Are Air Fryers Killing You? (Know Now!)

The introduction of the oil-free fryer is no exception. Given that the appliance will be responsible for cooking the food we consume, I believe all concerns about the air fryer are justified.

Air fryers have recently gained popularity as a result of rising health consciousness and continued demand for fried foods. Americans consume more potatoes than any other vegetable, with frozen products such as french fries accounting for 40% of this total.

Air fryer manufacturers promote their products as a way to prepare and enjoy fried foods without the adverse health effects associated with oil-fried foods. The fact is that simple ‘Air-fried foods contain less fat than deep-fried foods, making them potentially healthier.

In comparison to many other cooking methods, the air fryer offers far healthier alternatives. When foods are cooked at high temperatures for an extended period, potentially harmful compounds are formed, which do not occur in the air fryer.

However, some people are concerned about the potential health risks of using this new cooking method, primarily because of concerns about toxicity and cancer; others are skeptical of the alleged benefits of air-fried foods.

So for this discussion, I have done some research for you on whether air fryers are healthy or not. Is it really cancerous using an air fryer?

How Do Air Fryers Work?

Air fryers produce the same crispiness as traditional fried foods by circulating hot air around the food.

A person can achieve the same results as a deep fryer with a fraction of the fat and calories by using only 1 tablespoon of cooking oil rather than multiple cups. Air fryers achieve this by eliminating the use of high-fat, high-calorie oils from the cooking process.

According to the researchers, air fryers use heated air containing fine oil droplets to remove food moisture. As a result, the product has similar properties to fried foods but with significantly lower fat levels.

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Is It Cancerous To Use Air Fryer?

Crispy Chicken Wings in an air fryer
Crispy Chicken in an air fryer

Although air fryers do not cause cancer on their own, the risk of cancer is dependent on the food you choose and how it is prepared in an air fryer.

Keeping this in mind, yes, there is a risk of developing cancer if you do not use an air fryer correctly and consume harmful foods regularly.

Let’s take a look at some pointers on how can different habits of yours lead to cancer:

Plenty Of Processed Food

Consuming a lot of processed food will make you fat. Obesity (a medical term for fat) has been linked to an increased cancer incidence and is a risk factor for 12 different cancers.

I know you enjoy air-fried fries and processed meat, but limit your intake of these foods. According to one study, french fries had 75% less fat than deep-fried fries in oil.

Cooking At High Temperatures

Acrylamide is a potentially carcinogenic chemical. They can cause specific mutations in humans, which can lead to the development of cancer.

When starchy foods like potatoes and bread are cooked at high temperatures, they produce acrylamide.

The Hong Kong Food Council conducted a study on twelve models of Air fryers that were available on the market for between $298 and $2,080.

It discovered high levels of acrylamide in French fries cooked in all Air fryers. Some samples had levels that were higher than the EU standard.

Reheating The Oil

Another hazardous practice is failing to remove grease and oil droplets after cooking fatty foods. Simply put, reheating the oil in the air fryer can be harmful. Heating cooking oil repeatedly results in the formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

They cause changes in your cells and have been linked to breast, lung, colon, and prostate cancer. Cancer is caused by inhaling fumes from reused oils as well as consuming reheated oils.

Allowing the oil to accumulate in the drawer and reheating it can not only be a risk factor for cancer, but it can also worsen the condition of those who have already been diagnosed.

Do Air Fryers Produce Harmful Chemicals?

Eggs tarts in air fryer
Eggs tarts in an air fryer

Acrylamide, the aforementioned compound, is a neurotoxin produced as a byproduct of a chemical reaction. The toxin can form in a variety of foods cooked at temperatures as high as 250°F, but it is most likely to form in carbohydrate-rich foods.

Deep-fried foods are widely known to be unhealthy for our health. Many people believe that the red flags associated with deep-fried foods are primarily there because of how calorie-dense the food produced by them is.

While deep-fried foods may put many of us in a caloric surplus, potentially leading to weight gain, the most serious concern about eating fried foods is the formation of possible carcinogens.

Foods that are more prone to acrylamide formation include the following:

  • Potatoes
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa Products
  • Grains

The compound increased the risk of various types of cancer in rodents. The compound mutates into another compound known as glycidamide, which can manipulate and damage DNA.

Following that, dietary studies on humans revealed no such correlation. With this information, one can only conclude that limiting one’s consumption of fried foods and preparing food in environments that are less likely to contain acrylamide is prudent.

Concluding, air fryers are not harmful and they do not produce harmful chemicals if used correctly.

Are Air Fryers Toxic?

Despite the fact that many people wonder if air fryers are toxic, they should also consider how air fryers can be advantageous in their use.

The main advantage of using an air fryer is that it reduces the overall fat content. When using an air fryer, both fat and calorie content can be reduced.

Are Air Fryers Healthy?

The health benefits of Air Fryer have been given below.

  • Air fryers use less oil and have a lower fat content.
  • Air fryers can help you save calories.
  • Air fryers aid in the preservation of nutrients in foods.
  • Acrylamide levels are lower in air fryers.

How Do Air Fryers Reduce Fat And Calories?

An orange air fryer
Air Fryers are best for frying Frozen items

Air fryers, due to their cooking method, can produce deliciously crispy results while successfully sparing our bodies from toxic compounds and calories. Using an air fryer allows you to enjoy the wonders of fried foods without worrying about such things.

But you might be thinking, how does the air fryer do that?

To comprehend the air fryer, we must first examine how it operates. Here’s a quick rundown of the mechanics and principles of the air fryer.

  • A heating element and a mechanical fan make up the air fryer.
  • The heating element is located on the inside of the air fryer’s chamber and its primary function is to heat the air around it.
  • The fan is located behind the element and circulates air around the chamber of the air fryer.

Air fryers use a convection mechanism in conjunction with a mechanical fan to effectively circulate air through the chamber, cooking whatever is placed inside. Because air fryers cook by circulating hot air, they are classified as dry-cooking appliances.

The air fryer’s dry heat causes the food to dry out slightly, resulting in a crispy surface similar to that of deep-fried food but leaner. A chemical reaction known as “The Maillard Effect” is responsible for the texture, appearance, and flavor of air-fried food.

The Maillard Effect is a chemical reaction that occurs when a specific amino acid comes into contact with reducing sugar in the presence of heat. Temperatures as high as 285F are typically required for the reaction to occur.

Here is a little insider on whether air fryers are healthy or not:

Benefits Of Air Fryers

Now, using an air fryer poses some benefits too. Let’s dive right into them:

  • Promotes Weight Loss

A higher intake of fried foods is associated with an increased risk of obesity. Now, switching from deep-fried to air-fried foods and reducing your regular intake of unhealthy oils can actually help you lose some weight.

  • Safer Than Deep Fryers

Deep-frying foods necessitates heating a large container full of hot oil. This could be dangerous. While air fryers get hot, there is no danger of spilling, splashing, or inadvertently touching hot oil. To ensure safety, you should use frying machines with caution and follow all instructions given in the instruction manual.

  • Reduces The Risk Of Acrylamide Formation

Since says, frying food in oil can result in the formation of hazardous compounds such as acrylamide. This compound forms in certain foods when they are cooked at high temperatures, such as deep frying.

Acrylamide may be linked to the development of certain cancers, including endometrial, ovarian, pancreatic, breast, and esophageal cancer, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Additional research has also suggested a link between dietary acrylamide and kidney, endometrial, or ovarian cancer, though the findings are still preliminary.

  • Helps Cut Down On Disease By Cutting Down On Deep Fried Food

Cooking with oil and eating traditional fried foods regularly has been linked to a variety of health problems. Deep frying should be replaced with other cooking methods to reduce the risk of these complications.

  • Retains Nutrients Effectively

In comparison to many other cooking methods, the air fryer retains a large portion of nutrients.


  • Air fryers are not dangerous. The air fryer gives the user a versatile toolkit that can be used to make a plethora of healthy alternatives that may aid in weight loss and achieving a healthier lifestyle – all while retaining the delicious flavor of fried food.
  • For optimal health, include other cooking methods in your regular dietary routines.
  • Cooking in an air fryer does not intentionally pose a risk; the myth that it can cause harm is based on the assumption that acrylamide formation is increased in the air fryer, which it is not. Food cooked in an air fryer had lower levels of acrylamide.
  • As a result, air fryers do not cause cancer on their own. Their materials and design are completely safe.
  • However, the risk of cancer is dependent on the type of food and how it is prepared inside the air fryer.

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