Can Air Fryers Explode? (Find Out)

Air fryers have become a popular appliance in the past years. They are considered economical and are supposed to give you an oil-free and healthy diet.

There are many popular brands in the market nowadays but it might be difficult to choose from, however choosing is not a big problem, the big problem is the concerns.

Yes! The concerns, such as, are the air fryers safe to use? Do they give you a healthy diet? Can air fryers catch fire? Is there a chance they might explode?

So, I am here with all the material compiled to answer every query of yours so that you’re able to make a prompt decision that suits your preferences.

In general, air fryers do not explode unless an excessive amount of oil is used and the food basket is overfilled. Pooling water at the bottom of the fryer, on the other hand, could cause it to overheat and malfunction.

Let me take you through some air fryer mechanics first, and then I’ll give you some tips on how you can avoid it catching fire. Don’t worry, usually, air fryers don’t tend to catch fire until something is wrong with the machinery or the way you’re using it.

What is an Air Fryer?

The air fryer is essentially a more powerful countertop convection oven that does not fry food.

The Philips Electronics Company-patented small appliance argues to replicate the results of deep-frying using only hot air and little or no oil.

According to a market research firm, this device has grown in popularity in recent years, with nearly 40% of U.S. homes owning one by July 2020. Everything from frozen chicken wings and homemade french fries to roasted vegetables and fresh-baked cookies can be air-fried.

How does Air Fryer work?

The heating mechanism and fan are housed in the highest section of an air fryer. When you turn it on, hot air rushes down and around the food in a fryer-style basket. This rapid circulation crisps the food in the same way that deep-frying does, but without the oil.

Here’s how to use an air fryer:

  • Fill the basket with your food
  • Set the temperature and time
  • Allow the food to cook

Air Fryer Mechanics

Air fryers are very cool. They are decent kitchen stovetop appliances that can help you prepare food within a matter of minutes if you’re either out of oil or on a diet. You simply plug it in, set its temperature and its timer, and voila.

If you turn up the heat, you can have crisp, crunchy food in no time. Alternatively, you can reheat leftovers evenly on a low setting. The air fryer works similarly to a convection oven. You turn on the oven and place the food in the cooking drawer.

The heating element generates hot air, which the fan rapidly circulates throughout the food drawer. The hot, circulated air touches all sides of the food when it is raised inside the basket or grate. As a result, you should get crispy, browned food with little to no oil.

It’s useful to think of air frying as supercharged roasting. Alternatively, because the hot air engulfs the food when air frying at lower temperatures, it can reheat leftovers quickly and effectively. It will also make frozen food delicious because it defrosts and cooks evenly and quickly.

Here’s a video for better understanding:

Can An Air Fryer Explode?

Yes, your air fryer has the potential to catch fire and even explode if not used properly. There have been a few publically recorded instances of an air fryer exploding.

Normally, I don’t see how an air fryer can explode if a user takes all of the necessary precautions when using an air fryer. However, there is always the risk of an electrical device exploding.

You should have no problems if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, there is always the risk of an electrical failure, overheating, or improper maintenance resulting in a fire or explosion.

Now, let’s look at some conditions under which an air fryer can explode.

What Can Cause An Air Fryer To Explode?

There can be many causes that can lead your air fryer to catch fire or even explode, below you can read on some causes:

Electrical Failures

Most electrical failures are caused by faulty electrical outlets or old and out-of-date appliances.

Fires and possibly explosions are frequently caused by faults found in appliance cords, receptacles, or even the switches that power the device.

Most air fryers now do not have a ground plug on their power cord. This is unfortunate because a two-prong electrical connection to an outlet increases the risk of an electrical fire.

I recommend not using your air fryer if you’ve noticed any problems with a worn-out cord that could leak heat and sparks. Keep an eye out for any discoloration in the outlet and switches that power your air fryer.

Not Following Instruction For Use

Although it may appear to be a silly reason, failure to read the safety instructions is a common cause of fires. Most of us routinely disregard any manufacturer’s instructions for any appliance.

The instructions were given for a specific reason, and that reason was our safety. The instructions contain critical information about using the equipment.

It’s a good idea, for example, to double-check the voltage required to operate. If this is not done, and a mistake is made, the device can easily catch fire.

Overcrowding The Basket

close-up grilled marinated chicken wings in air fryer pot, home cooking, healthy diet
Overcrowding may cause food to burn and cook less evenly

We may be a little too hasty when we have guests and overcrowd the air fryer with too many foods. However, this is not advised. If the basket is overcrowded, hot air cannot circulate freely.

When this happens, the foods usually cook unevenly. In the event of a malfunction, however, the stagnant hot temperature may pose a fire hazard.

As a result, you should cook your food in portions rather than all at once.

Over Heating

Overheating can occur when there is an unintentional fault in the type of circuits or the way the manufacturer designed the device.

The truth is that all electronic devices produce heat. It’s known as electronic heat. This occurs because the electric conducting components inside every electrical device are slightly inefficient.

This means that some of the electricity that passes through the air fryer is converted into heat by chance. The heat builds up over time, causing the air fryer to become hotter.

You will not notice this because what I am referring to is not the heating element. The overheating that I’m referring to is caused by the air fryer’s electric chip.

This is the air fryer’s brain. It’s the part where the manufacturers program a series of steps to allow you to start the air fryer with a single button press.

A chip is found in almost every electronic device. It aids in the regulation of the amount of electricity that comes in and out.

Usage Of Excessive Oil

Without a doubt, fried food is all about greasiness and oil. When cooking traditionally, it is not uncommon for people to use an excessive amount of oil. However, when using that one, we recommend using no more than a tablespoon of oil.

After all, most air fryers claim to be oil-free. Certain foods, such as meat, already have fat in them. As a result, using more oil than needed may cause a fire.

However, grease is still required by spraying or rubbing a small amount of cooking oil on it. Greasing the bottom grates prevents food from sticking or burning and reduces the risk of a fire.

Can An Air Fryer Catch Fire?

Air fryers do not catch fire in general if they are in good working order and the food basket and amount of oil used are as per the air fryer’s manual recommendations. Sometimes it can overheat.

But what can cause overheating? There is too much oil. When using your air fryer, it’s common to use small amounts of oil. Take care not to use too much or to place it in the fryer basket on its own.

The fryer may overheat and catch fire as a result of this. To prevent overheating, your air fryer requires a certain amount of space between the heater and the fan. Overfilling the basket increases the risk of the fryer catching fire due to overheating.

Overheating is the most common cause of air fryer failure and a potential fire hazard. An air fryer can catch fire on rare occasions, but remember to be cautious and follow proper care instructions. One is to never leave your air fryer unattended.

Can You Leave An Air Fryer Unattended?

Air fryer machine in kitchen.
Leaving the air fryer unattended leads to possible risks

It is understandable to believe that an air fryer does everything for you and that you can leave it alone, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

While it is acceptable not to stand next to the air fryer for the duration of the cooking time, do not leave the house or leave the kitchen for an extended period.

However, it is not a set it and forget it appliance. Just as you shouldn’t leave a pot on the stovetop unattended.

This is a challenge if you, like me, enjoy multitasking. Avoid falling into your trap. Do not go fold or start laundry while you are waiting for your food to be ready. However, if you want to prepare another meal item while it cooks, go ahead!

Air fryers should never be left unattended. Several things can go wrong while you’re cooking. Electrical failures and overheating can cause a fire, and as long as you keep a close eye on the machine, you should be able to assess the situation and put it out quickly.

We understand that most people have a lot on their plates these days, and time isn’t always a luxury for everyone. Leaving your home with your one turned on, on the other hand, can be extremely dangerous.

Leaving your air fryer unattended, like leaving a lit candle alone for too long, could result in a fire. They are also extremely safe.

Tips To Avoid Your Air Fryer From Catching Fire

There are quite a few tips that you can follow to avoid your air fryer catching on fire:

Unplug After Every Use

One of the most terrifying possibilities is that you did everything you should have done but forgot to unplug your air fryer. This is dangerous because there can be disruptions in voltage that might lead your air fryer to start working on its own.

In some cases, a consumer’s air fryer has turned on by itself without the intervention of a human. It’s a scary situation, especially if you left the house right after cooking and eating with your partner.

In this case, my best advice is to unplug the device completely from the outlet. There is almost no chance of a fire starting if you turn off your equipment.

Keep The Air Fryer Clean

Sparks and smoke emissions can increase if the air fryer is not cleaned after each use. Furthermore, stuck-on food particles from previous meals quickly burn and disrupt the operation of the vents, eventually causing sparks and fires.

You should clean it more frequently if you use it frequently, especially more than once a day. You should also think about the type of food you’re putting in there.

After each use, wash the air fryer’s basket and wipe its interiors with a wet cloth to remove any food or grease buildup. This particulate can also increase the cooking time of your air fryer, so removing it is a good idea.

Home cooks may carefully clean the air fryer’s basket and interiors while ignoring the vent holes; do not make this mistake again. Your air fryer requires enough space to circulate hot air and emit additional smoke; blocked vents obstruct these processes.

So, keep an eye on your air fryer’s vents and clean out any stuck-on particles you find.

Understand The Voltage

I recommend learning about your air fryer’s voltage requirements. Every air fryer is slightly different from the next. And this may be determined by the amount of power required.

In some cases, a faulty regulator can cause further damage to your appliance, particularly if it produces heat, such as your air fryer.

What Things You Should Avoid Putting In Air fryer

Salmon steak grilled on the airfryer
Salmon can easily be cooked in the air fryer.

The following is a list of items you should avoid putting in your air fryer because they may cause a fire:

  • Water should not be allowed to overflow in your air fryer.
  • Do not use a lot of oil in your fryer. If you want to add oil, just a little bit at a time. This is not a deep-frying machine.
  • Avoid using too much seasoning because it will burn much faster than the food. You can always add more seasoning after it’s cooked.
  • Avoid using an air fryer for soupy or liquid foods.

Also, no batter should be used, such as battered chicken.

We’re talking about wet battered chicken or fish that won’t turn out as expected. If you want crispy chicken, however, use flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs. This way, the batter will not simply fall off.

Avoiding rice, pasta, and lettuce is also a good idea. Cooking rice and pasta requires far too much water. However, I’m not sure why you’d do this with lettuce; it’s more likely to clog your one than to yield a tasty snack.

Final Thoughts

When you first start using an appliance, it’s natural to be concerned about its safety; air fryers are no exception. Despite being practical and convenient, an air fryer can cause some mishaps in your kitchen if you’re not careful with it.

However, don’t be fooled by the device’s sophistication. It carries certain risks, which are exacerbated when the user is not educated on how to use, maintain, and identify potential hazards for it. To avoid these situations, remember to clean your air fryer and keep an eye out for water.

When you cook greasy food, a little smoke is normal. Human error is the leading cause of safety hazards, so use caution when using any appliance.

Once you’ve become acquainted with your air fryer, you can use it for a variety of cooking tasks without difficulty or risk to your safety. Best wishes on your delectable ventures, I’ll see you soon with more updates.

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