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Can you put raw meat in an Air fryer? (Find Out)

You can put raw meat directly in an air fryer. However, raw meat can be put in an air fryer only if it is seasoned and has undergone proper monitoring and preparation. You can achieve the best taste of the meat with the use of it coming from the package itself which results in its juiciness.

Since the global pandemic arises, you probably become careful in all aspects especially in preparing foods served to your family. There are lots of factors that affect your health and through cooking, there are also instances that diseases might get from the cooking process.

To lessen the fear of getting active diseases and becoming prone to illness in this time of health crisis, there are different kitchen equipment that provides a healthy and safe process of cooking.

A ninja air fryer
Air fryer adds ease to life

The usage of an air fryer helps the food become healthier and even more delicious which is favored by those who love to cook and by those who ensure safety.

Raw meat refers to uncooked meat.

As you become knowledgeable about the idea that raw meat can be put in an air fryer, are you excited to explore the different information and facts associated with the use of an air fryer in cooking raw meat?

If you are excited to know more about it, continue reading the blog till the end.

Can you cook meat in an Air Fryer?

Air fryers are ideal for preparing meat. In an air fryer, you can cook steak, chicken, turkey, and even bacon.

Cooking meat in an air fryer requires cutting it into smaller pieces. This will help to reduce the time it takes for your meat to fully cook, which can be up to 50% faster than traditional cooking methods.

That is why it is critical to understand the safety guidelines for using an air fryer. Here are some guidelines for what types of meat can be cooked in an air fryer and how to cook them properly. This blog post will walk you through the steps of successfully cooking various types of meat in an air fryer.

Why should raw meat be cooked in an air fryer?

There are several causalities why you should cook raw meat in an air fryer.

The first reason is that it is a healthier method of cooking meat. Air frying uses less oil than deep frying, so it’s a better option if you want to cook your food in a healthier way.

Another advantage is that it cooks your food faster. Air frying cooks your food with a circulating current of hot air, resulting in a tasty, crispy exterior without the mess or hassle of deep-frying.

Is cooking meat safe in an Airfryer?

cooking meat in air fryers
An air fryer is safe to cook meat!

Cooking meat in the air fryer is safe but you should know how to use the air fryer properly. Knowing the functions of an air fryer for cooking meat can ensure your safety and it also avoids health risks like a physical burn or food poisoning.

It is no wonder more people are comfortable cooking raw meat in an air fryer. But on the other hand, it is a better idea to check or know the necessary things about cooking raw meat in an air fryer so that you will be safe from any risks you might get in cooking.

What foods cannot be cooked in an air fryer?

Different food items
Know what you can’t cook in your air fryer

Not all foods are appropriate for specific kitchen equipment. In the same way you cannot use an air fryer to cook everything. Among those foods that cannot be cooked in the air fryer is battered foods, green leaf, roasted foods, cheese, grains, toast, burgers, and popcorn.

You may be wondering what you cannot cook in an air fryer but you are also aware that an air fryer is alternative equipment to a deep fryer as it also imitates the function with the presence of some air coming intensely and the amount of oil that you should use.

Listed below are some of the foods that you cannot cook in an air fryer:

Battered foodsIf you cook battered foods in an air fryer it will create a mess. Meanwhile, if you already fried the battered foods or it is already frozen, you can use an air fryer for this matter.
Green Leafy VegetablesAn air fryer uses air in high-speed motion. Those leafy vegetables will be cooked unevenly if they are placed in an air fryer. If you are going to cook vegetables in an air fryer, make sure that you consider their weight.
Roasting whole foods The size of an air fryer also matters. If you are going to roast a whole chicken, it might not fit in an air fryer and even if it does, chances are it might not be cooked evenly.

Eating cheese sticks as a starter has become a trend nowadays, especially for those kids who love cheese. However, cheese cannot be cooked in an air fryer. The cheese will probably melt as you put it in an air fryer but if you coat it with something like bread crumbs, you can cook it in an air fryer but for the cheese itself, it is impossible because it might only create a mess as it melts.
GrainsGrains especially raw like pasta and even rice cannot be directly cooked in an air fryer unless you will cook them first on the stove and then in the air fryer. 
BurgersBurgers are not really for an air fryer especially the meat patties of the burgers that you want medium-rare. The appearance of the meat patties of the burger can be different when you cook it in an air fryer and any other kitchen equipment because an air fryer cannot balance it out more specifically if you want your meat patties juicier and reddish.
ToastAn air fryer is different from a toaster oven. The air pressure in toasting bread in an air fryer is different from a toaster oven as it provides different levels of crispiness.

The heat released by an air fryer is not enough to cook popcorn though it is similar to having an enclosed pot. The pressure used in making popcorn varies high enough that the temperature reaches about 180 degrees Celsius (355 degrees Fahrenheit). This might not be the same as the heat and temperature produced by an air fryer.
Foods that you cannot cook in an air fryer

Is it necessary for meat to be thawed first before frying it in an air fryer?

Generally, it is better to thaw the meat before putting it into an air fryer.

When you are in a rush situation, it is really hard to cook frozen foods such as meat. In this case, you need first to thaw the meat before cooking it.

Thawing is the process of warming the foods that are frozen or foods usually kept in the freezer for a long period. Most people thaw the food so that it can be easily eaten, cooked, or served.

Frozen raw meat, unlike other frozen foods like french fries, needs to be thawed before putting it into an air fryer. It is recommended by most when you are cooking meat like pork or beef steaks, chicken, and any other types of meat to take some time to thaw it before air frying. 

This video explains the best way to thaw meat:

Here’s how you can thaw frozen meat fast!

Although everyone has different perceptions when it comes to air frying whether putting the frozen meat into an air fryer or thawing it first.

But still, it would be best that you thaw the meat first using different methods like keeping it at room temperature for enough time before cooking it in an air fryer.


  • In essence, you can use an air fryer to cook raw meat. However, raw meat can only be used in an air fryer if it has been properly prepared, seasoned, and monitored.
  • When compared to cooking light meals or pre-cooked dishes in an air fryer, cooking raw meat takes longer.
  • Not all foods are suitable for use with all the kitchen appliances. Because some foods are ineligible for air fryers, you cannot cook every kind of food in them.
  • An air fryer can be considered the best for cooking raw meat and it is safe to put it directly into the air fryer.

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