How to make frozen chicken breast in the air fryer? (Dig In)

Technology keeps on surprising us, and an air fryer is no exception.

On our countertop, this appliance is capable of doing ALMOST anything. Now you can cook whatever you want in a matter of minutes and can also maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I often forget to take my frozen meat out of my freezer, and when I remember that it is still not out, it is often too late.

Now that I have an air fryer at hand, things have become easier than ever. All I need to do is put my meat while keeping the recipe in mind, into my air fryer and it comes out cooked with all the necessary crispiness and that delicious golden brown color. 

Even if you are expecting an urgent guest and need to make something special, that special thing would be done in a jiffy; use your air fryer and panic not!

This goes for the chicken breast too. People often wonder, ‘how to make frozen chicken breast in an air fryer?’ Today, I will answer this question for you all. So, let’s dig in!

Recipe Suggestions/Substitutions

Check out these recipe suggestions before cooking air-fried frozen chicken breast so you know what to anticipate!

  • There is no need to thaw this chicken breast; you can season and oil it immediately from the freezer and it will cook properly.
  • Because it is more difficult to massage the oil into the frozen breast, simply sprinkle it on evenly so that the meat is covered all over.
  • You can always experiment with different spice combinations. We enjoy a simple blend of basic spices, but you can adjust it to your liking. Just remember to use dry spices. If using sauce, add it after the chicken has finished cooking.

How long should I air fry my frozen chicken?

We feel so happy when we freeze, or I might say preserve a food item in our refrigerator, but before getting started with the cooking, it kills us to go through the defrosting process because no one likes the waiting game.

Air fryers have made this problem not so problematic anymore. Your frozen chicken can also be cooked with your favorite ingredients in no time. 

All you have to do is preheat your appliance at about 360°F for 3 minutes, and the cooking time can vary from 10 to 18 minutes.

The timing of cooking and the need to preheat your air fryer solely depends on your brand of appliance. So, you have to figure that out on your own.

Make sure that you flip your chicken breasts in the middle of the cooking so that both sides of the breast get fully cooked.

Too much time for one side of the chicken can make it a little too dry, and too less time for one side of the chicken can leave the meat raw.

chicken pieces
Making equal pieces is the key to tenderness.

Some tips and tricks

Nothing comes easy or without giving effort, and the same goes for your frozen chicken breast preparation.

If you are using frozen chicken breasts, be mindful of them being flat. The flat breast pieces get cooked evenly, and if the chicken is frozen, you will get the chance to flatten it. 

So, it is always better if you flatten it up with your mallet before tossing it into your freezer or buy a flattened frozen chicken breast.

Thick chicken breast from the center leaves dry patches at the edge of the chicken piece. 

Whenever you are cooking your meat, make sure that they all are of the same size, especially in an air fryer.

What happens is the small ones get cooked quicker as compared to the ones that are bigger than them, and the small ones start getting dry. 

Lastly, always and always, line your chicken breast in one single layer in the air fryer basket. Overlapping your chicken will not turn out well. 

Cooked chicken breast with some sidelines
You do not have to defrost it to toss it in your air fryer.

Do I have to defrost chicken before air frying?

It is okay if you have defrosted your chicken before putting it into an air fryer, but it is also completely alright if you have not! 

Defrosting your chicken before getting it cooked in an air fryer is not a necessary step. If anything, you are just giving unnecessary effort in defrosting and thawing.

Even if you have a frozen piece of chicken, you can spray it with your choice of oil, season it with your favorite ingredients, and put it inside your air fryer basket.

While you are placing your chicken pieces in the basket, make sure that they are not overlapping; otherwise, the resulting chicken will not be as crispy and golden-ish as you would want it to be.

Check out this crazy-looking recipe for chicken breast made in an air fryer. I am not sure about you, but just by looking at it, my mouth is filled with all kinds of flavors. See for yourself!

Chicken breast recipe in an air fryer.

What to Serve Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Breast With 

There are numerous ways to serve air-fried frozen chicken breast. This is because the spices are flavorful while remaining simple, and chicken breast is a varied meat option.

I enjoy this chicken breast with potatoes – any style, such as handmade wedges – and another vegetable, such as asparagus or corn on the cob!

Can you put a liner in an air fryer?

Cookies in air fryer basket
Liners make cooking and cleaning easier

Air fryer users often confuse themselves with the thought of whether they can use a liner in an air fryer or not.

Well, you can use a lining material in an air fryer, and if you ask me, it is one of the most important precautions you take to keep your appliance clean and last for many years. 

But remember to keep the precautions in mind as you can end up hurting your food, appliance, and yourself.

There are three kinds of liners that are suited best for air fryers. Those are parchment paper, aluminum foil, and silicone liner.

Wax paper is the worst thing that you can use as an air fryer liner because that paper, my pal, can catch fire way too easily.

There are a few things that you must keep in mind while you are lining your air fryer.

Parchment paperIt is so far the most preferred liner for an air fryer by the experts.
Aluminum foilIt is a good choice for a liner as it keeps the spices intact, but some brands do not recommend using it.
Silicone Silicone is a safe lining for an air fryer. Make sure, like every other lining. It also has holes in it.
Things to keep in mind while using air fryer liners.


Air fryers are amazing for easy, healthy, and quick cooking. You will be amazed to hear that they are good for frozen food preparation too.

You can make your frozen chicken breast in an air fryer, and the results you will get will amaze you.

  • Frozen chicken breast hardly takes up to 10 to 18 minutes to be fully done. All you have to do is flip it in between for even cooking.
  • Also, preheating the air fryer is the key here.
  • While making your chicken breast in an air fryer, make sure that the pieces are the same in size so that they take equal cooking time and are not rushed to the basket. A single layer will do the charm.
  • Moreover, flatten the chicken breast before freezing it, or if you are buying an already frozen one, then make sure it is already flattened.
  • Defrosting is that hurdle you can skip with your air fryer at hand.
  • And to keep the mess away and species mixed well, line your air fryer with an air fryer-approved liner.

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