Substitutes For An Air Fryer Basket (Find Out)

Air fryers consist of a basket base, a basket, and an air fryer base. The air fryer basket is where all the food is placed for frying. It has a base that provides support for it.

Most of us wonder whether it is replaceable or substitutable; the answer is yes!

Air fryer baskets can be substituted for a variety of items that are resistant to degradation. These alternatives can be used easily, as long as airflow isn’t obstructed. Disrupted air-flow results in uneven cooking, and the air fryers won’t function properly.

You can use various ceramic, metal, or stainless steel pans in air fryers. Silicone molds are the most effective ones so far.

For cheesecakes, springform pans are good, while metallic trays with a diameter of 6-8 inches also do the job. You can use any dish that is microwave-resistant in your air fryer.

Don’t forget to read the air fryer manual to avoid any consequences.

In this blog, I’ll discuss some amazing alternatives to an air fryer basket. In addition, you’ll get brief answers to your questions about air fryers and their alternatives.

Let’s get to it already!

The Best Alternatives To An Air Fryer Basket

Air fryers are smaller versions of convection cookers; therefore, they have smaller baskets. Select an object that allows uniform air flow and offers no hindrance to the cooking process. If the substitute is airtight, use it right away!

Here are some of the finest tools to use in an air fryer as an alternative to the air fryer’s basket:

  1. Mini aluminum pan without handle
  2. A circular cake pan
  3. Baking trays made especially for the air fryers
  4. Air frying pots
  5. Microwave-resistant metal plates
  6. Cooking Ledge
  7. Small silicone molds
  8. Grilling rod or mesh:
  9. Mold for cupcakes

You can even use paper cupcakes cup and small gratins.

Top view of a silicone pan with other baking accessories
Silicone pan for a mousse cake.

Is it Safe To Use Metal in the Air Fryer?

Yes, metals are safe for air fryers. You can use glass, ceramic, and other metal utensils and stainless steel cutlery as a substitute for air fryer baskets.

Metallic cookware has an in-built resistance to the intense heat of an oven, typically up to 500°F. Air fryers can reach a maximum of 200 to 400 °F, so metal cookware shouldn’t be an issue.

Oven-safe cookware can withstand high temperatures without melting or cracking. They are resistant to any degradation, and they are also safe for food.

Is it Possible to Use Air Fryers Without Baskets?

Although air fryers come with a basket, it is safe to use them without it too! You need to follow some protocols and keep in mind the crucial factors to ensure proper cooking.

However, it might take longer to cook than cooking with a basket. That’s because hot air circulation is a crucial factor in air fryers. They work by circulating hot air around the food, which is why the basket is raised above the appliance’s base.

There is room on each side of the basket when placed inside the air fryer. That space helps provide a uniform airflow to the food. Considering this, you can use a fryer basket substitute. Air fryers without baskets are only dangerous if you neglect something.

Here’s a chart on the heat resistance of different air fryer mats that you can use:

Heat-resistant mats for air fryersAir Fryer Temperature
Smithcraft Lucky Plus 450°F
ZLR Silicone Heat Resistant Hot Pot Holder.480°F
Larsen Stove Cover. Rubber400°F
Gaspare Silicone Kitchen Countertop Protector446°F
4 high-quality heat-resistant mats for air fryers

What Happens If Airflow to the Food is Blocked?

Ventilation is extremely critical for uniformly cooked food. But some replacements to the basket might cause obstructed air flow which leads to:

  • Uneven cooking
  • Burnt aftertaste
  • Cooked food with a burnt exterior
  • Permanently damaged plastic containers

How Do I Operate An Air Fryer Without a Basket?

Cooking in an air fryer without a basket is very easy. Arrange the meal on a small tray or dish. Then add some oil and air fry.

Keep a close eye on the food to avoid burning it. Keep in mind that food quality will only be good if the internal rack or basket is in place.

Stainless steel tray on a wooden table
Stainless steel and metal trays are air fryer resistant.

Is Metal Rack Safe To Use In The Air Fryer?

Air fryers use metal racks because they have a very small surface area. Metal racks are a wise investment because the smaller the surface area, the wider the air permeability.

Preheat the air fryer alongside the metal rack to create a grill-like atmosphere. Although metals are heat-resistant, they are also heat conductors. So, use oven mitts to grab the dish, and avoid touching it bare-handed.

Here is a detailed video about what you can use in the air fryer:

Check out this video to learn about air fryer accessories

Can silicone molds be used in air fryers?

You can easily use silicone molds in an air fryer. Silicone molds are suitable for air fryers. It offers the following advantages:

  • Silicon molds can withstand high temperatures of up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Food is cooked in an air fryer beyond 400 degrees Fahrenheit. They don’t utilize extreme heat to provide delicious food; instead, they use the forced circulation of hot air.
  • They won’t release dangerous chemicals into food or give off an offensive odor.
  • Paper materials are not needed as silicone molds are non-stick. For this reason, we don’t need oil or butter to grease them.
silicon cups for cupcakes
Silicon is best for baking fluffy cupcakes in the air fryer.

How Can We Protect the Air Fryer Basket?

Put a thin layer of coconut oil over the basket before cooking anything. Alternatively, spray oil over the basket using the oil mister. This will help to prevent food from sticking to the basket.

Any food that sticks to the basket can cause damage; therefore, oiling can help avoid sticking the food. A light spritz of oil at the top and bottom is enough, as this is an air fryer, not a deep fryer.

Can You Cook with an Air Fryer Without a Crisper Tray?

You can use an air fryer without the crisper tray, but you must use an appropriate substitute to ensure that the food does not end up at the bottom of the air fryer, where the circulating air cannot reach it from underneath.

Every air fryer does not include a crisper tray, although some models do include a basket/crisper tray combination. There are a few types that only have crisper trays. These variants, of course, still have the outside basket; they just lack the interior basket. Unless they’re made to look like mini-ovens.

Can You Purchase Replacement Air Fryer Baskets?

This will differ substantially depending on the product and the situation. If your air fryer is still under warranty, you may be able to obtain a replacement basket by contacting customer support.

Replacement baskets are generally available both online and in stores. Your best bet is to start with the manufacturer and then browse sites like Amazon, etc.

You should be able to find something by searching for the precise brand you own followed by the phrase “replacement basket” on Google or Amazon.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, I’d like to say,

  • Air fryer baskets can be replaced with various accessories, such as silicone molds, cake trays, cooking ledges, aluminum trays, and microwave-resistant pots.
  • It is also safe to use air fryers without baskets. However, cooking time exceeds the norm when you don’t use it.
  • The only drawback is that you must remove all cooked food from the basket after cooking. It’ll help prevent burning and offensive odors.
  • Using the basket guarantees a crispy and crunchy exterior for various dishes.
  • Many attachments and accessories are available to replace air fryer baskets and cook larger amounts of food.
  • So, remember all the points before handling the air fryers without the bags or substituting them with any other accessory.

To lower the danger of destroying the cooker base, starting a fire, and causing human damage, do not operate the appliance without the removable stainless-steel inner pot. The cooking surface may become damaged if the empty stainless steel inner pot is heated for longer than 10 minutes with the Air Fryer lid.

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