What Accessories Do I Need With My Air Fryer? (Discussed)

Air Fryers are the modern machinery now, you’d see an ad online or on television now and then.

You’d come across many posts that tell you how an air fryer works and what is it that you can cook in it, however, this post today is about the accessories. Yes, the accessories you need with your air fryer so that you can operate it easily.

So let’s dive right into the details of it, shall we?

What Is Air Fryer And How Does It Work?

An air fryer, as opposed to a deep-fat fryer, uses convection heat to cook food. It circulates hot air to cook the food, similar to a fan oven, and relies on a chemical process known as the Maillard reaction to crisp up the exterior of food, resulting in scrumptious food.

Most air fryers have perforated trays or baskets that allow hot air to circulate freely around the food. This cooking method uses very little oil but still produces crisp, golden-brown results, which is one of the reasons air fryers are regarded as a healthier way to prepare traditionally high-fat foods.

What Are the Best Air Fryer Accessories?

The best air fryer accessories can make or break your cooking experience! There are several options to choose from, and the best air fryer accessories will depend on your specific needs.

Other kitchen tools that benefit anyone include an instant-read thermometer and long oven mitts.

Plenty of air fryer attachments are available for any size countertop appliance to make cooking even more accessible!

Let’s take a look at them:

Silicone Tongs$18.95
Parchment paper$11.3
Silicone Liner$3.99
Oil Mister$9.99
Cake Pan$16.95
Silicone Basket$22.99
Instant Read Thermometer$11.99
Cup Cake Liner$5.99
Rolling Tray For Under Air Fryer$27.99
Air fryer accessories and their prices

Silicone Tongs

Silicon tong, spatula and whisk in a glass container
Silicon tongs are very useful with air fryers

The most essential air fryer accessory you’ll want to have in your kitchen is silicone tongs. These are rust-proof and comfortable to use because they are made of high-quality silicone and stainless steel.

Silicone tongs set mostly includes two tongs, one 9-inch, and one 12-inch. Both sizes are intended to fit comfortably in your hand. When not in use, these tongs have a locking mechanism for easy storage.

Because most air fryers have a nonstick coating, using metal tongs can cause the coating to chip off. Silicone is much softer and will not scratch the surface of your air fryer.

Parchment Paper

You might be wondering whether or not you should use parchment paper in your air fryer. You should do so! If you’ve been using this appliance for a while, you know that cleaning up can be difficult at times.

It is also made of non-toxic materials, which is essential. It’s perforated with holes and made specifically for use with an air fryer. This is one accessory you should not overlook!

While parchment paper is used in 98% of air frying for easy clean-up, it is critical when cooking foods like Air Fryer French Toast Sticks and Air Fryer Hush Puppies due to their wet batter.

Oil Mister

To achieve the best results when air frying, you’ll frequently need to spritz your food with oil. There is this EVO oil mister which will make your life easier! Every time, spray the perfect amount of oil evenly.

It can also be refilled, is made of non-toxic materials, and has a fan spray. Set the nozzle to spray vertically or horizontally, depending on what works best in your air fryer!

Keep in mind that the type of oil you use is important. If you must use olive oil, choose a light variety with a higher smoke point than an extra virgin.

Silicone Liners

The better you keep food debris out of your air fryer, the longer it will last. Who doesn’t want a simpler clean-up? If you want to avoid using parchment paper, using silicone liners is ideal.

They are heat resistant, have a perforated design to promote airflow, are food-safe, and are far more environmentally friendly than parchment rounds. Silicone liners work similarly to parchment rounds and are ideal for Air Fryer Apple Fritters and Air Fryer Cinnamon Rolls.

Cake Pan

Baking is a breeze with an air fryer, and cleanup is a breeze if you use an air fryer cake pan. It fits perfectly in models with capacities ranging from 3.4 to 10 quarts. It’s made of 16-gauge anodized aluminum, so it’ll never peel or rust!

A cake pan is made of non-toxic materials and contains no chemicals.

Instant Read Thermometers

When using your air fryer for cooking meat, one thing to remember is that it should be cooked all the way through. After a few tries, you’ll probably get the hang of it, but you can never be too cautious!

Using an Instant-Read Thermometer eliminates the need to second-guess whether your meal is fully cooked. It’s also a versatile tool that can be used with any cooking method.

Silicone Basket

When it comes to easy cleanup, this is one of the best air fryer accessories! Silicone baskets, like parchment paper, will protect your air fryer from food residue. You won’t have to wash your air fryer basket every time you use it because the silicone basket helps drain any excess oil from your meal.

This air fryer attachment has straight lines (making cleanup even easier), is dishwasher safe, and promotes even heat distribution.

It’s made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone, so there’s no need to be concerned about harmful chemicals getting into your food.

Cupcake Liners

Colored cupcake holders made of silicone
Colored cupcake holders made of silicone

There are reusable silicone cupcake liners that are also air fryer safe! Plus, because they hold their shape so well, you can put them in the air fryer without a cupcake tin! If you used regular cupcake liners, they would fold out and make a mess.

Because of the silicone, you don’t need to add any extra oil or butter for easy food release. Don’t limit yourself to cupcakes; these liners can also be used to make mini muffins or egg frittatas!

Rolling Tray For Under-Air Fryer

Let’s face it: some air fryers are quite large. Consider using this universal rolling tray under your air fryer to make it easier to move around your cooking space! With a handy tool like this one, you’ll be able to avoid any unfortunate air fryer accidents (like accidentally dropping it!).

This air fryer accessory is also useful if your kitchen cabinets make it difficult to open your air fryer. When opening, use the rolling tray to slide it forward, then place it back in its place for storage!

Can I Use Aluminum Foil In An Air Fryer?

Yes, you can use aluminum foil in the air fryer.

The good thing about aluminum is that it will not shatter or explode in an air fryer. It is simple to clean because you simply throw it away or recycle it when you are finished with it.

Can you use foil in your air fryer?

For the savvy mothers out there, you might be able to wash it and get another use out of it. The best thing about disposable aluminum foil baking pans is that they are ideal for potlucks and family dinners outdoors.

What Type of Cookware Can I Use in an Air Fryer?

Steel And Stainless Steel Pan

A tried-and-true steel or stainless steel pan of the appropriate size will also work well in an air fryer. There are many steel and stainless steel air fryer pans that are 8in or smaller in diameter.

These are ideal for making small cakes, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. You can even use them to make a single meal of tilapia fish or salmon with vegetables on the side; simply place them in the pan and cook in the air fryer.

Pyrex Glass Cookware

Red Pyrex serving bowl
Red Pyrex serving bowl

Pyrex glass cookware is designed to withstand high-heat environments, such as those found in ovens, and it is safe to use in an air fryer, where temperatures can reach 400 – 450 F. Depending on the size of the basket or the capacity of your air fryer, you’ll need to find a smaller pyrex container that will fit in your air fryer.

Corning Cookware

Oven-safe corning cookware is another excellent option. You can cook those dishes in the air fryer as well. If you don’t need a full-size casserole and just want a little bit for yourself and your family, this is ideal for making eggs, hash brown casserole, and other casserole-type dishes.

With Corning cookware, you can even make a single-serve lasagna.

Can You Put A Glass Bowl In The Air Fryer?

Yes, you can put a glass bowl in an air fryer. Glass bowls such as pyrex dishes are safe to be used in the air fryer.

If the glass bowl is oven safe, it can be used in an air fryer. It should not be placed when the glass bowl is cold because it will cause thermal stress and shatter the Pyrex.

For added safety, pre-heat the glass bowl with mildly hot water before using it in an air fryer. When a Pyrex bowl is rapidly heated or cooled, different parts of the bowl expand or contract differently, causing stress.

If the stress is too great, the bowl’s structure will fail, causing it to shatter.

Can You Put a Plastic Bowl in an air fryer?

No. Don’t do that.

Plastic can melt when heated. So if you put a plastic bowl or Tupperware in an air fryer, it’s going to melt and stick to the surface, causing a mess.

For further information, you can read What materials can you put in an Air fryer?

What Should You Look For Before Purchasing An Air Fryer?

When purchasing an air fryer, you should examine the size and form, footprint, build quality, price, cleanliness, functions, high power wattage, safety, and temperature control. If an air fryer has all of these features, you’re good to go.

Because it uses little or no oil, air frying is a particularly healthful activity. You’ll need a nice air fryer to make it happen. If an air fryer has all of these features, you’re good to go.

Do You Need A Cooking Rack For Your Air Fryer?

If you wish to cook two or more types of food in your air fryer at the same time, you’ll need a cooking rack with skewers.

Frying racks expand the available cooking area within your air fryer. As a result, all you need to do is arrange your food on the rack and place it in the air fryer to cook.


  • Air fryers have been at the top of the market. However, to run an air fryer successfully, you need to have the proper accessories.
  • These accessories include silicone cupcakes, silicone tongs, parchment paper, an instant thermometer, pyrex cookware, and a silicone sliding-under tray for the air fryer.
  • Aluminum foil can easily be used in an air fryer, however, plastic should be avoided at all costs since it melts due to heat.

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