Can You Make Corn Dogs In An Air Fryer? (Detailed Answer)

Yes, you can cook corn dogs in an air fryer if you want to.

None of the kitchen tasks has been left troublesome with time and, more specifically with the introduction of air fryers into our lives. The meals that were once a wholesome task to prepare can now easily be cooked in no time using this magical tool.

In this blog, I’ll discuss the details of whether we should make corn dogs in an air fryer or not. In case we can, how can we do it?

You just need to follow some SOPs to finalize the recipe.

First of all, you need to look at whether your air fryer is capable of such strenuous recipes or not. If yes, then there is no problem in making corn dogs in it.

The recipe requires multiple things. It will also include slots for the rotisserie kebab sticks that often come with the appliance if your air fryer has a metal basket at the bottom. I would place the corn dogs on those and perhaps lightly coat the outside with cooking oil.

I believe it would work because the sausages in the center would cook at 180 degrees Celsius, or 356 degrees Fahrenheit, for around 15 to 20 minutes, which is how long it takes to get the dough or batter crunchy.

It was just a glimpse of the things you need to look at beforehand. Apart from that, there are many other requirements for making corn dogs in an air fryer.

All you need to do is stick with me through the article.

Let’s get started.

What is a corn dog?

It’s a hot dog on a stick that’s been deep-fried after being dipped in a thick layer of cornmeal batter.

The hot dogs are hung upside down, dunked in batter, dropped into hot oil, and fried until golden brown to make the frozen corn dogs you buy at the store. The cooked corn dogs are removed from the frying machine and flash-frozen in a blast chiller before being packaged for sale.

Cooking Mini Corn Dogs Vs. Regular Stick Corn Dogs

  • In the air fryer, both of these sizes of corn dogs cook perfectly. The timing will differ depending on the brand and size.
  • Regular-size corn dogs are fairly consistent across brands. The mini corn dogs will have more variation, so just keep an eye on the timing and cook until they’re warmed and crispy in the air fryer.
  • Regular corn dogs and mini corn dogs should be cooked at the same temperature. Simply allow a few minutes less time for the minis.
  • The mini will fit better in the air fryer baskets. To fit in the basket of some air fryers, the stick may need to be cut down slightly.

How Do You Use An Air Fryer To Prepare Corn Dogs?

A black Air fryer
The air fryer provides a non-deep-frying method

We can use an air fryer to prepare corn dogs, yet they are different from deep-fried corn dogs.

Here is given a whole scenario of how an air fryer can be used to prepare corn dogs.

First, we need to know what are corn dogs. It’s a deep-fried hot dog on a stick that has been covered in a thick coating of cornmeal batter.

The hot dogs are hung upside down, covered in batter, dropped into hot oil, and fried until they are a gorgeous golden brown to make the frozen corn dogs you buy at the grocery store. The corn dogs are taken out of the fryer once they are finished cooking, flash-frozen in a blast chiller, and packaged for sale.

Your air fryer needs two minutes of 400°F heating. Then place a single layer of frozen corn dogs in the basket and bake for eight minutes. Small bowls of ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, or other condiments are served beside your air-fried corn dogs.

What Ingredients Do We Need To Make Corn Dogs?

The following ingredients are needed to make corn dogs.

  • 4 strips of mozzarella cheese
  • 100g Gluten-free flour
  • Rice flour sticks
  • 3g of Baking soda
  • 3g of Finely ground Sugar
  • 180g of bread crumbs
  • 15g of warm water
  • Diced sweet potatoes
  • Sausages

Also, you’ll need 1 cup of ketchup, honey, mustard, etc. to add more taste

These are the ingredients that we need to make a delicious corn dog in an air fryer. You can skip or add some depending on your taste buds. Otherwise, you’ll get an amazing outcome once you use all of these.

Following are mentioned some of the food items with the relative temperatures needed to cook them in an air fryer;

FoodsAir Fryer Temperature
Bone-In Pork Chops400°F
Air Frying Temperatures for different foods

What’s The Process Of Making Corn Dogs In An Air Fryer?

Let’s get to the procedure one by one.

First of all, wash bamboo sticks, string mozzarella cheese, and sausage sticks separately, or split cheese and sausage in half, and cut the sausage tail into a cross. After that, 180 g of warm water and 2.3 g of yeast are combined and swirled.

A big bowl should include 100g of high gluten flour, 100g of sticky rice flour, 4g of baking powder, 3g of salt, and 15g of fine granulated sugar. Slowly add yeast water while stirring until there is no longer any dry powder. Put the batter in a tall cup and wrap it in plastic.

For the batter to ferment more fully, chill and ferment it for 20–30 minutes. Pour batter into a cup, then evenly dip batter in bread crumbs, diced potatoes, or diced sweet potatoes. Gently compact it with your hands. 

Wrap sausage sticks or cheese strips in a thin coat of starch. Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes after preheating the oven to 350 to 400 degrees. Heat the oven. Place the necessary number of small corn dogs at 2-inch intervals on the baking sheet.

After 10 minutes of baking, flip the dish over onto the main grill. Give it two minutes on the plate.
Then keep it for 20 minutes in the air fryer. Microwave for 30-35 seconds on high, or until warm. Pay close attention to any scorching.

Imagine squeezing ketchup and honey mustard sauce over the corn dog as soon as it comes out of the pot. The sweet and sour flavor enhances the taste while the heat intensifies the aroma.

An image showing corn ribs cooked in air fryer
Corn Ribs

What’s the Limiting Temperature for Cooking Deep-fried Corn Dogs?

Depending on how you intend to prepare them and whether or not they are still frozen when you start cooking. A fully thawed corn dog should be cooked in oil that is between 350° and 375° when using a deep fryer.

I advise utilizing coconut or avocado oil; stay away from vegetable, peanut, and blended oils. The oil should be roughly 25 degrees hotter before adding the corn dogs if the corn dogs are initially frozen.

The frozen corn dogs will cause your oil’s temperature to drop dramatically when you first add them. Compared to corn dogs that are already thawed, frozen corn dogs need to be a little darker in color before you remove them from the oil.

When cooking frozen meals like corn dogs or other frozen dishes, a digital heat probe is incredibly beneficial because it eliminates any element of guesswork.

Ideal Temperature for Baking Defrosted Corn Dogs

For defrosted corn dogs, cook until the food reaches an internal temperature of at least 140°. Other foods have different internal temperatures from one another. There are reference manuals for proper internal temperatures.

You can bake your corn dogs at 375° if you want to avoid the extra grease. To ensure consistent cooking, put them on a wire rack suspended above a baking sheet. Cook for 12 to 15 minutes, or for longer if you have a temperature probe, and then check the internal temperature.

Convection ovens and air fryers cook food significantly more quickly than baking does. Therefore, set your air fryer to 350 degrees and cook for 10 minutes.

You may check the color by keeping an eye out for a slight darkening of the golden brown to determine when your corn dog is done.

Oyster meat in plate
Chopped parsley styles oyster meat

Is Food Cooked in an Air Fryer Healthier?

Yes, using an air fryer to cook food is incredibly healthy because so little oil is used in the process. Using an air fryer can reduce oil consumption by as much as 80%. Hot air is circulated to the food items that are placed within the air fryer’s pan or basket to fry them.

The food items’ reducing sugars and amino acids engage in a process known as the Maillard reaction, which gives them flavor and scent.

Although there is a little difference in flavor between food cooked or fried in an air fryer and conventional frying methods, this difference in flavor can easily be overlooked given the advantages that air frying has over conventional frying.

It turns out that the air fryer functions more like a small convection oven than a deep fryer. The gadget is marketed by Philips as a low-fat fryer and multi cooker.

However, it cooks everything using a high-speed fan that circulates hot air. It is a convection oven that is quick, precise, and effective.

Air Fryer Corn Dogs; Whole Process

Final Thoughts

  • We have another method to prepare corn dogs at home using an air fryer, yet no one truly understands how this marvelous invention came to be.
  • Bring that traditional flavor and texture home by making them in an air fryer. I’d like to review the procedure of making corn dogs in some simple steps.
  • You’ll have perfectly crunchy corn dogs in no time if you throw out the fryer and grab your air fryer.
  • Spray some olive oil on the bottom of your air fryer basket as preparation.
  • Then, corn dogs should be put in the basket.
  • After that bake for 8–10 minutes, and cook at 360 degrees.

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