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What Can I use If I Don’t Have An Air Fryer? (The Replacement)

In case you don’t have an air fryer, a Microwave or a Convention oven is quite a replacement.

Life has been normal when there was no air fryer. People had no idea about using an air fryer. It’s just an invention of the recent era.

A convention oven uses electromagnetic radiation to heat and cooks your food. Apart from that, You can bake numerous dishes in your oven. To be honest, not everyone can afford to buy an air fryer, it’s not a need, just a luxury, that’s what I think.

I don’t use an air fryer often. My mother thinks it’s quite a task to air fry stuff.

It’s not just an oven that can replace an air fryer, but other conventional methods can be of your help too. Such as steaming up your food for a longer period, and using coconut oil and olive oil to deep fry the nuggets and wings you got.

I know it seems less healthy than using an air fryer, but if you don’t own one, this can be an alternative.

In case you’ve got money to buy one, you can try several air fryers, you don’t have to go for the most expensive or the lowest one, a basic air fryer can do too!

In this blog, we’ll cater to some of the ambiguities regarding the replacement of an air fryer and alternative methods other than air frying food.

Not only that, I’ll touch up different questions that’ll enhance your information.

What Else Can You Use If You Don’t Have An Air Fryer?

Any air fryer recipe can also be prepared in a convection oven or toaster oven with a convection setting; even the New York Times Wirecutter column believes that the best air fryer is a toaster oven.

These devices are made to produce fried food’s crispiness without the untidy and fatty vat of oil. They do, however, have some shortcomings.

They mostly take up a lot of space on your counter while only having a small amount of cooking capacity, and they frequently only do air frying.

Manufacturers of toasters have been including air fryer settings in their most recent versions. To reduce the number of appliances you possess, air fryer toaster ovens multitask with the aid of stronger fans and heating elements at the top and bottom.

But in all honesty, you may probably get comparable results if your toaster oven or standard oven includes a convection setting.

Can I Substitute My Oven For An Air Fryer?

In a typical conventional oven, unless it has a dedicated air fry setting, you cannot genuinely air fry. There are a few changes you can make to encourage crisping and browning in a standard oven, though.

Consider streamlining your appliances with an oven that offers air frying capabilities if you’ve been wanting to get an air fryer.

To experience oven-sized amounts of mouthwatering fried dishes at home, learn how to air fry in an oven using air fry settings.

Use the convection roast mode in your convection oven to simulate the same conditions if you’re hoping to get similar results.

An image showing closeup of cauliflower in the basket of air fryer
Cauliflowers roasted in an air fryer

If I Have A Convection Oven, Do I Still Need An Air Fryer?

A convection oven does not require any specialized equipment or accessories, unlike an air fryer. The top-mounted fan in an air fryer cooks food a bit faster than the fan at the back of the oven in a convection oven.

It’s better to consider an air fryer if your pocket allows it! Let’s see why.

Since their introduction as futuristic, orb-like gadgets that offered healthier preparation methods for our favorite cheat-day foods, air fryers have come a long way.

Although most convection ovens can air-fry, not all air fryers can perform all the functions of a convection oven. The size of an air fryer and a convection oven is the primary distinction, with a convection oven often having more area for cooking larger quantities.

Can We Air Fry With A Convection Oven?

Many air fryer recipes are compatible with convection ovens because of the similarity in cooking temperatures between the two cooking methods (approximately 20 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit lower than a recipe for a normal oven).

Because many air-fryer recipes are designed for small batches, you can frequently double the recipe for a convection oven.

Just keep in mind to evenly distribute the food on the tray, particularly for air-fried chicken tenders, air-fried buffalo cauliflower, and air-fried Brussels sprouts, so that the air can easily contact all of the food’s surfaces.

Even while air fryers cook a little faster than convection ovens, keep in mind that some air-fryer recipes may take a little longer in a convection oven even though cooking times for recipes should be similar in both appliances.

If the dish needs a little more time to brown, check on it every two to three minutes until it’s cooked, or earlier if the recipe specifies.

How Can We Distinguish Between an Oven and an Air Fryer?

An air fryer cooks nearly as effectively as a convection oven and saves time and energy if you want breaded, frozen dishes.

Adding small equipment to your kitchen depends on a variety of personal considerations, including your budget, available counter space, and how frequently you cook particular meals.

Air fryers outperform microwaves in terms of retraining more nutrients for food. The meal is always nutritious after cooking because they use very little oil in the process.

However, microwaves still need a little bit of oil.

Grilled oven and stove
A cooking range

Is It Advantageous To Use Conventional Oven?

There are many advantages of using a Convection Oven.

Mine is always in use by me. It cooks without using much oil, and I can quickly prepare practically anything in it. It takes around 7 minutes to prepare a chicken cutlet. Until the timer goes off, set it and forget it.

It can be used to cook frozen appetizers like hot pocket rolls, etc., to create homemade or frozen French fries, and even to bake cheesecake. It can also produce hard-boiled eggs.

The gadget is exceedingly adaptable and I believe it can be used as a replacement of an air fryer.

Air Fryer Or Oven; Which One Is Expensive?

Given the longer preheat time, air fryers are typically less expensive to run because they are smaller than full-size ovens. You have an air fryer if you own a countertop convection oven.

People do have an opinion that buying an air fryer is just a form of squandering money. They consider it a marketing ploy.

A fat medium, such as oil, lard, or shortening, is needed for frying. Just make sure there is space between the meals and that there is a grate underneath to allow air to circulate.

No opinions of other experiences should influence us unless we’ve given it a try ourselves.

Check out the video given below to have an idea of cooking food without using an air fryer;

How can you air fry without an air fryer?

Is Philips Air Fryer A Good One?

It’s a good air fryer, but the upkeep is poorly thought out.

Well, they persuaded you to buy it thanks to all the advertising and marketing. However, there isn’t much information that is helpful once you buy it, and the design makes cleaning it a hassle.

That’s right! I’ll explain how!

Cooking from a recipe book is practical and simple, as we did with the croquettes, but it may require some trial and error to get the ideal temperature and cooking times for other foods. Additionally, it quickly heats up, which is useful.

We’ve already made bacon cheddar croquettes, sweet potato fries, dumplings, and French fries. A balanced air fryer is very simple to clean, unlike Philips.

The pan’s interior is non-stick, making cleanup simple The bottom of the basket is grated and appears to be made of stainless steel.

Any spills can be cleaned up by soaking the rack in water within the pan; the rack is very easy to clean. All the pieces were hand washed, but they are dishwasher safe as well. All in all, we can say that Philips air fryer is a very incredible little bit of culinary magic.

Other air fryers don’t have this cleaning hassle. Here is given a list of the best air fryers you may consider choosing while planning to buy one;

Best Air FryersPrices On Amazon
Cosori Max XL Air Fryr Oven$119.99
Instant Pot Vortex Plus$139.00
GoWISE USA Air Fryer$69.88
Ninja AF101 Air Fryer,$89.99
Best Air Fryers Along with their Prices

Which Air Fryer, The Tefal Or The Philips, Is Superior?

I’m unable to comment on Tefal, but I can discuss the Phillips model. As I’ve used Philips air fryer. It’s quite difficult to clean inside, and over time, food fat deposits result in its efficiency being reduced.

Furthermore, the pan itself cannot be replaced. In mine, some of the pan’s paintings peeled off, and there is no way to restore them to their original beauty. I would suggest that I could quickly disassemble it to clean inside the machine and change the pan and basket.

However, I have no idea what all this old fat burnt repeatedly will do to you, so I won’t advise it. Again, I’ve never used a Tefal, so I’m powerless to comment. I believe it to be the same.

You can try it out and share your thoughts on which is the better one.

An image showing grilled chicken with salt and pepper in an oven
Grilled chicken in an oven

Air Fryer Safety Tips: Do’s And Don’ts

Below I have added some of the safety tips for Air Fryer for your benefit.

  • Read the instruction manual that arrived with your air fryer.
  • When not in use, do not leave your air fryer plugged in.
  • Make sure you don’t burn yourself or your countertops.
  • Cooking in a poorly ventilated area or a small, closed-off corner is not recommended.
  • Do not permit hot air from the air fryer to enter electrical outlets.

Can You Set an Aluminium Foil in an Air Fryer?

Aluminium foil should only be used in the basket of an air fryer.

Aluminium reacts with acidic foods, so avoid using it with tomatoes and citrus. Because they will not interfere with the cooking process, parchment paper or a bare basket are preferable.


To conclude, I’d like to mention some of the key points:

  • An air fryer is a useful but not necessary piece of equipment. It’s more of a luxury than a necessary part of life.
  • Therefore, a convection oven is quite a replacement for an air fryer, unless you can buy an air fryer.
  • A convection oven and an air fryer both circulate hot air around the food. An oven with an air fry setting can produce authentic air-fried results.
  • The settings of an air fryer are made to operate at hotter settings than a typical oven.
  • However, utilizing an oven in place of an air fryer is a smart move altogether. It replicates the same results.
  • The roast option in a convection oven would produce such an environment.
  • Thus, air fryers are considered healthier yet slower than convection ovens and microwaves. They have distinguishing characteristics that categorize them as drawbacks as well as advantages.

If you’re a person who hardly makes both ends meet, it’s better to spend money on something more useful and worthwhile than an air fryer. Once you’re able to afford it, it should become your priority!

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