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Can You Make Poori In An Air Fryer? (Find Out)

Yes, an air fryer can be used to cook poori.

As you all know the recently developed magical kitchen gadget; an air fryer is a multi-tasking item. But till yet, people came across different types of queries regarding air fryers.

In this blog, you’ll be given appropriate knowledge about using an air fryer, and if a poori can be made in an air fryer or not. If yes, then how can we do so, and also the pros and cons of air fryer will be discussed.

First of all, in the air fryer basket, arrange the pooris on the wire rack. Then, cook for 5 minutes at 320 degrees. After that, cook for an additional five minutes after flipping them.

Take pleasure in your wonderful homemade poori! This is the healthiest poori you’d ever have.

How healthy is Air Fryer?

There are also some significant health benefits to using an air fryer. Air fryers use less oil than deep fryers and can produce healthier fried foods like french fries and other traditionally fried foods.

Air fryers also allow fat to drip to the bottom of the plate, giving rise to the phrase “cutting the fat.” The use of an air fryer has resulted in up to a 70% reduction in fat.

However, there is one caveat that must be made. While an air fryer does use less oil and reduce fat, it does not necessarily make your meals healthier if you continue to cook the wrong foods.

Is it true that Air Fryers make food more crispy?

Air Fryers have the advantage of crisping food without immersing it in hot oil.

However, if you want an even crispier texture, a tablespoon or two of oil will help turn the exterior into a lovely brown color.

There are numerous types of air fryers on the market, each with its own unique size, shape, power consumption, heat capacity, and even price. The main distinction between air frying and deep frying is the texture of the food. Air fryers produce a texture that is similar to but not identical to that of frying.

How Is It To Make Poori In An Air Fryer?

There are many opinions on making a poori in an air fryer. For me, poori is the name of a type of deep-fried bread (made up of whole wheat flour and small in size, and usually requires deep frying).

Since having an air fryer-made poori with Indian gravy is quite challenging. If you inquire about ‘pani poori’, it is appropriate as it would sell better as a snack than as bread.

Regarding bhatura, the only distinction is that it is considerably larger than a looch in size. “Yes!” I was astounded to watch Pooris puff up like they were about to be fried.

On the other hand, baking instead of frying is the closest thing to a healthy poori, with 70% of the taste and 80% of the health benefits.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Making Poori In An Air Fryer?

Making puri in an air fryer is a unique thing to do. It might be healthier but will have some drawbacks too that might make you wonder why you didn’t deep fry it.

These drawbacks may include;

  • Many people won’t like a poori cooked in an air fryer as it will taste different from a traditional poori cooked in oil.
  • Making poor in the air fryer is a time-consuming process as you can bake no more than two pooris in a single turn.
  • Due to the more time consuming, it will use more energy and hence not so economical.
  • Also, there will not be much oil which is the characteristic of a poori, because an air fryer uses barely some drops of oil.
  • The texture of an air-fried poori is quite crispy, unlike deep-fried poori.

I’m not sure if typical pooris can be liked much due to the extra crispy it gets, but you can bake, air fry,  or make pani pooris as well. 

Although there are some disadvantages of making poori in an air fryer. The texture of the poori won’t be the same as it is when deep-fried. But having an air-fried poori is not as unhealthy as deep fried one with drippings of oil.

Dumplings cooked in an air fryer
Dumplings cooked in an air fryer

How Can We Make Poori In An Air Fryer?

To make Puri in an air fryer, you need to follow these steps:

  • Place butter paper over rolled dough and grease with oil using a brush in the air fryer.
  • Air fry for six minutes at 180 C.
  • Serve the puri with pickles and aloo bhujia.

But, there are two different options for making poori, either frying or air frying!

For deep frying: Heat cooking oil in a wok and cook food in it over a medium flame, flipping once, until it is brown and puffs up. For air frying: you need to follow the same steps I described earlier.

Do Air Fryers Produce Similar Results As Deep-Fried Foods?

No, there is a lot of difference. An air fryer results in making food less greasy, healthier, and sometimes bland. While deep-fried food is greasy, yet juicy and tastier!

Though Air fryers are wonderful, they are used to cook foods that have not been battered. No fritters, then. When your roommate bites into a serving of French fries, you can hear the crunch. Fantastic scotch eggs can be produced using an air fryer.

Everything from chicken strips to shrimp wraps and from bacon to egg rolls turns out well.

But is it an identical replica of a deep fryer? Of course not.

There remain no oil splash burns and it is much healthier. That would probably be sufficient if you have ever had to clean a deep fryer.

Cooked chicken wings in an air fryer
Chicken wings cooked in an air fryer

What Are Some Of The Best Air Fryers Along With Their Power Consumption?

There have been introduced a lot of air fryers, each has its specifications regarding cooking capacity, space consumption, and energy consumption.

Below are enlisted some air fryers that are considered best in recent times along with their power consumption;

Air FryersPower Consumption
Tefal ActiFry Air Fryer1400 Watt
Tower T17023 Air Fryer1000 Watt
Ninja Foodi MAX PRO Health Grill,
Flat Plate & Air Fryer
2460 Watt
Philips Essential Air Fryer XL1900 Watt
Instant Pot Duo Crisp & Air Fryer1500 Watt
Air Fryers Power Consumption

Can You Cook Indian Foods In An Air Fryer?

You can use the air fryer to replace deep frying and prepare a range of healthy Indian cuisines. Enjoy all of your favorite Indian dishes without using any oil. There are many recipes available online, that’ll help you in this regard.

You can prepare Indian food in an air fryer even if you prefer a vegetarian, ketogenic, low carb, vegan, gluten-free, or plant-based.

While preparing Indian cuisine you just don’t have to be very much an expert. There would be a difference between both the air-fried and deep-fried versions of Asian food such as poori, kachori, nan khatai, etc.

The taste and tenderness of both foods might vary but they can be cooked easily in an air fryer!

Is Using An Air Fryer Healthier Than Using A Traditional Deep Fryer?

Instead of oil, it functions by using extremely hot air. Fewer calories and prevention of unhealthy substances formation in your body are benefits of this. Some of the health benefits of air fryer include;

  • Due to the less oil consumption, health-conscious and fitness freaks can also enjoy foods such as French fries, Chicken nuggets, etc.
  • People can be encouraged to lose weight while eating their favorite foods
  • Prevention of consuming excessive calories can save people from many diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke

The drawback, in my opinion, is that hand-oiling snacks are a hassle. Also, overcooked food due to the extremely high temperature can cause health concerns.

The end product is good but not quite as tasty as usual. It is much drier, so you’re tempted to use more mayonnaise, ketchup, or whatever. Also, equipment such as a Philips air fryer can only barely fry enough fries in one batch for three people.

An image showing roasted food in the air fryer
Roasted food in an air fryer

What Foods Can Be Cooked In An Air Fryer?

We can cook a variety of foods in an air fryer for instance wings, sausages, burgers, etc.

Also, it is best for foods that need to be fried such as frozen foods, chicken wings, French fries, dumplings, etc.

For cooking steaks in the air fryer, I wipe them off and season them with salt and pepper before placing them in the air fryer to dry. I mix my favorite sauces with them once they’re finished cooking.

You should be served with food that is hot and moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. I’ve also cooked some incredible shrimp and pork chops in the air fryer. Also, I look forward to creating my beef jerky and dried fruits like mango at home, thanks to the dehydrator feature on my Ninja.

Try sausages also! They cook for 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius and have delightful, slightly crispy skin. When making a pork roast, I cook it for 20 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius, remove the perfect crackling, and then cook the roast for another hour.

The golden, crisp pig crackling is superb! After being cooked for 30 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius, pork chops have crispy fat on them.

Additionally, lamb chops are perfectly grilled for 20 minutes at 180 C. After baking at 180 °C for 15 to 20 minutes. Also, pizza and keto cauliflower are ideally cooked in an air fryer, and you won’t ever go back to conventional oven pizza.

French fries cook for 45 minutes at 200C without using unhealthy oil, especially when cooked in the spinning metal basket that is included with many air fryers.

Apart from this, we can cook a lot of dishes in an air fryer, by following a set of steps and a limited temperature.

How to make poori in an air fryer?

Final Thoughts

To conclude, I’d say that,

  • We can easily cook puri in an air fryer. However, it will have quite a different taste and texture than that of a deep-fried poori.
  • Asian Cuisines have a unique taste that lack when they are air fried. Indian food such as samosas, pakoras, nan khatai, Pani puri, etc, can be made by using an air fryer. They are healthier than deep-fried versions.
  • Most people don’t like air-fried Indian foods. They prefer not eating it rather than air frying it. That’s the case, some foods are limited to a special process of cooking that we should not amend.
  • Many foods can be cooked in an air fryer. I’ve given a sneak peek at most of the frequently asked questions. I hope they were comprehendible and useful for you.

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