Potato Chips in Air Fryer (Yummy for Tummy)

One of my go-to dishes is air fryer potato chips. Believe me when I tell you that I appreciate how challenging it may be to feed fussy eaters who purposefully avoid eating anything remotely nutritious. 

I never feel bad about serving these chips because my sons, including my husband, rave about them. That results in mutual benefit. This recipe will enter your weekly rotation whether you’re an air fryer veteran or are only beginning to harness its powers. 

You can quickly make a batch of homemade potato chips whenever a craving strikes rather than purchasing greasy, preservative-filled chips at the supermarket. What’s best? It will be so much fun to personalize the seasoning.

Let’s get going!

Why Should You Use an Air Fryer?

For preparing incredibly crispy foods like chips and onion rings without the bother (and calories!) of traditional deep-frying, air fryers are simply the best. 

Simple and enjoyable to use the Air Fryer to make a tasty batch of chips! Making extras allows you to store them in zip-top bags for later snacking. 

Air frying is an excellent alternative for the hot spring and summer months that are coming because it doesn’t heat up the house oven and stove.

Potato chips in Ninja air fryer
Potato chips made in an air fryer will have fewer calories compared to deep-fried potato chips.

What Do You Need To Make Air Fryer Potato Chips?

PotatoesAny potato may be cooked into chips in an air fryer technically, but some work better than others. We strive to use a floury potato, such as a Maris Piper or King Edward, as they have given us the finest results.
Olive OilThis could be replaced with sunflower or vegetable oil.
Garlic GranulesThere are many flavor possibilities for air fryer fries, therefore we added garlic granules to give them a lot of flavors.
Cayenne and paprika, as well as a Fajita or Cajun blend, can add smoke and spice.
Ingredients you need to make potato chips in an air fryer.

How to Make Air Fryer Potato Chips?

Here’s how you can make potato chips in your air fryer:

  • Thoroughly scrub and wash the potatoes. The potatoes don’t need to be peeled. 
  • Slice potatoes into very thin slices using a mandolin or a vegetable peeler. Slice either long or short ways for long or short ways for a more traditional chip shape. Use the mandolin’s 1/8-inch setting.
  • As you cut the potatoes, immediately place each slice into a bowl of ice water. Give them at least 20 minutes to soak in the chilly water. This prevents oxidation and permits the starch to escape the potatoes so they can crisp correctly.
  • From the chilly water, remove them. Place them on a baking sheet lined with paper towels after giving them one last rinse with cold water. Till they are as dry as you can get them, squeeze and pat them dry with paper towels.
  • Slices of dried potato should be placed in a big basin. Olive oil should be drizzled over before being coated. Additionally, you can spray canola or olive oil. The air fryer should be adjusted to 350 degrees.
  • Place the potato slices in the air fryer’s basket in a uniform layer that doesn’t overlap too much. For 10 minutes, air fry at 350 degrees.
  • The potato slices should be separated, then flipped if necessary. After that, increase the heat to 400 F and continue air-frying for an additional three to five minutes, or until the food is crisp and softly golden brown on both sides. 
  • Remove from the air fryer and immediately season with salt. Repeat as necessary to use up all of the remaining chips. If desired, garnish with finely chopped parsley or chives.
Potato chips
You need to cut potatoes into thin slices to get that crispy potato chips.

Different Variations for Potato Chips

Cheesy chips:

Is there anything more calming than cheesy chips? Add some grated cheese to the cooked chips when they are done cooking, and continue cooking it for an additional two minutes until the cheese melts.


When air frying chips, you have a huge variety of seasoning choices. With some salt, pepper, and garlic granules, we kept it straightforward.

However, we enjoy utilizing seasoning mixtures like Mexican, Cajun, Italian, or Chinese 5 spices.

How Long Do Potato Chips Take in Air Fryer?

The kind and size of the chips you use can have a significant impact on the result. 

The amount of time it takes to cook air fryer chips will mostly rely on how big you cut the chips. Every air fryer cooks food a little bit differently, so keep that in mind.

Normally, air fryer cooking times for frozen thick-cut chips range from 13 to 15 minutes, while those frozen thin-cut fries get ready in about 12 minutes.

Can You Air Fryer Frozen Chips?

Potato chips in air fryer
Air fryers are great for making frozen chips

Yes, you can. Simply preheat your air fryer to the temperature recommended on the container, cook them for 3/4 of the allotted time, and watch them carefully every 5 minutes. 

They are typically already covered in seasoning and oil, so you don’t need to add any. We’ve discovered that 13–14 minutes at 200°C yields the best air fryer frozen chips. You can just drop the chips in the basket and cook them without arranging them as we’ve shown above. 

By adding some cheese to the top of the fried chips and cooking for an additional two minutes, you can also make cheesy chips this way.

Tips for Making Air Fryer Potato Chips

You can make the best air-fried potato chips by using the advice listed below.

  • Make use of Yukon Gold potatoes. The ideal choice for chips is Yukon Gold potatoes. They have a very creamy flavor and a slightly waxy exterior. 
  • Make your slices as thin as you can by using a mandolin. Using a mandolin slicer will guarantee that the potato chips are uniform and thin enough to get crispy. 
  • By the thickness, adjust the cooking time. Your chips may take longer or shorter to cook altogether depending on how thick they are. To avoid burning the chips when making this dish for the first time, keep a close eye on them.
  • Before air frying, be sure to soak potato slices in cold water. Always soak potato chips in cold water to eliminate extra starch before air frying. They’ll crisp up nicely as a result of this. 
  • Once they begin to become light brown, discard the chips. Attempting to air-fried your chips until they are golden brown will just make them taste scorched. Take them out of the air fryer as soon as they start to get the tiniest shade of brown. 
  • Enjoy yourself and try out different seasonings. Chips taste wonderful with a sprinkle of salt, but you can upgrade them with any flavor. There are countless options, including BBQ and sea salt, and vinegar!
Air Fryer Potato Chips with Time & Temp.

What’s The Deal With My Mushy Air-Fryer Chips?

If your air-fryer chips are mushy, return them to the fryer to finish cooking.

Cook times vary because air-fryer temperatures fluctuate. You may need to boil your chips for a few minutes longer than recommended. Begin checking the food as soon as possible and return a bit later if it isn’t done.

Air-fried foods aren’t always nutritious, but they do save calories from fat that would otherwise be needed to deep-fry items.

Why Do You Soak Potatoes Before Frying Them?

Soaking potatoes before frying them extracts the natural starch from the potatoes and gives them a fantastic crunch. It also keeps them from sticking together in the basket.

This also helps to make your fries crispier! It’s worth noting that if you’re short on time or wish to use less oil for health reasons, you can omit this step. But there’s no denying that soaking those potatoes results in better-fried food!


  • Before frying, potatoes are soaked to extract the natural starch that gives them their wonderful crunch. Additionally, it helps keep them from adhering to one another in the basket.
  • Air-fried food isn’t inherently healthy, but it uses fewer calories from the fat compared to deep-fried food. As a result, air fryer recipes are lighter than those that are conventionally fried.
  • Throw your soggy air fryer chips back into the fryer to finish cooking. Cooking times vary because air-fryer temperatures differ. 
  • Our air fryer recipes have broad time ranges because of this. Your chips may need to cook for a bit longer than recommended. If the dish isn’t done, check on it as soon as possible and then again a little later.

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