Is the Air Fryer Cancerous? (Find Out!)

The danger of cancer is dependent on the food you choose and how it is cooked in an air fryer because cancer is not brought on by air fryers alone.

A relatively new appliance called an air fryer was created as a substitute for traditional deep-frying. Air fryers have gained popularity as a piece of kitchen equipment since they are promoted as a healthier way to cook fried dishes as it uses less oil.

So how healthy is air fryer cooking? In this article, you will know if air fryers can cause cancer or if using them can harm your health.

Keep reading to know!

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer, like a convection oven, can bake and roast dishes, but its design allows for faster and more even cooking for extra crisp results.

The air fryer appliance, which has a heating mechanism and a fan built into the top, heats up quickly and has a rapid circulation of hot air that cooks food in the metal frying basket. Because of the concentrated heat source, the dish will have a crunchy, almost deep-fried texture as long as the air fryer is not overcrowded.

What can you cook in an air fryer?

Air fryers cook quickly and can be used to heat frozen foods or cook a variety of fresh foods such as chicken, steak, pork chops, salmon, and vegetables once you understand how they work.

Because most meats are naturally juicy, they don’t demand any additional oil; simply season with salt and your favorite herbs and spices. Make sure to use dry seasonings — less moisture equals crisper results. Delay until the last few minutes of cooking to baste meats with barbecue sauce or honey.

Oil is required to brown and crisp up lean cuts of meat or foods with little or no fat. Before seasoning, brush boneless chicken breasts and pork chops with slight oil.

Are air fryers harmful to health?

air frying potato wedges
Fresh homemade fish and chips.

Air fryers are not harmful to health since this type of frying is the ideal technique to swap unhealthy deep-fried goods with healthier ones because it uses little or no oil in the frying process.

Manufacturers of air fryers promote their products as a way to prepare and consume fried meals without the negative health impacts of oil-fried food. Air-fried foods contain less fat in them than those that have been deep-fried, therefore they might be healthier.

In addition to that, you can have more nutritious food with similar tastes and aromas because air fryers use a small amount of oil compared to deep fryers.

Which air fryer does not cause cancer?

PTFE and PFOA-free, non-toxic air fryers are the ones that do not cause cancer.

You must know whether your air fryer is PTFE and PFOA-free or not. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is used in a variety of products, including kitchenware and packaging for consumers while perfluorooctanoic acid, often known as C8, is a synthetic compound that is used in kitchenware as well.

You need to be sure that your air fryer is safe, you can check it on the manual given to know if they do not contain these compounds.

Here’s a list of nontoxic air fryers and their pros and cons:

Ninja Max XL Air Fryer 5.5 Quart-PTFE and PFOA-free interior and ceramic-coated basket
-includes a stainless steel bracket that enables further cooking on the top of the rack and the bottom of the pan.
– Unlike other versions, it is not a multi-cooker device.
Oster Copper-Infused DuraCeramic 3.3-Quart Air Fryer1. PTFE and PFOA-free interior and ceramic-coated basket
2. Good price
1. According to several evaluations, ceramic coating is prone to chipping after repeated use.
Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer1. PTFE and PFOA-free interior and ceramic-coated basket
2. One gadget with both air fryer and pressure cooker
1. Very large to stow for most cupboards
Ninja SP101 Foodi 8-in-1 Digital Air Fry, Large Toaster Oven1, Stainless steel, without PTFE or PFOA
2. One gadget with both toaster and air fryer
1. Reviews claim that the interior is difficult to clean,
Pampered Chef Delux Air Fryer1, Has no PTFE or PFOA
2. Can also be used to bake and air fry
1. Expensive compared to other models of air fryer
Air fryers must be PTFE and PFOA free

The greatest non-toxic, PTFE, and PFOA-free air fryers available on the market are listed above. Be aware that a few of these air fryers are a combination of air fryers and toasters that can also be used to grill, slow cook, or toast.

Do stainless steel air fryers cause cancer?

Any type of air fryer does not cause cancer by its own.

Crispy chicken shots being made in an air fryer
Air fryers add convenience to life

It might be challenging to determine whether manufacturers are talking directly to the body, frying chamber, or basket when they advertise stainless steel air fryers.

Looking for a shiny sheen on the basket of an air fryer is one simple way to tell if it is made of stainless steel. The majority of non-stick substances are a dark color. 

It’s up to you to decide whatever design of the air fryer you like, and there are a lot of models and types to choose from. Stainless steel is one of which, this comes with a glass door.

If you’re worried that stainless steel air fryers can harm you or can cause cancer, they do not, it doesn’t matter what type of air fryer you have.

Why do air fryers have a cancer warning?

cooking meat in air fryers
Longer cooking of meat tends to produce cancerous compounds

Air fryers have a cancer warning because it can create other harmful compound and potential dangerous substances could still develop although acrylamide creation is less likely with air fryers.

Air frying still has the potential of producing acrylamides, cooking your meat in max heat can produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic compounds.

However, these compounds will only develop in the doneness of your meat, whether it is rare, medium rare, medium, or well done, according to NCI. Therefore, air fryers are not subject to cause you cancer, they have cancer warning because it is a type of device where you can fry your food faster.

How do I prevent acrylamide in my air fryer?

You can prevent acrylamide in your air fryer by aiming to fry your food for a lighter color or golden yellow color.

Acrylamide is a chemical that may cause cancer. They have the potential to generate certain human mutations that can result in the growth of cancer.

When food is heated to high temperatures, the naturally occurring free amino acid asparagine and reducing sugars combine to generate acrylamide. Regardless of the manner of cooking, acrylamide levels will typically increase with higher temperatures and extended cooking times.

Foods that have high acrylamide levels are baked and fried goods like fried chips, fries, and biscuits. If you love all of these goods, you need to lessen the time and heat temperature when cooking.

I suggest that when you are reheating any fried goods, do not overcook them or do not set them for a long time, since you just want them to be hot again to prevent the occurrence of acrylamide in your food.

Which is better: Microwave or Air fryer?

In terms of power efficiency, air fryer is better than microwave.

Air fryers need a specific time to achieve the ideal temperature for frying than microwaves do. Air fryers use between 1200 and 1500 watts to operate, which is rather efficient considering the short duration of the heating.

It’s also important to note that you won’t really notice much difference between a 1500-watt device and a 1200-watt one since holding time and temperature are changeable components on air fryers.

Here’s a short video to help you differentiate whether microwave or an air fryer is better:

Which one is better?

In terms of safety in the cooking process, I would say that it depends on how you use your air fryer or microwave. I suggest always looking at the manual for your safety.


  • Using an air fryer alone won’t result in cancer. In terms of materials and design, they are absolutely safe.
  • The particular food is taken and the manner in which it is prepared in the air fryer both affect the risk of cancer.
  • Despite the possibility that air-frying is better than deep-frying, air-fried meals still contain hazardous chemicals, even at lower amounts if food is cooked for a long time.
  • You should keep in mind a few things, such as clearing away any traces of oil, avoiding using temperatures that are too high, and avoiding eating processed foods frequently.
  • Food is not automatically more nutritious than other foods just because it was prepared in an air fryer. For the best possible health, remember to incorporate additional cooking techniques into your normal diet.

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