Red Lobster Brussel Sprouts In The Air Fryer (Crunchy)

Air fryers play a key role in enhancing the taste and texture of this incredible dish. It gives you the crunch you desire!

Red lobster Brussels sprouts are a fantastic vegetable combination. It’s a delightful way of adding vegetables to your diet. They serve as a tasty side dish with a sweet and savory flavor. Top it with fried onions or sticky soy glaze for extra flavor!

This side dish is good to go for lunch and as an appetizer as well. It’s such a versatile recipe that pleases everyone.

Today, I’ll be sharing all the details regarding this recipe. Additionally, we look forward to answering questions about air-fried red lobster Brussels sprouts. Stay with me until the end!

What’s needed?

Here’s the list of ingredients needed for red lobster Brussels sprouts:

  • Brussels sprouts: 2 pounds of trimmed Brussels sprouts. Fresh ones are preferred as they crisp up easily. Frozen sprouts contain a lot of moisture which leads to poor results.
  • Soya sauce: 1/2 cup of mild soya sauce.
  • 2 tbsp of sesame oil
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar for a deep sweet flavor. It caramelizes better than white sugar.
  • 1 tablespoon of ginger and garlic paste develops an intense flavor. Use freshly minced garlic or ginger to get the perfect results!
  • 1/4 cup fried French onion: It’s a common ingredient in green bean casserole. It’s an essential topping for serving. Fried onions are crunchy and give mild flavor to the red lobster Brussels sprouts.
  • Salt and pepper
Pancetta with Brussel sprouts
Baked Brussels sprouts pair well with pancetta.

Now that you have gathered all the ingredients let’s get started cooking!

Step-by-step Directions

Step 1: Preparation of Brussels sprouts

First, cut all Brussels sprouts in half longitudinally and remove the roots. Then, remove any tough or discolored leaves from the outer layer.

Add them to a bowl and season with salt, pepper, and olive oil. It’ll help them to crisp up easily!

Step 2: Preparation of the air fryer

Preheat the air fryer to 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3: The Air frying process

Place the prepared sprouts in a baking pan. Spritz some cooking spray. Then bake them for 12 to 13 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Carry on the air frying process until the Brussels sprouts are tender and the leaves turn brown.

Step 4: Preparation of the glaze

Start to prepare the glaze while the sprouts are air frying. Add brown sugar, water, garlic paste, oil, and salt to a saucepan. Cook it until it is thickened and the water has evaporated completely.

Step 5: Saute butter

Add butter to a small pan and heat it on medium-low heat. Keep stirring until it turns brown. Use a wooden spoon for stirring to avoid warming up the spoon. Don’t overheat the butter. It’ll burn and give a bland burnt taste to your meal.

Step 5: Serve & Enjoy!

Remove the sprouts from the air fryer once the cooking time has been completed. Transfer them to a serving bowl and drizzle with the browned butter.

Top them with a honey glaze and fried onions. Mix them thoroughly and enjoy!


  • Use a naturally brewed soy sauce for this recipe. It shouldn’t be a very acidic sauce. Because that’s what gives these red lobster Brussels sprouts their real flavor.
  • Continuously stir the glaze during preparation. It shouldn’t have any clumps of sugar. This recipe uses a lot of sugar, so proper stirring is mandatory. Otherwise, it might burn or caramelize to a tangier taste.
  • Shake the air fryer basket to ensure they are cooked properly. Place the sprouts in a single layer, leaving an inch of space between them.
  • Do not add too much salt, as Brussels sprouts contain a lot of sodium. You can omit salt to avoid any medical illnesses related to hypertension.

Check out the video below for the complete recipe for air-fried brussels sprouts:

Air-Fried Brussels Sprouts

Variations & Substitutions

  • Add some Sriracha, paprika, or chili flakes to the glaze for a spicy twist. Omit the fried onions to make the dish a bit lighter.
  • You can replace honey with brown sugar in the glaze. Use maple syrup instead of soy sauce if you prefer a sweeter flavor.
  • Remove the salt from the fryer by draining or using a paper towel.
  • It is necessary to use cooking spray and salt to season the sprouts.
  • Keep an eye on the air-frying process until they finish cooking. Don’t overcook them or burn them.
  • There are two varieties of air-fried Brussels sprouts. One contains crispy fried onions with soy sauce, maple syrup, or ginger drizzled on top. The other contains butter and soy sauce to give this crispy meal the right blend of nutty and caramelized flavor.

Storage Instructions

  1. You can prepare the glaze beforehand if you’re running short of time. Prepare them 2 days before making the Brussels sprouts. Just store it in an airtight container in a refrigerator.
  2. Reheat the glaze on low heat before topping the dish with this glaze.
  3. It is advisable to cook the sprouts 2 days before serving them. It’ll still be fresh.
  4. You can reheat them in an air fryer for 10 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.
  5. Alternatively, wrap it in foil and reheat it in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius. It’ll become soggy in the microwave, so avoid reheating in it.

Nutritional Value Per Serving

A single serving of air-fried red lobster Brussels sprouts contains 174 calories that are further divided into these nutrients:

NutrientsAmount (mg/g)
Nutritional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose this recipe?

There are plenty of reasons that make this recipe a must-try! For instance:

  • It utilizes some basic ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen. You have all the ingredients to make a perfect soy glaze.
  • No need to deep fry! Air frying is the healthy and most suitable method to make this recipe. You’ll get the right crunch too!
  • It also prevents serious medical conditions by removing the excess salt in sprouts.
  • Fried onions are a delicious combination of Brussels sprouts. They add more sharpness to the meal.
Brussel sprouts with mashed potatoes
Potatoes pair well with air-fried Brussels sprouts

Why are my Brussels Sprouts soft?

Low temperatures are a reason for less crispy Brussels sprouts.

Air fry the Brussels sprouts at 400 degrees Fahrenheit to get the desired crispiness. Temperatures below 350 degrees Fahrenheit make them crumbly and soft.

How to prevent burning Brussels sprouts in the air fryer?

The ideal temperature to air fry Brussels sprouts is 375 degrees Fahrenheit. They’ll burn if you air-fried them at low heat. Overfilling the basket results in the same results.

Are Brussels sprouts just like small cabbages?

Cabbage and Brussels sprouts belong to the same family of vegetables. Therefore, they are much alike! But they are not the same as cabbages.

Cabbages grow from the soil with their heads on top. On the other hand, Brussels sprouts are buds that develop along the length of a fibrous stalk.

What dishes can we serve alongside air-fried Brussels sprouts?

You can serve the following dishes with air-fried brussels sprouts:

  • Green bean salad with bacon
  • Sweet potato gratin
  • Mash potatoes
  • Pan-seared chicken breasts 
  • Roasted beef
  • Fennel and avocado salad 
  • Homemade croutons

Brussels sprouts also pair well with the tang of fresh mustard. The combination of fish sauce, smoked paprika, apples, miso paste, and bacon is one of the best.

Brussels sprouts tossed with soy sauce
Adding Brussels to your diet help with lots of health issues.

What Is the Best Way to Reheat Crispy Brussels Sprouts?

I recommend using the oven or an air fryer to reheat these Red Lobster Brussels Sprouts. Preheat the oven (or air fryer) to 400°F and cook the Brussels for 5 minutes.

You may reheat them in the microwave as well, but they may not be as crispy as previously. Heat them in the microwave in 30-second increments until gets hot.

What Is the Sauce on the Red Lobster Crispy Brussel Sprout?

Red Lobster really has two varieties of brussel sprouts.

One of them has a soy sauce ginger drizzle on top, as well as crunchy fried onions. The other type has browned butter on top, as in this dish.

Final Thoughts

  • Red Lobster Brussels sprouts are a delicious option for a healthy snack or a side dish. This recipe is ideal for achieving crispy and flavorful versions of Brussels sprouts.
  • Air fry at high temperatures or stick with the temperature ranges provided in this recipe. Otherwise, you’ll get bland, tasteless, or burnt sprouts.
  • Soy sauce, Dijon mustard, and several other meal combinations add taste and texture to this dish. The glaze works wonders when paired with fried onions.
  • Although Brussels sprouts have a lot of salt, avoid using salt when serving hypertensive patients. Or drain it right after developing the flavor.
  • Enjoy them with some crazy dishes!

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