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Do restaurants use Air Fryers? (Revealed)

Consistent taste and texture, along with quick service, are what a consumer requires from a restaurant. Of course, the goodness of the taste and the quantity is a priority, but no one likes to get a good experience at one restaurant, go back there for the same food, and get disappointed instead.

An air fryer makes your food quicker and maintains consistency in taste and texture, which is why restaurants love using air fryers.

Although many other restaurants do not prefer air fryers for unspecified reasons, the fact remains that most restaurants find air fryers convenient.

Just to let you know, there is a difference between a consumer air fryer and a commercial air fryer. So, when reading this article, please do not compare an air fryer at your home with the one that is lying on the countertop of a restaurant’s kitchen.

While the answer is a straight yes to the question ‘do restaurants use air fryers?’ It is not that simple. To learn in detail, keep the reading going!

Air Fried Crispy Chicken
Air Fried Crispy Chicken

What are the advantages of air fryers?

Either you are a newbie in air frying, someone who wants to buy one for their business, or you are just curious to know what you are eating when you dine out. You must understand that air fryers are a blessing.

The main advantage I feel air fryers have is that the amount of oil is almost nothing compared to deep frying. For me, healthy eating is everything, and if healthy eating satisfies your taste buds too, then this habit lasts longer.

I am not sure if the restaurants are offering a separate menu for health-conscious people that states that they will use an air fryer only, but I think this should be a thing. So that people who like to eat it healthy will eat at peace.

Another significant advantage I feel an air fryer has is that it cooks quickly. Restaurants demand quick services. The faster you are, the happier the customer is, and the more the sale would be.

Also, they are called mini ovens. If you find ovens tiring and time-consuming, you can bake your thing in an air fryer, and the results will be the same. You just have to be extra careful with the temperature handling, though.

Reasons why some restaurants avoid air fryers

We know the fact that an air fryer takes less time to fry, yet some restaurants think it is not worth it.

Even though the range of an air fryer is increasing by the day, both for personal and professional use but the quantity a deep fryer can fry in one batch can not be matched by the amount an air fryer can make in one go.

Another reason that makes restaurants think about a purchase of an air fryer is the difference in taste.

The food cooked in an air fryer is not precisely the same as the taste of the food fried in a deep fryer, and that can be a reason enough for loss in business if people would not like the taste of the food made in an air fryer. You can’t compare something made in oil with something made without oil.

Some restaurants are unwilling to take that risk, and we can completely understand.

Also, you cannot make just about anything in an air fryer. There is a list of things that can be prepared in an air fryer, and there are certain dishes that will not turn out appetizing to an air fryer even with the best of efforts.

What are the foods that are prepared and not prepared in an air fryer?

Different foods prepared in an air fryer
Air fryers can be used to prepare a lot of different foods

Air fryers are great for preparing food in no time, but not everything can turn out well when cooked in an air fryer.

You have to be extra careful when you are choosing what you are going to cook in an air fryer; at least, chefs in restaurants do so.

Here are the foods that can and cannot be prepared in an air fryer. Remember these next time you plan to make a meal in an air fryer.

To be prepared in an Air FryerNot to be prepared in an Air Fryer
Selective dessertsCheesy food
Broiled vegetablesLeafy vegetables
Baked meatBoiled rice
Fried meatPasta
Fried friesFood with wet batter ingredients
Foods that are prepared and not prepared in an air fryer

Every appliance in our kitchen has its limits, and an air fryer has its own. The key to using an air fryer in the best possible way is to know what can be cooked in it and what will end up burnt if kept unattended.

Frying in an air fryer
Frying in an air fryer is easy

Is air frying preferred over deep frying?

We cannot deny the fact that deep frying has its taste, and we are vulnerable to it, so we like it better.

Some people cannot accept fried food from an air fryer and prefer deep-fried food, but the health-conscious community thinks and acts differently.

Compared to deep-fried food, air-fried food is for sure healthier and has fewer calories.

Saying that deep-fried is preferred over air-fried food or air-fried food is preferred over deep-fried would not be correct because it all depends on personal preferences.

Check this in-depth comparison of foods prepared in an air fryer and a deep fryer.

Deep Fried Vs Air Fried


Air fryers are sure trending and companies are coming up with huge ranges that can cater for every class.

Now that people know the importance of an air fryer, businesses are also turning to this kitchen appliance for quick and healthy meals.

In summary:

  • Restaurants are becoming fans of air fryers due to their quick delivery and consistency of taste because that is mostly what consumers want.
  • But also, some restaurants do not prefer an air fryer because some people do not approve of the taste, and the appliance is not big enough to make large portions.
  • On the other hand, the air fryer has given restaurants variety and consistency in their menu.
  • It is just that one must be careful with what they choose to cook in an air fryer.
  • Also, you have to be extra careful with the temperature handling when using an air fryer.

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