Does Power XL Air Fryer Produce Noise? (Well-Explained)

Yes, Power XL Air Fryer does produce noise.

The noise is sometimes tolerable, but it can also be annoying times. It’s fine if the noise you hear sounds like a fan spinning quickly.

Almost all the appliances while being operated, create some sort of sound. But in case of any technical fault in the item, this sound can be irritating, and as a result, becomes noise. The same is the case with air fryers.

We’ll take a look at the causes as well as the solutions to cope with this matter. You’ll get all the information regarding air fryers and the noise they make. Let’s get to it!

An inbuilt fan in the Philips Air Fryer keeps its components cool while it is operating. This noise can reach 65 dB (decibels), which is comparable to the volume of the typical vacuum cleaner.

However, when they operate, they typically generate noise. It is because of the noise that their mechanical fans make when moving heated air inside the device. The typical range for standard noise is between 60 and 65 DBS.

So, if occasionally you hear a rattling noise coming from your speaker that is louder than 65 dB, you need to determine the reason for the abnormality. Loose parts are primarily to blame for the noise that is louder than the fan’s noise. Because of this, you should cease using them and listen to how they rattle.

One of these is connected to products of poor quality. As we may hear, the noise from an air fryer may be irritating at times. There is nothing to worry about.

What is an Air Fryer?

The air fryer is essentially a superior countertop convection oven that does not fry food. The patented small appliance from Philips Electronics Company claims to replicate the results of deep-frying using only hot air and little or no oil.

The popularity of this device has grown in recent years, with nearly 40% of US homes expected to own one by July 2020, according to market research firm NPD Group. An air fryer can cook anything from frozen chicken wings and homemade french fries to roasted vegetables and fresh-baked cookies.

Mechanism of an Air Fryer

When you deep fry something, the oil absorbs the water and replaces it in the food. The process of an air fryer is similar to that of deep frying, except that heated air instead of excessive oil passes through the food and evenly cooks it. 

The hot air that circulates around the food removes water from the food and crisps it without using too much oil. This dish requires only a spoonful of oil, whereas deep frying requires three cups of oil.

What Parts of An Air Fryer May Lead To Noise?

I’ll be quoting the reasons, which I think may be causing such noise.

A miniature debris piece still inside the apparatus can be making noise. Or maybe, the operating fan is making noise. You’ll have to check it by losing one of the moving parts.

You should check it after using an air fryer for the cooking process.

The most crucial step is to make sure that the power outlet and cable plug are in good working order before turning them on.

Additionally, check the wires to see if there is a faulty connection after prolonged use. Finding the issue and testing this application would be trivial.

If this is the case, kindly switch to a different outlet that is not displayed on your device’s power indicator. To make sure the gadget is turned on, make sure to properly plug it into the power socket.

After extended use, there is a lot of dirt and there is increased noise. Thus, after assessing the problem, we can fix it in no time.

What Are The Measures To Take When The Air Fryer Starts Rattling?

Once, my upright electricity XL air fryer started to rattle loudly, and the noise got louder as the power started and stopped. I made sure it was unplugged before taking the drawer out. To see the fan, I looked past the burner coil.

A nut over a lock washer was used to secure the fan blade, but the nut has since come loose. I was able to tighten it back down using my fingers through the coil’s core. I then used a 10 mm nut driver to tighten it down firmly such that it wouldn’t come free.

After that, it stopped making noise.

Egg Tarts in an air fryer
Egg tarts made in an air fryer

Here, I’ll like to quote a real-time experience by a friend of mine as well.

She narrated:

I also experience the same fan noise issue, which sounds like a loose fan blade rattling on the motor shaft. As soon as we started utilizing it, the issue arose. Our brand is Omni Plus 28, an instant (pot) product.

We received a replacement from the firm, but it’s some other model and not as pretty as the new one we “just bought” at Macy’s a month ago.

Yes, the incident was frightful. I was dehydrating some items when I heard this metallic sound that sounded like it was going to explode. I hurriedly disconnected it.

I have to think that the fan is partly to blame, which is unfortunate because we had ours for 1.5 years. It was somewhat worrisome in case there was a fire or something could happen, so even though I adore this product, I’ll never buy another one or advise anyone else to.

The majority of air fryers have their fans housed in a compartment above the heating coil.

What May Be The Reasons Of Rattling Sound From An Air Fryer?

The fan is the sole mechanical component in air fryers that has the potential to rattle. The motor begins to run as soon as the device is turned on, however, the sound is made by the fan blade components.

Small food particles lodged in the blades or loose or unbalanced blades may be to blame for this. Only at home can this issue be fixed. Depending on the model, you can access the fan and look for the clip or screw securing it.

When the device is turned on, the fan motor starts up, but the sound is produced by the fan blade components. Check the blades for any debris and remove them if there is any.

Cleaning air fryer with sponge and dishwasher
Cleaning an Air Fryer

Is The Sound From An Air Fryer’s Fan Normal?

Yes, a usual sound coming from the fan of the air fryer while operating is fine.

This device operates due to the courtesy of the fan. Replace it by sending it back. I experienced the same thing, and I adore my current air fryer.

All in all, you can hear the fan’s sound. This is a sign that the appliance is working properly and circulating hot air around the meal you are cooking.

You’d be able to find out why the air fryer causes annoying noise. You should keep in mind that there is a difference between sound and noise.

The speedily rotating fan in the air fryer produces hot air that circulates throughout to heat the food.

The air fryer frequently makes sounds as a result of the mechanism used to carry out this function; some users even compare the sound to that of a vacuum cleaner.

The sound of a fan is normal while rattling noise might be a problem. It indicates a mechanical check-up is needed.

Can An Air Fryer Blow Up?

Yes, air fryers create noise, but they can explode too.

Once, a college student witnessed an incident in which an air fryer exploded in their room. The combustion was caused by the 20-year-old Michigan State University student placing the gadget on top of her electric stove and unintentionally turning on the burner.

Ten firefighters had to be dispatched to the scene because the explosion destroyed both the stove and the air fryer. The same week, she eagerly purchased a Gourmia air fryer from Costco, but when she went to use it, something went wrong.

This pupil will always remember the instruction in the Gourmia air fryer instructions not to “put on or near a hot gas or electric stove.”

The reason for narrating this incident is that an unattended or careless use of an air fryer may lead to so many consequences.

What Are The Best Air Fryers?

Following is given a list of the best air fryers that are affordable for the masses, along with some of their features;

Air FryersFeatures
Instant Vortex Air Fryer. Overall, the best air fryer
GoWise Digital Air FryerIt is the best budget air fryer
NuWave Versatile Brio Air FryerThe best mid-range air fryer
Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone Air FryerIt serves as multi purpose air fryer
Philips Digital AirfryerIt is the best multi functional air fryer
The best air fryers with features
Cauliflowers fried in an air fryer
Cauliflower in an air fryer

What Are The Most Basic Components Of An Air Fryer?

There are different parts of an air fryer, I’ll be discussing the fan and the basket.

The Fan in the air fryer is often found behind the heating element. This causes your food to cook by circulating hot air around the air fryer. The air fryer basket is kept at a consistent temperature thanks to the fan.
The Basket: The draw found in the majority of air fryer baskets can be divided by depressing the level in the basket. According to the model you own, Since the air fryer basket includes holes, as you can see, the fat and oil that drips from the meal are caught in the drawer.

It is advisable to divide the basket into two pieces and clean each one separately when cleaning it. When the air fryer basket is to be shaken, the drawer is to be taken out before you do so; neither the drawer nor the basket should be shaken at the same time.

In the video below, an air fryer is being shown whose rattling noise is getting fixed;

Fixing the noise issue of an air fryer.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I’d like to say that;

  • While frying, certain air fryers emit loud noises. The air fryer’s mechanical fan, which rotates to move the air, generates noise.
  • An air fryer may produce noise of up to 65 decibels, which is equivalent to the volume of a typical pub discussion.
  • The sound louder than this range causes irritation and annoyance.
  • The debris stuck into the lower part of the fan when rotates causes a weird sound that leads to noise.
  • A smooth fan sound is normal, yet the noise is unbearable.
  • We need to keep our devices clean and check them thoroughly before starting them up.
  • This avoids any problems such as noise pollution or other unattended mishaps.

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