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Frozen Taquitos In Air Fryer (Perfect Snack)

Whether it’s game day or just a fun Sunday brunch with your family and friends, you make sure to serve them something that will please them, and taquitos are one of them. You can serve them as a starter or a snack, or maybe make them part of the main meal.

Taquitos, for example, are rolled-up corn tortillas that can be filled with whatever you want: minced beef or chicken, cheese, and some even turn it into a dessert by filling it with Nutella, whipped cream, or fresh fruits.

The time needed for making the taquitos from scratch requires so much energy, time, and, of course, some extra attention, and at this time when you need to sit with the family, you have to be in the kitchen. When you’re in this situation, you rely on frozen taquitos made in an air fryer.

Taquito rolls made in the air fryer are extra crunchy, and they make life so much easier. How?

The answers are simple here but detailed in the FAQs. The air fryer uses no oil, you have time control, and of course, the quality of the food is always first-class.

So let’s start a much-needed discussion.

Prep time2-3 minutes
Cook time7-9 minutes
General info about the taquitos

At what temperature should I air fry taquitos?

Ideally, the right temperature for frozen taquitos is 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 200 degrees Celsius, but it also depends on what you are using. If you’ve made them at home, then you should make them at 400F, and if you are using store-bought taquitos, then you need to lower the temperature to 370F.

But first, preheat the air fryer. This allows the rolls to be made perfectly with even cooking, with a crunchy texture, soft, juicy insides, and a golden brown color.

Without preheating, the taquitos will be soggy, and won’t have a fully cooked filling.

How long to cook taquitos in air fryer?

Sliced Taquito rolls on a plate
Sliced Taquito rolls on a plate

You should cook taquitos for 6-7 minutes in total.

Preheat your air fryer to 400°F for 3 minutes as per the rule, then line them up on parchment paper or a baking sheet. Lay the rolls in a single layer (without touching each other), spray with cooking spray, and pop the basket into its place.

Cook for 6–9 minutes if frozen; if they are made at home, cook for a maximum of 4-5 minutes. This difference makes the frozen taquitos meat cook just fine.

Remember to flip the rolls once the timer reaches halfway and serve them with some dipping sauce when they are warm and golden brown.

Should I thaw the frozen taquitos before air frying?

No, the frozen taquitos aren’t being thawed before air-frying.

Why? Because if thawed, there are more chances the tortilla will be soggy and watery with a weird texture, which is not likely to come out as crispy and crunchy.

The incredibly tasty taquitos require direct fitting into an air fryer rather than waiting for them to go bad at room temperature. Also, frozen items are for instant use; if you thaw them, you are making an easy process hectic and time-consuming for yourself.

How to make frozen taquitos in an air fryer?

What you need:

  • Pack of frozen taquitos
  • Cooking spray
  • Salsa


  • Preheat your air fryer to 400F degrees, Lay them in a single layer and spray some cooking oil on them.
  • Cook them for 7-9 minutes until they are golden brown, with crispy skin, and juicy meat.
  • Serve them hot with salsa.

Are frozen taquitos Precooked?

Cooked Taquitos
Taquitos can be best used as appetizers

Packaged taquitos are already precooked to increase the shelf life of their texture and taste. The meat is fully cooked, but the tortillas are only half cooked; you have to make them according to the instructions for the best results.

Also, pre-cooked frozen taquitos come in handy in real-time as you can work in bulk and save prep time; you just have to open the package, lay them properly, and then cook them for 7-9 minutes to fully heat them and make the meat more flavorful with a crunchy tortilla outside.

Is taquito made better in an air fryer or oven?

An air fryer is a better option than an oven or microwave; let me tell you why.

While the instruction on the back of the package says to cook them in the oven, the air fryer cooks the frozen food in the best way. They make food ten times better with a good crunch and have a bunch of advantages.

First of all, you don’t have to operate a humongous oven just for the sake of taquitos; secondly, they don’t use a liter of oil, so it automatically reduces the effects of higher BP or cholesterol in your body; and thirdly, it preserves the essential vitamins and minerals that could increase our immunity, heart health, and mental health.

How do you make frozen taquitos better?

Frozen taquitos are tasty, crispy, and full of juicy meat, but if you are trying to upgrade your taste buds with a little change, then spread the shredded cheese and melt it down in the microwave. Then, to the crusty texture, add the guacamole, spicy sauce, and lettuce to the cheese-covered taquitos.

But, for a more diverse taste, you better add chopped onions, thin-cut tomatoes, and chili flakes. This combination is going to make you blow the chef’s kiss.

Also, one more secret, stack the cooked taquitos on a layer of salsa and then top up with all the aforementioned ingredients and make your day.

Why will You love to make air-fried taquitos?

Homemade taquitos on a plate
Homemade taquitos on a plate

There are numerous reasons to fall in love with air-fried taquitos; here are a few of them, which you will agree with as you read:

  • The taquitos are easy snacks, appetizers, or main meals.
  • They can be made for the whole family with just 1 pack.
  • Taquitos are kids-friendly, old, and adults too.
  • Making them in an air fryer makes no mess.
  • They can be worked in batches in under 8 minutes.

Reheating and storing

Store the leftover taquitos in an airtight container; in the refrigerator, they’ll be good for up to 4–5 days, and in the fridge, you can store them for months. For reheating, simply set the temperature of an air fryer to 400F and heat them for 2-3 minutes until hot, juicy, and crusty.

Tip: if you are making taquitos at home then stick the corners with a flour and water mixture.

What is the simplest recipe for salsa?

For the best-tasting salsa, finely chop the onions, tomatoes, chili, cilantro, seasoning, and some lime juice. You can make it spicy by adding some paprika, salt, and pepper.

If you add tomatoes after everything, your salsa will be fresher and won’t get bitter.

Homemade salsa

Nutritional Value:

Taquitos with a fancy dressing and side condiments make you drool, but for the sake of your health, you keep guessing whether it’s right to have them more and more.

Let me answer it for you through this detailed table about the nutrients in them:

Nutritional valuePer serving
Total fat24mg
Total carbohydrates 48g
The total amount of nutrition in frozen air-fried taquitos

The vitamins and essential nutrients are packed with the cheese and meat in the corn tortilla, which is said to be the best for your fit life. As a result, if consumed in the recommended quantity by a specialist, the massive eating will lead you to a much better diet plan.

What Kinds of Toppings Can I Use For These Air Fryer Taquitos?

Some individuals enjoy the taquitos plain, but I like to pile on the toppings.

Toppings such as shredded lettuce, green chilies, salsa verde, sour cream, shredded Mexican mix cheddar cheese, sliced jalapenos, and others can be added.

If you’re converting this into a meal, serve air fryer flautas or taquitos with sides like refried beans, black beans, and Spanish rice.

How Do I Make Homemade Taquitos?

If you want to create these homemade taquitos from scratch, you’ll need to prepare a few ingredients ahead of time.

Brown lean ground beef with taco seasoning for beef taquitos. Place the seasoned meat in the center of each tortilla and wrap until completely closed. Place seam side down in the air fryer basket. Air-fried the taquitos for 4-5 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, or until golden brown.

Chicken taquitos are another option. You can use rotisserie chicken or shred freshly cooked chicken breasts.


  • Traditionally, taquitos are considered Mexican dishes that can be filled with beef, chicken, or cheese.
  • You can serve it as a side dish, snack, or appetizer paired up with salsa, guacamole, or preferred dips.
  • Typically these are deep-fried but you can also make them in an air fryer with a lot of benefits.
  • The taquitos made in an air fryer are hundred percent crunchy, crispy, and tenderized inside out.
  • The air-fried taquitos are ready in under 10 minutes with no mess and no hard work, you just pop the basket in the fryer and your appetizer is ready to be served.

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