Air Fryers vs Air Roasters (What should you choose?)

We all know the delicious food an oven can prepare for us, but we also know that they are time takers, and not all of us have the attention they require us to give.

There are so many kitchen appliances designed to cook food in no time, but today we will talk about air fryers and air roasters and their differences.

Air fryers and air roasters are blessings, but the former is better for frying purposes, and the latter must be used for roasting your meat.

People also roast in air fryers but cannot roast an entire turkey or even a whole chicken.

On the other hand, an air roaster needs constant checking while the air fryer can prepare food with minimum supervision.

But this is not it; there is so much that you can know about these two appliances from this article and if you are willing to do so, please keep on reading.

What is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses hot air to cook meals.

Electric air fryers typically place the food in the center of a vertical metal column with hot air circulating around it. Heat is generated by the coils at the bottom of the column.

Air fryers are ideal for people who want to avoid deep frying because they use 75% less oil than frying food in a pan or pot. They are also less difficult to clean up because there are no messy oil spills.

What is an air roaster?

Homemade Roasted Whole Chicken with Lemon, Rosemary, Vegetable on White Mini Air Fryer.
Homemade Roasted Whole Chicken with Lemon, Rosemary, Vegetable on White Mini Air Fryer.

It is convenient, simple, and quicker than the conventional oven.

It is often asked how an air roaster works. Well, it works with a circulation of hot air around the dish. An air roaster’s core responsibility is to cook evenly, which is too quick.

Air roasters are a good option when your guests are around the corner and you need to roast your meat quickly.

For this kitchen appliance, you must be sharp and attentive the whole time as you must often examine the insides of the meat. An air roaster sometimes cooks from the surface and leaves the insides uncooked.

One other thing you will love about an air roaster is how it prepares food with almost no oil. I mean, who would not want that?

Check out this video to learn all about an air roaster.

What is an air roaster?

What is the difference between an air fryer and an air roaster?

You may think both appliances do the same work, but this is not the case. An air fryer and an air roaster are different from each other on so many levels.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of having each appliance separately.

Quick and healthy
Quick and healthy

Advantages of an air fryer

air fryer
Digital Air Fryer

An air fryer is a blessing for people who want to make their eating habits healthy.

Air fryers are a good alternative to deep fryers and ovens because there is so much that can be cooked in these countertop appliances.

The effectiveness of the air fryers has sure reached the restaurants, and that is why they are using this appliance for quick and even food preparation.

Air fryers can make you your steamed food, broiled vegetables, and desserts, along with fried items with the minimum amount of oil.

Disadvantages of an air fryer

There is no denying the fact that you can almost make anything in an air fryer, but the word almost is there!

Vegetables like broccoli are a no zone for an air fryer because it makes the vegetable dry and dull. Also, the capacity of the basket of an air fryer is limited. Hence, a whole turkey or chicken can not be put inside an air fryer.

Also, you have to be extra cautious with the water usage in an air fryer because too much of it can be dangerous for your appliance and your safety.

Look at the table below and leave the advantages and disadvantages in one place.

Advantages of an Air fryerDisadvantages of an Air fryer
Calories in the food prepared in it are low.There is a limitation in food preparation options.
Prepares food quickly.You have to be cautious with water input.
Can make a variety of food.Limited space inside.
It can even make desserts.
Advantages and disadvantages of an Air fryer

Benefits of an air roaster

Air roasters are another excellent option for making your food quickly and healthily.

Air roasters are an alternative to conventional ovens. They even look like them. You may call them countertop ovens too.

Air roasters can roast your meat in no time with less oil as the meal is prepared by the circulation of hot air around the dish, making the cooking process quick and less oily.

The capacity of an air roaster is enough for you to make your turkey. Other than that, you can clean your air roaster conveniently.

Disadvantages of an air roaster

Everything comes in a package, and so does an air roaster.

Air roasters are designed to roast meat quickly, but the making needs continuous supervision. What happens is that when this kitchen appliance roasts the meat, it often gets the upper layer done and keeps the insides raw.

And while checking the meat, you have to open the door of an air roaster; unlike an air fryer, you can not examine the cooking from the window of the appliance.

Another disadvantage that is worth discussing here is overfilling. The capacity of an air roaster is good enough, but filling it too much can make your food dry.

Which one to choose: Air Fryer or an Air roaster?

Air fryers and air roasters both elevate your favorite fried and roasted dishes to new heights, but in very different ways.

To cook food quickly and evenly, air fryers use a high-speed circulating system of hot air and heated metal coils.

Air roasters use convection ovens to circulate hot air around the dish, which is a more traditional method. By turning off the heat function on an air roaster, you can use it as a regular oven. The final decision is entirely up to you!


There are so many kitchen appliances in the market that choosing one is almost impossible, but we cannot get them all, at least not in one go.

Air fryers and air roasters are among those appliances that are trending the most due to their quick and healthy servings.

There is so much that you can research about these appliances, but in this article, we have talked about:

  • Both the appliances cook food by circulating hot air around them.
  • Air fryers are a healthy and quick alternative for a deep fryer and an oven.
  • Air fryers can cook almost anything, but the list has a limitation.
  • Air fryers have a small capacity in their basket.
  • Air fryers need less amount of water in the food preparation.
  • Air roaster is also a quick and healthy food preparation method.
  • Air roasters are spacious and easy to clean.
  • Air roasters need continuous supervision by opening the door of the appliance.
  • Air roasters can make food dry if overfilled.

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