Can You Make Pizza From Scratch In The Air Fryer? (Details)

Pizza is a dish that puts life into a party, an event, or a movie night with so many different flavors and tenderized meat and veggies. The pizza orders from the restaurant are easy and convenient, but the elite taste comes from your hand in your own home with your preferred ingredients.

Baking pizza from scratch requires any kind of dough, veggies, cheese, meat, and a lot of sauce, but the word “bake” is important too, as it will impact the cooking temperature and the process of making it.

Homemade pizza is easy, but baking it in an air fryer makes the process more time-worthy; it is quicker than ordered pizza, takes less energy and time, and makes the perfect crust without the worry of an uncooked crust.

The air-fried pizza is so yummy that you won’t believe that it bakes in this kind of appliance; the crust turns out to be thick, crispy, light, bubbly, and chewy at the same time. This homemade recipe will be an updated version and a hit for your event.

The pizza is kid and adult friendly, with a burst of flavors. Here’s more information about this recipe:

CuisineAmerican, Italy
CourseAppetizer, snack, or main meal
Total time30 minutes
ToppingsBasil, cheese, and veggies
Calories1649 kcal
General info about homemade basil pizza

Reason to make homemade air-fried pizza:

  • You can use any combination of sauces, and no one will judge you.
  • Customizable with a lot of vegetables and toppings variety.
  • Don’t need a fancy oven or method to make it cheesy and delectable.
  • The pizza isn’t greasy yet it’s full of flavors and juice.
  • The dough will be cooked evenly, without any uncooked spots.
  • Quick dinner idea.
  • This pizza is budget-friendly.

Can I cook pizza in my air fryer?

A slice of pizza with cheese pulling out
A perfect pizza has a perfect cheese pull

Yes, you can definitely cook pizza in an air fryer; this is the most convenient method of cooking anything in an air fryer. The more you use the air fryer, the more you get hooked on it, adding a lot of flavors and juices to the food.

You just have to make the dough from scratch and preheat the air fryer at the instructed temperature with a basket preparation and a little bit of oil.

The hot air in the air fryer will cook the pizza in just 7 minutes until the cheese is melted and the dough is golden brown.

What is the temperature to cook pizza in an air fryer?

The ideal temperature for cooking the pizza in an air fryer is 370 Fahrenheit, but first, you have to keep a hack on your fingertip: the preheating temperature should be 400 Fahrenheit for 1-3 minutes only so that the dough can be properly heated. So the dough needs a little more heat.

Exceeding 400 degrees or decreasing the temperature below 375 degrees will ruin the texture and taste. The pizza will either burn or get uncooked pits with no tenderized veggies and unmelted cheese.

While cooking it, also make sure to check up on the dough from time to time.

How do you make air-fried homemade pizza?


  • Pizza dough (homemade or canned)
  • Pizza sauce
  • Mozarella sauce
  • Olive oil
  • Basil leaves


  • Preheat the air fryer to 400 Fahrenheit degrees for 2-3 minutes only.
  • Meanwhile, prepare the basket with cooking spray or lightly brushed olive oil along with the parchment paper so that the pizza dough doesn’t stick to the basket.
  • Roll the dough onto the floured surface and roll it according to the size of your basket rack. Transfer the dough carefully into the air fryer basket.
  • Add the brush of olive oil onto the rolled dough and then add a generous amount of pizza sauce. Top up with a lot of mozzarella cheese and your fave toppings or veggies.
  • Air fry the pizza at 375 Fahrenheit for 7-9 minutes until you see your crust getting crispy, and golden brown and the cheese melted.
  • Dish out the pizza and place it on the rack so that base can crisp up a little.
  • Add the extra cheese, basil leaves, and preferred spices before serving it.

How do you crisp up pizza in an air fryer?

Pizza topped with pepperoni and cheese
Crisping up pizza in an air fryer is easy

Place the foil or perforated parchment paper onto the basket to crisp up the pizza without making it soggy in the center. You can use the ordinary one, but it is best to use the paper that is designed especially for the air dryer basket.

The next step you have to do after cooking is to put it on the rack or tray so that the air can skim the soggy dough below and evaporate the moisture trapped beneath it. Also, don’t put too much oil on the dough when preparing the toppings, as they will secrete their juices while cooking.

Is it cheaper to buy or make pizza dough?

The homemade version of making the pizza is much cheaper than ordering it through an online app; you save two-thirds of the price by making it yourself.

Moreover, the pizza can be customized according to your needs and preferences; you can also add extra toppings and cheese at a discounted price, while the veggies and the type of meat are more costly than the one you pay for.

You can also make three times the amount of dough compared to the one whole-grain dough in the restaurant.

Is homemade pizza healthier than the ordered pizza?

Yes, homemade pizza is healthier than you think.

While the case for cheaper rates has been settled, the amount of nourishment and nutrition homemade pizza provides remains unmatched. The quality, quantity, and taste are of top-tier value.

The pizza ordered online can be made in the surroundings, which would be unfit for your precious health. You don’t know about the sanitary and hygiene conditions of the utensils, workers, and products they use in their pizzas, so the best decision is to make them in your home, with your hands, and in front of your eyes.

The veggies will be washed, the cheese will be neat and then you can use the flour that is favorable for your healthy lifestyle and diet.


Here’s what a healthy homemade pizza serves you:

Total fat37g
Total carbohydrates265g
The nutrition in the homemade pizza

Should I give rest to the pizza dough?

A perfectly baked cheese pizza
Resting the dough allows the pizza to be more fluffy

To make fluffy and bubbly pizza, allow the dough to rest for about 30 minutes so that it can rise on its own; additionally, this allows the gluten chains to form their chains for better structure during the laying and baking of the dough.

However, when kneading, the time should not exceed 10 minutes, as it can cause the dough to have a crumbly texture, and then it can behave like bread dough rather than an airy and light pizza dough.

The method of gradually adding flour will keep your dough from sticking to the slab or base of an air fryer.

What happens if you add baking soda to the pizza dough?

Baking soda, or so-called sodium bicarbonate, is used in the dough and mixture where the rise is needed; it reacts with the carbon dioxide when mixed with the ingredients, causing the air bubbles to trap in between the dough and give it a puffy, soft, airy texture.

Some Tips for making the crispiest crust pizza:

  • Make perforated dough with a fork so that heat can go all around for even cooking.’
  • Check the dough’s doneness with a toothpick, stick it in the center and if there are bits of dough on the tip then it needs more time to cook.
  • After baking it, rest it on the rack or somewhere the ventilation is possible so the bread is crusty and not soggy.

For How many days can a pizza stay good?

Homemade pizza can be good for one day only, as the dough might get tacky and tough for your teeth to bite into. It is best advised to eat it the same day.

However, you can reheat it in the air fryer at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for only 5 minutes so the cheese and dough can return to their original form.

Pizza dough recipe

Can I prepare It Ahead of Time?

I recommend baking the pizza immediately after preparing it. However, you can make the pizza dough ahead of time and chill or freeze it until needed.

The pizza comes out so delicious that you won’t believe it was made in an air fryer. Thick, bubbly, light, and chewy crust. Exactly like your favorite pizza.

Is It Safe to Reheat?

That’s a resounding yes! The air fryer is excellent for warming one-day-old pizza. Simply reheat it for around 2 minutes at 390°F (199°C).

I recommend baking the pizza immediately after preparing it. However, you can make the pizza dough ahead of time and chill or freeze it until needed.


  • The pizza made from scratch will be tasty and easy with so much convenience.
  • The crust is awesomely crisped with juicy ingredients made to perfection.
  • The best part about this recipe is you don’t need a gigantic oven and it’s preheating beforehand.
  • This pizza in the air fryer is cooked in 30 minutes with less preparation, less attention, and no oil.
  • The hot air circulating among the pizza dough will make the crust fluffy from the inside and crunchy on the outside with the juicy veggies, meat, and melting cheese.

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