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Where Do You Add Oil to Air Fryer? (Let’s Find Out)

Does cooking with an air fryer require oil? If so, how do you place the oil in an air fryer? We shall elaborate on both queries in this post. 

A tiny amount of oil is required for air fryers. Oil can be applied to meals using a brush, a spray bottle, or your hands. Using an oil mister allows you to add a minimal amount of oil. However, since the oil could come into contact with electrical components, you must not place it in the basket.

The air fryer could suffer severe damage or perhaps break if oil is poured into it improperly. This article will tell you where you should add oil to your air fryer. 

Can You Cook Using Oil in an Air Fryer?

Yes, and you should use oil in some form for over 75% of your cooking.

It can be deceptive to know that you need oil to cook in an air fryer so you don’t have to deep fry foods.

The truth is that it is still far healthier and less expensive than a deep fryer. A full container of vegetable oil can easily fit in a deep fryer. That’s at least $3.00 in addition to the expense of food.

Even if you use an air fryer every day, it can take weeks, if not months, to consume the same amount.

In an Air Fryer, Where Do You Place the Oil?

When air frying, the oil is applied to the meal rather than the basket. The way you apply the oil to the meal depends on what you’re cooking.

There are several oil misters on the market that may be used to put oil into your air fryer. When working with a larger surface, you can also use a basting brush (think frozen chicken breasts).

Using Oil Correctly in Your Air Fryer

Using a brush to oil
Using a brush is the easiest way to add oil to your food

An air fryer is a device that creates a cooking surface out of hot air, eliminating the need for oil

Given that frying is one of the most widely used cooking methods, it seems sensible for new users to be curious about where the oil goes. The oil is applied to the food rather than the basket itself when air frying, which is the solution. 

Depending on what you are preparing, there are many ways to apply the oil to the meal.

Frozen Foods

  • If you’re using something with a bigger surface area, like frozen chicken breasts, chicken wings, etc., you can also use a basting brush.
  • When air-fried, the majority of frozen foods don’t need additional oil. When prepared in a hot air fryer, foods like frozen sweet potato fries already contain oil in their ingredients, so additional dripping is not necessary. 
  • Simply cook frozen food until halfway done, shake or spin the basket with the drawer open, and add oil if the food seems dry. If not, omit the oil. 
  • I advise against pouring oil directly into the hot air fryer for optimal oil dispersion when using it for cooking. 

Other Strategies

There are a few slightly better strategies to ensure that you have adequate oil coverage, even though it theoretically works perfectly.

  • While the air fryer is heating up, we advise putting everything you want to air fry in a bowl. 
  • Then, make sure the food is evenly coated by tossing it with the cooking oil. To make sure the coating is good, you might need to mix for a while. 
  • Add the food to the hot air fryer basket once it has been coated and seasoned, and you’re ready to go! You cook quickly.
  • However, it’s also completely OK if you want to reduce the number of dishes and pour the oil right into the air fryer. 
  • We advise putting the meal in the basket and sprinkling the oil over it gradually as the food cooks. Again, aim for a nice coating because the oil will contribute to a crispy outside. 

It’s important to note, however, that the air fryer’s high heat and a minimal amount of oil are what cause the outside of your meal to get sufficiently crisp. Because oil warms up so quickly when it is being cooked, the oil on your food will quickly get hotter than the food itself.

The outside of your meal cooks more quickly than the inside because of this temperature difference, giving it a crispy exterior and a delicately cooked interior. In actuality, you can cook almost anything in an air fryer.

Watch the following video to learn more about how to use oil in the air fryer.

Where Do You Put Oil In An Air Fryer?

How to Put Oil in an Air Fryer?

It can be a little difficult to understand how to cook with an air fryer if you’re not used to using one. However, don’t panic – I am here to assist!

In the remaining article, I’ll show you how to put oil in your air fryer and offer some advice on how to make the most of your kitchen tool. 

Ingredients Preparation

The first step in cooking is to prepare and measure your ingredients. Once it is finished, arrange them in the fryer basket by the type of food being prepared. 

Temperature Setting

Next, turn on your air fryer and set the temperature or time that is appropriate for your dish. You should begin cooking at a lower temperature and gradually increase it as the meal finishes cooking.

Basket Insertion

When you’re ready, carefully and slowly lower the basket into the fryer. Additionally, make sure your appliance’s heat setting is off before you do this. Additionally, it’s crucial to avoid overfilling the basket because doing so can interfere with your food’s ability to cook evenly. 

Adding Oil

After the cooking period is up, carefully remove the fryer’s basket. You should check the food now to make sure nothing is sticking or burning. 

It’s time to add oil to your air fryer now that your pan is filled with cooked food. When adding oil, merely pour the desired quantity into an empty container and set that contained within the basket. To make sure that every item of the food is coated, pour the oil over the food and mix it around.

An air fryer basket
A little amount of oil should be applied to the food and placed in the air fryer basket.

How Much Oil to Put in an Air Fryer?

It is well known that air fryers can be quite problematic. They must be filled with oil; if not, the food may burn and the air fryer’s interior may become extremely hot. 

What ought to be placed in an air fryer? How much oil should you use? I researched the opinions of the professionals to provide answers to these queries. 

Required Amount of Oil

According to experts, a 2-quart cooker using an air fryer requires 1/4 cup of neutral vegetable oil. Therefore, simply multiply the amount required by two if you intend to bake a greater quantity, such as three bowls of chicken wings.

When utilizing an air fryer, you typically only need one to two teaspoons of the oil for most items. This is due to the small amount of oil that will spread throughout the food’s surface in the basket, creating a crispy surface, as we previously described. 

Additional Amount of Oil

You may require additional oil for foods that are quite absorbent. For instance, one to two teaspoons are required for breaded products because they will absorb some oil throughout the cooking process. For instance, a piece of fish that has been breaded will absorb hot oil from the breadcrumbs.

Other Oils

For cooking, you can also use melted butter or melted coconut oil, though it’s preferable to use a neutral oil like olive oil. Remember to use softer oils like avocado or almond when using butter or coconut oil. 

These oils have high taste and lower smoke values, but they won’t ruin your food the way more subdued flavors that have higher smoke points, like walnut or peanut oils, do.

Butter has been the preferred frying oil for what feels like forever. It’s used in grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries for a reason: it’s delectable. Because butter has a high smoke point, frying with it won’t result in your food burning if the oil gets too hot.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Suitable for Air Fryer?

Extra virgin olive oil has a high smoke point, and a strong flavor, and is perfect for cooking. Your food may taste better if you cook it in extra virgin olive oil. 

Can extra virgin olive oil be used in an air fryer, though? Yes! The genius of this method is that you don’t need to use any additional oils while cooking. 

  • Since extra virgin olive oil is virtually entirely flavorless, it won’t change how your dish tastes. You won’t even be able to distinguish between them. Making your own air fryer recipes is a terrific option if you’re looking for a healthier substitute. 
  • Other oil kinds, such as nut oils, can also be used with this technique with ease. Extra virgin olive oil-based air fryer recipes are a fantastic option for people on special diets like the ketogenic or Mediterranean diets.
  • Your food will taste better if you make air fryer recipes with extra virgin olive oil. You’ll be able to enjoy the health advantages in addition to the delectable flavor you receive from cooking with extra virgin olive oil. 

As an all-natural product, extra virgin olive oil is devoid of any potentially hazardous components. Even better, because it doesn’t include trans fat or saturated fat, it is healthier than regular vegetable oil.

Extra virgin olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil is suitable for air fryers.

Other Oils That You Can Use in an Air Fryer

Here’s a list of some other oils that you can use in an air fryer.

OilSmoke Point
Grapeseed oil390 degrees Fahrenheit
Peanut oil450 degrees Fahrenheit
Soybean oil460 degrees Fahrenheit
Avocado oil350 degrees Fahrenheit
Oils suitable for air fryers.


  • Although it is not necessary to use oil in an air fryer, chefs frequently advise it. The best way to add oil to food in an air fryer is by hand, either by spritzing, brushing, or directly. 
  • A few teaspoons of oil improve the flavor and aroma of food. Additionally, it promotes better heat transfer and results in a crunchier exterior. 
  • However, don’t add more oil than is recommended in the user guide.

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