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Can you line an air fryer with foil? (Head Stretcher)

Do you not have space for an oven? Seeking a healthier lifestyle when you love to indulge in deep-fried food? Looking for something that can prepare your meals in a matter of minutes?

An air fryer is a countertop kitchen appliance that is an answer to all of your worries. Sure, it is a bit expensive, but you can always look for options that meet your budget.

Air fryers are becoming the need of the time for many homes because of the variety of items they can make in no time. But with feasibility, this appliance is making people curious about many things.

One of the concerns I hear the most is whether one can line an air fryer with foil or not. So, I decided to answer it today.

Yes, you can line an air fryer with foil, but you have to be very careful while you do it. Some things need to be kept in consideration, and this article will cover them all.

To know it all, scroll down for a good and informative read.

A guy holding a cheese burger
Burger out of it!

What is aluminum foil?

Aluminum foil is a type of kitchen product made of pressed aluminum.

It has been pressed and flattened to often less than 0.2 mil thickness. This foil is commonly used in the kitchen. For example, it can be used to cover baking trays and make them easier to clean. When they don’t want their food to brown while cooking, some people cover it with foil.

Is it safe to use aluminum foil in my air fryer?

Tin foil can withstand temperatures as high as 660 degrees Celsius ( or 1,220 degrees Fahrenheit).

This means it will not melt or be harmed by even the highest temperatures found in an air fryer. This means that the physical properties of this type of kitchen foil make it suitable for both air fryers and traditional ovens. Now you can save your air fryer from oily fries or food that leaves a million crumbs.

Things you can place with foil wrapped over them

Learning an appliance is simple; you must know what you can do with it and what you cannot. In this section, we will figure out what you can place in your air fryer with foil wrapped around it.

Most things that are okay with an oven are okay with an air fryer too. We all know that an air fryer is a good replacement for an oven.

When used right, an air fryer can prove to be very effective for cooking your food in an air fryer.

Foil is a good heat conductor and can cook your food quicker. Also, you can be saved with all the cleaning you may need afterward. You have to take the foil out of the air fryer, and you are good to go.

Check out this table and see what you can make in an air fryer with foil wrapped around it.

DishesWhat we get out of it.
SalmonIt can be a good eat if you are planning to use some weight.
SteakThis can be one large meal for your dinner.
BurgerA quick and fast food.
SandwichesQuick and healthy eating.
MeatballsDelightful large meal for everyone.
Things you can place with foil wrapped over them.

Things that cannot be placed with foil in an air fryer

aluminum foil
Aluminum foil

Foil is a good heat conductor and can cook your food in an air fryer even quicker, but certain things do not go well with foil.

Acidic food or the ingredients are not a good fit for your foil. Foil can do more harm to such food than aid for better cooking.

Food with citruses like vinegar, lemon juice, tomatoes, or pepper in it MUST NOT be placed in foil for air frying.

Acidic food breaks down the foil, and it gets in your food, which is not good in any way. So, be very careful with what you are cooking in foil.

Tips and techniques

Foil can be used to line in an air fryer; we know it now! But some techniques must ensure that you make the best out of a foil rather than harming your appliance or your food.

When you use a foil to line your air fryer basket, it is absolutely fine, but if you plan to place it in the bottom drawer to keep it clean, then DON’T.

The electrical machinery at the bottom may ignite the fire at the bottom, eventually reaching all the appliances places.

Air fryer baskets have holes in them, and the purpose of those holes is that the hot air can reach the food easily. When we line foil at the top of the basket, we slow down the cooking process somehow because the air has a wall to cross.

Make some holes in your foil so that the hot air can easily reach the food. 

Also, you can use foil to make a handle from it, and later when the food is done, you have to grab those handles and pull the food out of the basket. Easy peasy!

Check out this video and learn the better ways of using foil in an air fryer, along with the things that should be avoided.

How can you put foil in your air fryer?

Substitute for a foil

As a matter of fact, foils are okay to be used in an air fryer. But you have other options that are more convenient and less controversial than a foil.

A basket or parchment paper are some good materials that can be used in air frying instead of foil.

Both of these materials are good for keeping the mess contained and do not come in the way of air frying.

I am not saying using foil is bad in any way, but using cookware or parchment paper is even better because they do everything a foil will do but with extra benefits.

There is always parchment paper to be used instead.
There is always parchment paper to be used instead.


Air fryers have raised many questions, and one of them includes, “Can you line an air fryer with foil?”. The following pointers will help you answer this question.

  • You can always make steaks, salmon, burgers, and other main courses wrapped in aluminum foil for some quick and spill-free cooking.
  • Always avoid wrapping citrus food in foil because the acid in it can break the foil and reach your food, which is very harmful to your health.
  • If you have lined foil on your air fryer basket, make some holes in it so that the hot air would not stop reaching the food.
  • When using a foil, be sure to use it on the basket rather than at the bottom drawer because the machinery can catch fire if you do so.
  • Foils are a good heat conductor but can also interfere with air frying. So it is better to use parchment paper or cookware for better convenience.

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