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Can you put a paper plate in an Air fryer? (Identified)

Air fryers are said to be a gimmick in this modern times, and this appliance is doing the job quite well.

People are getting more and more into air fryers and trying to learn more about what this appliance can do, and in the process, they are also trying to figure out the things which must be avoided to make the best out of an air frying experience.

There are so many things that you can do in an air fryer but putting a paper plate in it is not one of those. Paper plates are a big NO-No for air fryers as they can harm this appliance and you seriously.

There are so many other cookwares that are safe for air fryers. You can always go for them instead of a paper plate for a secure and better experience.

People often ask this question because using a paper plate for leftover food is becoming more common, and so is heating the food in an air fryer.

It is pretty easy to heat your food on the same plate on which you have your food because it renounces us from the hassle of dishwashing, but it is not wise in this case.

Putting a paper plate in an air fryer, even for a few minutes only, is way too risky, a risk you would not want to take, and a risk that will leave more damage than you can think of.

To know more about it, stick around!

How does an Air Fryer work?

Air fryers use circulating hot air technology to cook. It circulates hot air around the food to achieve the same crispiness as traditional fried food. Air fryers accomplish this task by removing high-fat, high-calorie oil from the food preparation process.

With just one tablespoon of cooking oil, you can achieve the same results as a deep food fryer while using a fraction of the calories. It removes moisture from food by using heated air with fine droplets of oil. The air fryer, like many other cooking methods, causes a chemical reaction that improves the flavor and color of the food.

Can paper plates be used in the air fryer?

Paper plates should never be used in an air fryer.

After putting this theory to the test, I noticed that the structural integrity of the paper plate began to fail; it began absorbing the food’s juices, and burnt edges began to appear. When paper is exposed to high temperatures, it can catch fire. If introduced at the proper temperature, paper is highly susceptible to catching a flame.

Another question I’ve received is whether it’s possible to make paper plates safe for your air fryer. The answer remains no; using paper plates in an air fryer is simply not safe. You should never take a chance when the worst-case scenario is possible.

Paper is extremely flammable and can easily catch fire. It’s simply not worth the risk; you’ve saved yourself a dish rather than having your house burned down.

What kind of plates can you put in an air fryer?

When you cannot do something in and with an air fryer, many other options can be done instead.

You cannot put a paper plate in an air fryer; CORRECT! But you can always put plates made up of glass, metal, cast iron, silicone, and ceramic.

The materials mentioned above are some great choices to put in an air fryer because they will not damage your food or air fryer.

Fettucine pasta in a glass plate
For your air fryer, use materials that are not made of paper.

Can you use a paper towel in an air fryer?

Paper towels are another thing that can prove to be extremely dangerous if used in an air fryer.

You ask why? Well, an air fryer works with a high heat level, and that amount of heat can be caught by any paper, whether a paper plate or a paper towel.

If you are not planning to burn down your air fryer, keep your paper towels at a reasonable distance from your air fryer.

The damage that a paper towel can do is too much. Try to avoid putting a paper towel in your air fryer no matter what, even if you are thinking of setting it for just a few moments. Trust me!

A paper towel burning
Paper towels can’t be used in an air fryer.

What can happen if you put a paper plate in an air fryer?

paper plate
You can’t cook anything using a paper plate

Paper plates are not designed to be used for air frying, or as a matter of fact, it is not intended to do any cooking in them.

Paper plates are fragile and so light weighted that you can end up damaging your appliance.

The hot circulating air in an air fryer can displace the entire plate from its place, and that will surely cause a mess. A paper plate is so light in weight that it cannot contain the air pressure of an air fryer.

Paper can easily catch fire. The material of a paper plate can quickly burn, and you surely would not want to risk your appliance with such experiments.

Paper plates also tend to absorb water and other juices from your food in them. Even if your food does not end up being messed up or burnt, it will surely be either bland in taste or soggy.

Paper plates are not just designed for cooking; that is it! You can serve some food while at a party or camping, but thinking of air frying your food in it is not a good idea because it is way too risky.

Learn from the below table about what can a paper plate do and the reasons behind it.

Paper plates canReasons
Catch fire easilyPaper is prone to burn at high temperatures.
Absorb liquidMakes food bland.
Displace food in the air fryerPaper plates are so lightweight that they can fly inside the air fryer basket due to the air pressure.
Be too riskyPaper plates are not designed to be used for cooking.
Why can paper plates be a NO-NO for air fryers?

What are the things that are absolutely a NO-NO for an air fryer?

Air fryers have made our lives convenient on many levels. The food that is prepared is healthy and served timely, but the air fryer cannot do everything well, not until now; I cannot say what the future holds.

There are a few things that are an absolute NO-NO for an air fryer, and those things include water, sauces, paper towels, and plastic.

All the things mentioned above can damage your food and appliance and can be life-threatening to you too.

These things can escalate to fire, and if out of control, fire can do the damage we do not want to imagine.

Check out this video to learn about people’s mistakes with their air fryers.

Mistakes people make with an air fryer


Learning never stops! No matter if you are talking about any field or a home appliance, you know you know something and are fully updated, and BAM technology hits you hard.

Air fryers are a modern invention that has made our lives easy but left us with many questions.

  • One of the questions people often ask is whether they can put a paper plate in an air fryer, and here is everything they must know.
  • Paper plates are not designed for cooking purposes. You can serve dry food in them, but you cannot cook on a paper plate.
  • Why? Because they are thin and prone to catch fire easily.
  • Paper plates are lightweight, and they can quickly fly in an air fryer due to extreme hot air pressure.
  • Also, paper plates can absorb the added water to your food and other juices that make your food delicious. Without these, your food will be left bland and soggy.
  • Instead of a paper plate, use glass, metal, cast iron, silicone, and ceramic material for an air fryer.

Using a paper plate to cook your meal in an air fryer is too much risky. Do not try; AVOID paper plates no matter what.

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