • Refrigerate for a few minutes to create a fudgier texture.
  • Make sure to use unsweetened cocoa powder of the highest quality.
  • The brownies must be removed from the air fryer as soon as the ends begin pulling away from the pan’s edge. Do not overcook the brownies.
  • In the air fryer, you can use any round pan made of glass, ceramic, metal, or silicone. Except for aluminum foil, anything that can go into a standard oven may be used in the air fryer without any issues.
  • Use pans that are not wider than 7 inches.
  • If you’re following a recipe that is for the oven and you’ve to make it in the air fryer, reduce the air fryer’s baking temperature and time. Reduce the temperature by 30 degrees and shorten the time by 20%.
  • Since air fryers are smaller than ovens, you should keep these instructions in mind for better results.

Storage Instructions

You can keep the air-fried brownies in refrigerators for 2-5 days. Or wrap them and store them in the freezer for about a month. Just make sure you store them in an air-tight container.

Saran wrap is the most effective way to store them. Later on, wrap it in aluminum foil too. It helps to improve the thawing process.

Check out the video below to perfectly bake brownies in the air fryer:

Check out this amazing recipe for making air fryer brownies!


How do brownies become fudgy?

Fudgy brownies contain more butter and chocolate than simpler ones.

Therefore, increasing the quality of chocolate and butter adds more fat and makes the brownies fudgier. On the other hand, adding more flour and baking powder gives a cake-like texture to the brownies.

The egg and sugar content will remain the same. The ingredients are the same, but the quantities do vary!

What is the difference between cake brownies and fudgy brownies?

Cakey brownies are like a cake that is divided into rectangular pieces. It is very similar to enjoying a slice of cake. They are soft, tender, and airy.

On the other hand, fudge brownies are gooey, dense, and moist in texture with a creamy center.

The fudge brownie looks beautiful from the top!
Fudgy brownies are moist and gooey

How long does it take to bake a cake in an air fryer?

You must bake the cake for 30 minutes at 160 C in the air fryer.

Increase the temperature to 300 F and cook for another 10 minutes at 300F. Insert a skewer or toothpick in the cake’s center to determine whether it is done. The cake is ready the toothpick comes out spotless.

Can we reheat brownies in an air fryer?

You can reheat the brownies in an air fryer at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius). Place the brownies in the air fryer basket and cook for longer if you want more than one brownie slice. Check them frequently to avoid overcooking.

Can I use glass in an air fryer?

You can use borosilicate, tempered glass, or oven-safe dishes for cooking in air fryers. However, if the dish is glazed with soda-lime glass, it might not handle the high temperatures of the air fryer.

Delicious brownies
Walnuts are added to the brownies to enhance the nuttier flavor.

What Are Some Good Brownie Toppings?

You can use walnuts, peanuts, pecans, and other nuts. You can also include chocolate, peanut butter, or white baking chips.

You can sprinkle and other candies are also enjoyable. It truly comes down to personal preference.

Decadent brownies are more than just frosting and caramel drizzle. In only a few minutes, you can elevate a typical dessert to the center of attention at a party, potluck, or Sunday dinner.

What Other Pans May Air-Fryer Brownies Be Made In?

Air-fryer brownies can also be baked in 8- or 10-oz ramekins for about 20 minutes. These will have a more gooey middle than a whole pan but check for doneness as you would with other brownies.

Any baking pan with an oven-safe label, including metal, stone, ceramic, glass, and silicone molds and pans, is safe to use in air fryers. You should avoid using cardboard, plastic, wood, and Teflon for pans and plates in your air fryer.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, I’d like to say that;

  • Air fryer brownies are one of the most delicious discoveries! Using the same recipe above, you can make healthier brownies with some gluten-free flour.
  • Gluten-free brownies are an excellent option for those looking for healthy sweet treats.
  • Air fryer brownies are quick and easier to make than in the oven. They have a fudgy texture if the quantity of butter and chocolate is increased. Brownies are cakey when we use a significant amount of flour.
  • Cook them at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20–25 minutes. Monitor the cooking process to avoid overcooking.
  • It is possible to make as many variations with the same ingredients by substituting some cocoa and chocolate syrups.
  • Using cholate chips enhances the taste and crunch, but they are replaceable too.
  • Try this fantastic recipe for fudgy, chocolaty brownies! 

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