Turbo Cooker Vs. Air Fryer (Considerable Differences)

An air fryer is confused with many other kitchen gadgets such as convection ovens etc. due to the food they produce as an output. Though it may have some features common to other appliances, they are very different in many regards.

Similarly, most people confuse turbo cookers with air fryers. They think that both of them work similarly, but that’s not true.

In this blog, we’ll consider the distinguishing features of an air fryer and a turbo cooker. You’ll get to know how are they both different from one another. Let’s get to it already!

They use different mechanisms for heating food. The fan and exhaust system used by air fryer to circulate hot air are evidence of this. For heating, the turbo cooker uses infrared energy. Halogen heat is employed which is more productive.

In the air fryer, breaded goods frequently lose their breading. It’s not just for a low-budget air fryer, the expensive ones have the same issue.

They can be a little scary for some people to use, but as with other appliances, as long as you follow the instructions, they function just fine. 

What is an Air Fryer?

Air fryers are basically small convection ovens.

They appear to be able to “fry” food using very hot air and a small amount of oil.

Because of the limited amount of oil used, the end result contains less fat than when cooked using traditional pan-frying or deep-frying methods.

What is a Turbo Cooker?

A Turbo Cooker is a device that quickly and evenly heats food. It accomplishes this by circulating hot water around the food in a pot via a pump. It’s an excellent method for cooking rice, soups and stews, sauces, and even popcorn. It is simple to use and clean.

The Turbo Cooker, also known as a Pressure Cooker, is a type of electric kitchen cooking appliance. It is primarily used for cooking food at a faster rate, also known as “fast food.” Cooking time for certain dishes in a slow cooker is relatively long because it takes some time to reach a higher temperature and maintain the required heat.

How Can You Compare A Turbo Cooker And An Air Fryer?

To compare both of them, we need to define a turbo cooker first! The term “turbo cooker” refers to a variety of items, including countertop see-through convection ovens, stove top systems, and microwave ovens.

When compared to the turbo cooker, the air fryer is modest. Cooking for fewer people can be done with an air fryer. Food for more people can be prepared with a turbo cooker. Additionally, air fryers use a very small amount of oil during cooking, but I find that they take a very long time to finish cooking your meal.

Some of the web reviews I read about air fryers suggested turbo convection ovens. One claimed that it worked better on fries. It appears to have a different heat source (halogen) than the majority of air fryers.

Mine has a normal coil, similar to an electric stove burner, and with a capacity of 12 liters, it is bigger than air fryers. For the dishes you prepare the most, try them both because many retailers offer lenient return policies.

Turbo Broiler Vs. Air Fryer; Which One’s Superior?

They are nearly identical to one another. Each one has a heating element as well as a fan that directs hot air onto the meal. Turbo broilers cost little, mine costs $20. It has a sizable glass bowl and a glass cover with a temperature and timer control. It’s that easy.

Turbo broiler is ideal for preparing meat dishes. A fancy appliance that performs the same function as an air fryer, includes a small nonstick pan where you can place food to cook in very little oil.

In my opinion, it’s a waste of money. It took a lifetime to be invented yet not that useful. In a turbo broiler, I can roast a 3 lb. chicken to perfection. Even a small chicken won’t fit in an air fryer.

All broilers do is radiate tremendous heat in a single direction. The heat in air fryers is vigorously circulated by a fan. The way the food is cooked is affected by this. Only the top of a piece of toast is toasted when it is placed under the broiler with cheese on a rack.

The bottom of an air fryer will also cook. Thus, both the devices are considered the same, but aren’t exactly the same!

Fried wings in an air fryer.
Fried Chicken Wings In An Air Fryer

How An Air Fryer Is Similar To A Turbo Broiler?

Although they seem similar, the differences can be incredibly helpful. They are two different food-cooking devices.

The only thing that turbo broilers and air fryers have in common is the use of pushed hot air to cook food in a dry heat environment. Even though they are both skilled at making dishes like grilled cheese sandwiches, French fries, and chicken wings.

Halogen ovens are another name for turbo broilers (sometimes referred to as turbo ovens). A fan is used in a turbo or halogen oven to move heat over a constrained area.

People wonder if a turbo broiler is similar to an oven. I’ll address this thing too.

Compared to a typical countertop oven, the heat circulates faster and more uniformly, cooking food more quickly and effectively. Fast food staples like fried chicken, fried pork chops, and even French fries are cooked using turbo broilers.

Products are typically placed directly on top of a perforated tray, where they are additionally covered with fat or oil for flavoring.

What Can We Cook In A Turbo Broiler And An Air Fryer?

You can bake cakes, pastries, and biscuits in addition to cooking your meats such as Lechon kawali, and bagnet.

You can cook whole chickens and rib roasts if your stove has an extension ring. Food is cooked in an air fryer using a stream of hot air that circulates. There are plenty of foods such as roasted potatoes, chickpeas, burgers, and sandwiches that we can cook in an air fryer.

An image showing parts of an air fryer
An air fryer

What Distinguishes A Broiler From An Air Fryer?

There are so many features that make them unique.

First, cooking capacity, while air broilers have a wider cooking rack, air fryers normally cook food on a smaller cooking rack. Second, cooking time, compared to air broilers, air fryers require less time to cook food.

In essence, heated air circulated during the meal is how both an air fryer and a turbo broiler cook food. Both have air-circulating fans, which maintain the cooking area’s constant temperature and help the food cook more quickly and evenly.

Second, compared to air broilers, food cooked in an air fryer requires less time to cook.

The fat content of an air fryer is also a thing to be mentioned. It uses hot air to cook your food without using any additional oils or fats, which is great! Fats must be added to air broilers to effectively cook food.

The only type of device that can be used with an air fryer is an oven with an electric coil heating element. With your device, you may also utilize a grill or griddle attachment.

However, you’ll need to buy a griddle attachment for your oven separately if you want to cook something like pancakes. You may use either of these types of ovens with an air broiler, so it truly depends on your preferences.

How An Air Fryer And A Turbo Oven Cooks Food?

Both the air fryer and the air broiler cook food using hot air, although they do so in distinct ways.

To ensure consistent cooking, the food in an air fryer is moved about in a revolving basket. It functions by moving hot air across the food’s surface, allowing it to fry and get crispy on all sides.

Typically, flour and seasonings like salt and pepper are used to make the batter or breading that covers the dish. There are two heating components in an air broiler: one at the top and one at the bottom.

When the food in the oven is getting close to the desired degree of doneness, the lower element begins to heat up after the top element.

This implies that your meal cooks from only one side, so if you want it to brown evenly on both sides, you must flip it over halfway through cooking. Like how your oven or toaster oven may broil, the heating element on top of the area overheats.

The broiler’s timer is initially set to 10 minutes and a preset temperature of 450 degrees. All in all, the air broiler and air fryer use hot air to cook food but don’t follow the same path.

Fried Chicken Pieces in Air fryer's basket
Yummy chicken pieces in an air fryer

Air Fryer, Convection Oven And Turbo Boiler; The Basics

To heat your food, convection cooking employs a fan, an airflow control system, and a heating element. A countertop air fryer is a compact, cylindrical kitchen gadget with a vented heating basket that distributes hot air. The device is about the size of a coffee maker. In a similar manner to how a convection oven works, an air fryer is used to cook food.

For starters, hot air serves as the heat source for convection ovens and air fryers.

While the turbo broiler employs halogen light heat that emits infrared heat for heat transfer, it is equipped with fans and exhaust systems that circulate hot air.

Convection and the grill work together during a turbo bake.

The Food that results is crisp and brown and will be attained in half the time required in a typical oven. For pizza and snack foods, this is perfect.

Given below are the prices mentioned for both, turbo cooker and an air fryer;

Turbo CookerPrice
17L Digital Turbo Convection Oven
Electric Cooker Air Fryer 1400W Heater
Air FryerPrice
Air Fryer 14 Litre Multifunctional
Digital Display
An Air Fryer and a Turbo Cooker with price

What Are Some Upsides Of Using Turbo Convection Oven?

As with a countertop air fryer, you can air fry in your convection oven and still get excellent results.
Utilizing your convection oven may even be more practical because you have more space for cooking.

It offers convenience: By using a convection oven or an oven equipped with air frying features, you may do away with the the necessity for separate counter-space-consuming equipment.

It’s quite simple to clean: Unlike convection ovens, which just utilize a sheet pan, air fryers often require cleaning the basket and the pull-out compartment where the food goes after each usage.

Gives crispier food: Air frying in your convection oven will produce satisfyingly crispy food, especially if you use dark cookware or a perforated basket.

Cooks larger batches of food at once: Unlike countertop air fryers, which may require you to cook in batches depending on their capacity as compared to convection ovens, most air fryers have a larger capacity.

By looking at all the benefits, I think it’s better to choose a convection oven than an air fryer.

Quick Comparison of a turbo cooker and an air fryer.


To conclude I’d like to enlist some key points:

  • A turbo broiler cooks food by using halogen and infrared heat In contrast, a convection oven has an exhaust system and a fan to generate the required heat. While an air fryer distributes hot air and is a countertop device.
  • The Turbo cooker is a cooking innovation based on the steam cooking theory. It uses the force of pressured steam to cook food even though they aren’t pressured cookers per se.
  • Another selling point for air fryers is that they have numerous settings appropriate for different food types. It appears that modern technology played a significant role in this invention, and the air fryer managed to integrate all of these approaches to produce more effective outcomes.
  • I’ve compared the mechanism of heating of an air fryer with that of a convection oven as well as the turbo broilers. You can easily identify their differences and similarities by giving a thorough read to this article.

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