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What Can You Cook In An Air Fryer Rotating Basket? (Explained)

Cooking in an air fryer is a favorite for many and a blessing for those who are cautious about their diet. An air fryer is well-known for its healthy and unique way of cooking.

The methodology used while cooking in an air fryer limits unhealthy ingredients and provides numerous benefits to your body.

The air fryer cooks food with less to no oil, meanwhile retaining the crispiness and crunch of your food. Less usage of oil prevents health risks and problems.

With healthy cooking, air fryers have great efficiency as it immediately heats up and you don’t have to wait much for the pre-heat period. It takes comparatively less time than the oven and does not require your intervention while cooking.

Cooking in an air fryer requires several accessories while cooking. The air fryer Basket is among the most prominent accessory as it plays a crucial role while cooking.

An air fryer Basket is a convenient grilling tool that is used for grilling vegetables, chicken legs, or shrimp.

Although many are well aware of its use, some know its rotation feature and its use.

In short, an air fryer basket is used to cook small food items, such as vegetables, chicken wings, and toast dry fruits like nuts.

These are just a few things you can cook in a rotating air fryer, there is much more to know. So, read till the end as I’ll be diving deep into it.

What is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks food by using low heat and circulating hot air.

When you turn on your air fryer, breaded meatballs or french fries will come out crispy and not greasy, even if they have been frozen for a long time. One of the most significant advantages of cooking food in an air fryer?
Unlike other frying pans that leave grease spots on your stovetop and in your oven, all you need to do after cooking with an air fryer is wipe down the bottom of the appliance with paper towels or dishwasher accessories.

Another advantage of using an air fryer is that no oils or fats are required.

What are the negative aspects of an Air Fryer?

The negative aspects of an Air Fryer have been given below.

  • They can be a little noisy while cooking, and the noise tends to get louder as the heat increases.
  • Most air fryers aren’t large enough to cook large meals. If you only cook for one or two people, an air fryer can cook small portions that are crispy and delicious.

Do all air fryers have a basket?

Air fryers come with baskets that are mostly removable. Air fryer baskets are fundamental as they work on the principle of airflow.

In some cases, you may either have broken or lost the basket. We would recommend you get a replacement basket. Most air fryer brands offer replacement accessories as standard.

Rotisserie Basket: Definition & Use?

A rotisserie is a convenient tool sometimes used in Air fryers as baskets to cook smaller foods. A rotisserie basket is sometimes made from stainless steel by interlocking metal wires.

Mostly it is made up of stainless steel but, in some cases, it is made from chrome-plated aluminum too which is less expensive and may not be as well-built.

The concept of the rotisserie basket is derived from the rotisserie spit, which is skewered into poultry for cooking.

The rotisserie can be used to cook chicken legs, and grill vegetables or shrimp. The food in the basket tumbles around when the basket rotates. The rotation helps food to cook as the food self marinates in the process.

Rotisserie baskets are usually of two types:

  • Tumble baskets
  • Flat baskets
An image of rotisserie spit
An image of Rotisserie Spit: Rotisserie Basket is inspired by the Rotisserie skewer

Air fryer Basket: How Does It Work?

The air fryer works by cooking food through hot air circulated in an air fryer. You place your food in the basket, and when it turns on hot air rushes to the basket around the food.

Cooking in an air fryer takes place using hot air rather than steam, as the food is placed in a perforated basket.

The food in the basket cooks and gets brown on the outside as a result of the convection effect created by the air pressure.

Air Fryer Basket: Why Is It Supposed to Rotate?

Air fryer baskets rotate to make food perfectly browned and crispy, with little or no use of oil. Rotating baskets are attached to the air fryer, ensuring that your food is evenly cooked from all sides.

Air Fryer Rotating Basket: How Do You Use It?

After filling the air fryer rotating basket, insert the rotating basket inside the air fryer. Then, you have to set the appropriate time and temperature for your meal.

However, the temperature and time can also be changed during cooking. Lastly, press the ‘start’ button to start the air fryer.

Want to know more about the use of an air fryer rotating basket? Have a look at this tutorial:

A tutorial to use a rotating air fryer basket

Should You Spray The Air Fryer basket?

Yes, the Air Fryer basket needs to be oiled before cooking.

Even if your food doesn’t need oil, always grease your air fryer. Apply a small amount of oil to the bottom by spraying or rubbing it.

For cooking perfectly fresh meat and vegetable, just add a few teaspoons of any oil in a bowl in addition to your flavoring before placing it in the air fryer.

Greasing will prevent your food from getting stuck after cooking.

An image of spraying.
Spray little oil on the basket before cooking to prevent food from getting stuck after cooking

Pampered Chef Air Fryer Basket: Does it rotate?

Yes, Deluxe Air Fryer & Accessories’s basket rotates. Small foods like fries and nuggets can be cooked and crisped by rotating the basket.

You don’t have to worry much about it, saving much of your time.

Air Fryer Basket: What Can you Cook in It?

Air fryer baskets are excellent, for air frying crispy chicken wings and vegetables like cauliflower. It is mostly used to air fryer small food items.

Other than that, several other food items can be cooked using an air fryer basket. Some of them are:

  • Breaded Cauliflower
  • French Fries
  • Tater Tots
  • Nuggets
  • Breaded Mushrooms
  • Chicken Strips

Can You Cook Steak in a Rotisserie Basket?

Yes, you can cook steak in a Rotisserie Basket as it is ideal when you are cooking more than one piece.

Using a Rotisserie Basket you can cook up to 3 pieces of meat at a time. The cooking stake in the Rotisserie basket keeps it very juicy and soft.

Rotisserie Basket: How to clean It?

To clean the rotisserie basket, place it in a bucket of warm water to soak for a few minutes. As an alternative, you can also fill your sink with warm water and wash the basket there.

Can you Rotisserie a fish?

Yes, you can rotisserie a whole fish in a flat basket. Add pepper and salt to the fish before brushing it with butter.

Then place the fish in a rotisserie basket and apply the butter mixture to the fish’s exterior. After applying butter, cook until flaky for approximately 20 minutes.

Air Fryer Basket Vs Tray: Which One Is Better?

Despite the fact, that both the Air fryer basket and tray seem to work the same. However, some distinctions in the performance decide which one works great under certain conditions.

Air Fryer Basket Air Fryer Tray
Cooks faster Cooks comparatively slower
Lesser capacityCan hold more food
Comparison of the performance of the Air Fryer Basket & Tray

How to Clean Your Airfryer Basket?

Cleaning air fryer using sponge.
Cleaning air fryer using a sponge.

Cleaning Air Fryer Basket can be a bit complex. So follow these steps to get it clean easily:

  1. Pour a significant amount of warm water into a bowl.
  2. No add some liquid detergent to it and let the basket soak in it for 30 to 45 minutes. Then scrub with a soft sponge.
  3. Ensure that the water is not much hot for your hands while scrubbing.
  4. As you notice that the residue is removed, it’s time to bring the basket out of the soapy warm water.
  5. Then, rinse using warm water and vinegar. Lastly, dry it using a soft microfiber towel.


  • A basket is one of the key accessories of an Air fryer. It rotates to make fried food perfectly browned and crispy, with little or no use of oil.
  • Air fryer rotation ensures that your food is evenly cooked from all sides.
  • Air fryer baskets are excellent, for air frying crispy chicken wings and vegetables like cauliflower. It is mostly used to air fryer small food items.
  • The air fryer basket and tray, differ in terms of their performance. Both the accessories have their pros and cons.

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