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When Did The Philips Air Fryer Come Out? (Know now)

Short answer: The first Philips Air Fryer was released in 2010.

After a long, hard day at work, no one wants to slave over a hot stove or spend hours preparing dinner. People want something quick, easy, and delicious, and the air fryer delivers.

Air fryers are all about convenience and efficiency. When it was first introduced in 2010, the air fryer provided a simple cooking solution to our increasingly hectic and demanding lifestyles. These time-saving appliances use rapid hot air technology to cook food faster and without preheating.

While the microwave satisfied the need for speed, the superior texture, flavor, and quality of air-fried food are unrivaled. You can achieve almost the same crispy, crunchy exterior and moist, tender interior of deep-fried food with air frying in less time and with less fat.

There are hundreds of different air fryers on the market these days, including many different sizes, aesthetics, and models with various bells and whistles.

Air fryers are still very popular today, particularly among singles, couples, and small families who find the size and technology convenient for cooking at home.

Phillips is among the pioneers in the air fryer industry. Continue reading the article to know when it launched its first air fryer and how did it gain so much popularity?

Air Fryer Mechanics

Rapid air technology is the science behind air fryers. This science entails a heating element, which is usually located at the back of the oven, and a fan that rapidly circulates heated air around the food inside the cooking compartment.

This technology is similar to that found in traditional household convection ovens and countertop convection ovens. Air fryers are small convection ovens with a unique design. Because air fryers are small appliances, they can cook food faster than a traditional convection oven.

The airtight cooking chamber also keeps hot air contained and prevents it from escaping during the cooking process.

Heat rises from the heating element on the bottom of a regular oven without a fan, causing the top of the oven to be significantly warmer than the bottom of the oven. This can result in unevenly cooked food, which is why many recipes instruct you to rotate your trays during the cooking process.

Forced convection technology removes this barrier while also allowing food to cook faster and wicking away moisture, resulting in a supremely crispy texture on a variety of foods.

What Year Did The Philips Air Fryer Come Out?

Black air fryer placed on a countertop
Air fryers are a long-term investment

Philips was one of the first companies to capitalize on convection technology, producing a personal oven and fryer based on Maxson’s original concept. The term “Air fryer” was coined by Philips, but it has since become a generic term for convection cooking technology.

The Philips Air Fryer, the first iteration of the air fryer we know today, was released in 2010. Philips had been experimenting with air fryer technology since 2005 to provide healthier alternatives to traditional fried foods.

After many iterations, Philips partnered with KCS, a German company that had invented a similar product for the consumer market.

What is an Air Fryer?

The air fryer is essentially an upgraded countertop convection oven that does not fry food. The small appliance patented by Philips Electronics Company claims to replicate the results of deep-frying using only hot air and little or no oil.

According to market research firm NPD Group, this device’s popularity has grown in recent years, with nearly 40% of US homes owning one by July 2020. Air-frying can be used to cook everything from frozen chicken wings and homemade french fries to roasted vegetables and fresh-baked cookies.

The Story of the First Air Fryer

The basic concept of air frying has been around for over a century, as evidenced by an article published in Technical World Magazine in 1904. “An electric air-pressure cooker that retains the most worthwhile food flavors while greatly reducing meat shrinkage in cooking has lately been perfected,” the article explained.

According to Google Patents, the invention seemed to vanish until William L. Maxson rubbed a patent for an electric oven in 1945.

Maxson appears to have been one of those stereotypical inventors. Maxson decided to freeze some cauliflower after growing an excessive amount of it in the 1930s, according to New Air. He was surprised that it tasted so good after reheating.

What Was The First Philips Air Fryer To Come Out?

Man cooking in an air fryer
Using an air fryer is pretty easy

Philips introduced the world’s first Airfryer, which featured patented Rapid Air Technology, in 2010. This revolutionary cooking method produces delicious food while using up to 80% less fat.

The AirFryer’s patented Rapid Air Technology replaces the need for oil with fast-circulating hot air and a grill element to fry food without oil.

The AirFryer also enables busy households to prepare delicious fried food without the hassle and mess that traditional frying methods entail. The AirFryer makes it simple for families to enjoy healthy, hearty home-cooked meals with fried dishes, from chicken wings to frozen fries and even local favorites like curry puffs and roti prata.

Using the Philips AirFryer is one way people can begin to consume food with less oil and fat content while still enjoying their favorite fried foods.

How Did Air Fryer Become So Popular?

customer review about specific appliance
Philips gained popularity in 2010

One of the most popular cooking appliances on the market today is the air fryer. These countertop convection ovens can cook and “fry” food in much less oil than a deep fryer or even a standard oven.

While air fryers have only recently gained popularity, air frying technology has a long history dating back over 70 years. Many models on the market today use the same science and technology that were invented in the 1940s.

The Airfryer was first introduced at the IFA (a Berlin electronics fair) in 2010, and it quickly gained popularity among Western European media outlets and consumers. By 2015, the Phillips Airfryer had achieved international acclaim and had become the world’s leading brand of low-fat fryers.

Philips’ careful marketing contributed to the Airfryer’s success. As part of their campaign to promote a healthier diet, Philips included a recipe booklet and created a website for Airfryer customers from the start.

Soon after, many companies began to copy the Airfryer and produce their versions.

What Is The Latest Philip Air Fryer?

The unique Rapid Air Technology from Philips allows you to fry with air to create food that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Little or no oil is required to achieve the desired texture and flavor.

The latest advanced collection includes Philips XXL Air Fryers.

The Philips Airfryer’s unique design, which combines fast circulating superheated air, a starfish design, and an optimal heating profile, allows you to fry a variety of delicious meals quickly, easily, and without the use of oil.

It has a 1.2kg capacity, enough to feed 5 people. With an additional 50% capacity, larger families can now enjoy the Airfryer experience.

By using little or no oil, Airfryer’s unique Rapid Air technology allows you to fry, bake, roast, and grill the tastiest snacks and meals with less fat than a conventional fryer! Philips Airfryer with Rapid Air technology also produces less odor than conventional fryers, and it is simple to clean, safe, and cost-effective for everyday use.

Not only is the innovative Philips Airfryer with Rapid Air technology great for frying, but it also allows you to grill, bake, and roast your favorite dishes for a one-stop solution for all of your meals.

You can control the time and temperature of your cooking more easily and precisely with the digital touch screen. Enjoy your favorite foods at the proper temperature and timing for the best results!

For easy cleaning, the removable nonstick coated drawer and the food basket are dishwasher safe.

What Are The Top 3 Best Philips Air Fryer?

Philips has released many air fryers but here are my top picks from their range and their approximate prices.

Philips Air Fryer$250
Philips Viva$124
Philips Premium Turbostar$250
List of Philips air fryer

Philips Air Fryer

This is one of the best air fryers for beginners, with analog control dials, a countertop-friendly size, and instant heat. It works quickly and is dishwasher safe, including the fryer basket and removable handle.

Because of its small size, this air fryer can only cook for two people. With TurboStar technology, it generates superfast heat and air fries food with little oil or odor.

This air fryer, like other models, can fry, bake, grill, roast, and even reheat, and it’s small enough to keep on a kitchen counter or store in a cupboard.

Philips Viva

The HD9220/29‘s fry basket is large enough to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert for two people. Internal starfish-shaped technology circulates a continuous stream of heat around the food, producing golden brown crispy fries, chicken legs, battered fish, and more with less than a tablespoon of oil.

This small air fryer perfectly grills, bakes, and roasts food. An included recipe book will get you started right away with simple meal ideas. When you’re finished, you can hand wash or put all removable parts in the dishwasher.

Philips Premium Turbostar

If you enjoy having complete control over the cooking process, the Turbostar is for you! You use a quick control dial to select from five preset temperature/time settings or custom settings for your food.

A brightly lit LED displays the temperature and timer, eliminating the need to open the lid to see what’s going on under the hood. As if that weren’t enough, the Turbostar can handle anything. While preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even dessert, you can bake, fry, grill, and roast.

In minutes, the Turbostar transforms one tablespoon of oil and a bag of fries into golden brown goodness! The TurboStar technology circulates heat and air, resulting in evenly cooked foods that use 90% less fat than traditional frying.

This model is compatible with the Philips mobile app, which provides access to over 200 recipes. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all model, we think you’ll like this one.

Keep in mind that the baking racks and grill pans must be purchased separately.

Here’s more on Turbostar:

A video about Philips Turbostar air fryer

Final Thoughts

Philips has been at the top of the market for a decade now, and it has some amazing air fryers that can be useful. The first air fryer was released back in September 2010.

The top three Philips air fryers are very suitable for beginners and the ones looking for something classy.

However, Philips’s latest XXL air fryer is impeccable in its design, luxury, and compatibility. It can be used for large families since it has 1.2 kg of capacity, which in my opinion is a lot in air fryers.

In case, you’re looking for an air fryer to start from, Philips is the brand that you should look out for. With this, I hope all your queries regarding Philips have been answered.

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