Deep frying vs. Air frying (Comparison)

In the middle of the night, we all crave fried food.

We either spend our hours ignoring the urge to have some fries or fried chicken by just reading the recipes on the internet or we give in by either ordering or making it at home.

In both cases, we are harming our health in more ways than one.

If someone is on a diet and opting for a healthy lifestyle, they deserve to eat what they like even if occasionally.

And if someone does not give a thought to the effects of too much oily food consumption or on late night eating, they too need to keep a check on their lifestyle choices.

Now, what if I tell you, you can have your cravings satisfied healthily? Won’t that be amazing?

Well, in the list of kitchen appliances you must have come across the name Air Fryer. This appliance, my friend is a blessing for satisfying your cravings without consuming too many calories.

Is air-fried food really healthy?

An air fryer frying food
Air fryer requires a very minimal amount of oil to cook

If talking about calories, then YES, air-fried food is really healthy.

I can understand how people get confused when they hear people say that air-fried food is healthy because fried food and healthy foods are exact opposites of one another.

Now that the air fryers have taken over the countertops, things have changed. It is possible for you to have fried food that does not have too much oil in it.

It would be safe to say that air frying is a healthy cooking technique, especially when compared with deep frying. An air fryer is a small machine and the heat circulates in it cooks the meals fast and quick and that is the core reason why air fryers need less oil than deep frying.

Nonetheless, healthy eating is not just about food with less oil. It also depends on what you are cooking.

If you are making a meal full of carbohydrates in an air fryer then I am afraid, that meal would not be counted as a healthy meal.

You can also choose a convection setting in your oven to make it work like an air fryer but this countertop appliance is still winning the hearts for many reasons.

Deep-fried food
Deep-fried food

Does air frying taste like deep frying?

No, the taste of the food prepared in an air fryer is not exactly the same as the food prepared in a deep fryer and the main reason for this is the extra fat used in a deep fryer for the purpose of frying.

Deep-fried food has a certain taste, that is the taste of fat (oil that has been used for frying). Some people love the taste of fat so it is likely that these people will not approve of the taste of food and air-fried items.

There are certain people who do not like the taste of dripping oil and they try their best to avoid it. For people like these, air-fried food is the best choice.

People often ignore deep-fried food because they are trying to go for a healthy lifestyle, some people avoid deep-fried food because they are tired of the cleaning they have to do later on.

Also, deep frying makes the kitchen hot and steamy and not everyone likes the feel of it.

What is the function of a deep fryer?

Your food is cooked in a bath of hot oil in a deep fryer.

The fryer comes with a removable basket with perforated holes that holds the food being fried. The heating coil raises the temperature of the oil to the desired level.

Once the oil has reached the desired temperature, place the basket in the hot oil to cook the food. Deep frying removes the water from the food’s outer layer, making it crisp. Deep-fried foods are usually more flavorful, but they are also higher in calories.

Can an air fryer fry chicken?

There are countless things that can be made in an air fryer and fried chicken is one of them.

People love having fast food. What if they can make it at home even faster? This would happen because of an air fryer.

You heard me right, air fryers can make crispy, crunchy, and juicy fried chicken even late at night in just a few minutes to satisfy your midnight cravings.

It is true that the capacity of an air fryer is limited and you can not make a whole chicken in it but you can fry chicken pieces in it. There are so many recipes on the internet that you can try at home for a crispy and delicious experience.

Remember not to overdo when you are air frying because that can leave your chicken dry and make it chewy.

Check out this amazing recipe which will tell you how to make healthy fried chicken easily at home.

Air fried chicken

What is the difference in calories between deep-fried and air-fried food?

You will be amazed when I will tell you the difference in calories between deep-fried food and air-fried food. You may switch to the latter at that very moment.

I remember the first time I read about the difference between their calories in a chart and I ordered this appliance that instant.

Air-fried food has almost no oil in it which makes it super low in calories.

See the table below and be an admirer yourself.

FoodDeep fried foodAir fried food
Chicken Breast260130
Onion Rings411176
Tarter tots21950
Lean fish36890
Difference between calories in deep-fried and air-fried food

Which should you buy: an air fryer or a deep fryer?

In my comparison of the air fryer vs deep fryer, the air fryer comes out slightly ahead.

Due to the health risks associated with deep-fried food, the air fryer is an alternative to the deep fryer for frying. The air fryer has the advantage of cooking without or with a small amount of oil, making the food healthier. It also lowers the risk of developing high cholesterol or heart disease.

Aside from that, the air fryer serves multiple purposes. It can also fry, roast, grill, and bake, just like convection ovens, so you can cook a variety of cuisines other than fried food.

Summing up

An air fryer is a great alternative to deep fryers because of the health benefits it has to offer.

  • It is true that you can make deep-fried stuff in an air fryer but the taste of the food cooked in an air fryer is different from the taste made in a deep fryer or a pan. The reason for this change is the huge amount of oil used for deep frying.
  • One thing that should be kept in consideration is that the food cooked in an air fryer is healthier than the food made in a deep fryer.
  • Also, there is almost everything that you can prepare in an air fryer. The list is huge and the possibilities are unlimited.
  • Moreover, the difference in the calories present in air-fried food and in deep-fried food is huge and considerable.

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