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Steak fries in an Air fryer (For the love of fries)

Potatoes and in particular fries are something people like to eat even at the cost of their health.

Though potatoes are misunderstood as a weight-gaining food but in fact, this vegetable can help you lose weight if you eat it in moderation and prepare it healthily.

One of the reasons how potatoes can make you gain weight is by eating deep-fried fries. Those fries can be normal cut french fries or steak fries.

For those of you who are confused about steak fries and what they are, steak fries are thick, skinless potato fries that are often served as a side of a steak. This side dish has originally come from France and Belgium and was originally called steak fries. 

If you like to know more, steak fries are more of an American thing, these same things are called chips in the British culture.

Steak fries can be made in many ways. Well, in general, it is made in oil, you can always bake them or else do what I love the most AIR FRY them!

Air frying takes away the unnecessary oil and time from your food and makes your life healthy and easy to an extent.

If you have not tried steak fries in an air fryer before or have questions regarding it then please keep on reading and learning together.

How do you air fry frozen steak fries?

Preparing frozen steak fries is not much different than preparing any other frozen item in your air fryer. 

And the best thing is, you do not even have to wait for your steak fries to be defrosted. Just take them out of your freezer and dunk them in your air fryer.

Now, dunking does not mean overcrowding or overlapping your potato wedges or steak fries. You have to be careful about it for better cooking and eating experience.

Make a single layer of your steak fries in the basket of your air fryer for an even cooking experience.

The benefit of making your steak fries in an air fryer is that you can avoid unnecessary calories with lesser oil. Also, not everyone loves the greasiness of the oil that deep frying gives to the food.

Moreover, sometimes we just do not have the time to defrost something before preparing it for whatever reasons and in that case scenario, air frying is to date, the best appliance that can help you with that.

Steak with fries
Have it as it pleases you

How long do frozen steak fries take to air fry?

You cook frozen steak fries like you cook your regular french fries; just like the way you like it!

Few people like their steak fries to be soft and fluffy, some like them to be crispy and crunchy (light golden-ish), and the rest of the people like their steak fries to be extremely crispy (dark brown).

Whatever your preference is, learn the timings according to your air fryer brand temperature and experience.

Generally, steak fries take 5 minutes of preheating, and 10 to 13 minutes of air frying at 400°F.

Check out how can you make steak fries in an air fryer.

Air fryer steak fries

How do I preheat my air fryer?

Fries in Ninja air fryer
Fries are a great addition to air fryers

Preheating is always preferred when it comes to air fryers and frozen food. If you are preparing meat then preheating becomes a must.

Preheating is done to ensure that the food you are air frying gets that crispiness that you require from your food. Not only that but preheating your appliance also reduces the preparation time of your food.

Some people do not support preheating because of their experience of preheating their ovens. Ovens make your kitchen’s temperature rise so much that you almost do not like the cooking experience.

But that is the thing with an air fryer, its preheating time is less and these appliances are so small that air fryers do not give you that hot kitchen experience you dislike.

Even with this justification, if you are not willing to preheat your air fryer, do not do it. Maybe your air fryer brand will work just fine even without preheating and you will love your finished food even then.

If you are unsure how long will your air fryer take for preheating see this table below. Remember that small baskets require less time while big baskets require more time to preheat.

TemperaturePreheating Time
300°F and less2-3 minutes
300-350°F3-4 minutes
350-400°F5-6 minutes
Preheating timings according to temperature.

How to tell if an air fryer is preheated?

There are few brands and models that provide a preheating button on their air fryers and that button does the job for you.
Brands and models who do not have this button can use the table I have provided above.
The only thing that will make you fully aware of your appliance and the model is the experience of your own. I always tell people that practice makes them perfect.

French fries in a round plate
French fries

In my air fryer, how can I make red-robin steak fries?

There are numerous brands of frozen steak fries available in your freezer department. It is difficult to select the greatest one.

Red Robin steak fries are our favorite because they are already seasoned. They should be cooked in an air fryer at 380F/137C for 22-25 minutes.

What cannot be cooked in an air fryer?

You can cook a wide variety of dishes with your air fryer.

Frozen dishes can be simply cooked in an air fryer. In your air fryer, you can cook homemade recipes such as air fryer chicken breast or bacon.

Experts advise avoiding items with wet batters or light ingredients that may fly around in the air fryer’s circulating air.


Steak fries are a side dish that comes with your steak. They are typically deep-fried but people also like them baked and air fried.

For me, air frying is always a better option as it gives a similar taste and texture with minimum oil. In this article, you have learned that,

  • Potatoes can be a helping hand in losing weight if eaten rightfully and in moderation.
  • Steak fries originated from France and Belgium and were called Frites.
  • One does not have to defrost frozen steak fries before putting them in an air fryer.
  • It takes about 10 to 13 minutes to cook steak fries to perfection.
  • To get a crunchier eating experience, preheat your air fryer.
  • Preheating is not something that you MUST do but preheated air fryer gives a better cooking experience.
  • Many air fryer models have a preheating button that makes the job easy but if your model does not have one then use the table in the article for assistance.
  • Always make a single layer of your steak fries for better results.

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