Air Fryer Sugar Cookie (Sweet and Healthy)

One of my favorite types of cookies is sugar cookies. Do you know what is, however, even better? Very simple sugar cookies that need absolutely no cleanup. 

These sugar cookies are elevated to a new level using the air fryer baking technique. 

The air fryer provides the exterior of the cookies with a crispy texture with the traditional chewy interior, as opposed to the normal mushy cookies you get when you bake these in the oven.

These days, air fryer dishes are all the rage, and air fryer sweets are no different. It is the ideal chance to reinvent time-tested dishes. 

Although this particular recipe calls for premade sugar cookie dough, you can experiment with other flavors like peanut butter, chocolate chip, and more. Air fryer baking has many benefits.

Sugar Cookies
Sugar Cookies are Tasty and Sweet

Why Should You Try This Recipe?

Here’re a few reasons why you should try this recipe:

  • Small batches can be baked! I occasionally want a warm, freshly made cookie but don’t want to bake a whole batch. I can make a few cookies at a time using the air fryer. 
  • Making a quick dessert is simple thanks to air fryers. In addition to not requiring preheating, the air fryer bakes everything very quickly. 
  • There is absolutely no cleaning when using readymade dough and an air fryer (particularly if you use this parchment paper)! 
  • This uses readymade dough, so you can freeze any excess you have for when you have a need.

Why Should You Use Air Fryer for Sugar Cookies?

There are so many benefits to air-frying these sugar cookies! Being able to bake cookies without overheating my kitchen is always a plus for me because I live in a hot climate. The air fryer has a simple cleanup process as well. 

I can prepare these cookies in smaller amounts if I don’t have much time. I made this cookie dough, scooped out approximately a dozen cookies, and then wrapped it up to bake the remaining cookies later. It was flawless.

Seven or eight cookies can easily fit in the basket at once. I probably could have added a few more, but I like to allow space for the cookies to spread as they bake. But since it just takes five minutes to cook, I can make cookies right now!

Ingredients You’ll Need for Making Sugar Cookies

FlourAll-purpose flour was used. You must conduct your own testing if you want to substitute other flours. Although I haven’t tried it, I believe the recipe might work with gluten-free flour.
Baking PowderThis aids in the cookies’ rising and fluffing up.
SaltWhen it comes to improving the flavor of the cookies, a little salt goes a long way.
ButterFor this dish, unsalted butter is required. Leave off the salt from the recipe if you only have salted butter.
SugarWhatever variety of granulated sugar you have on hand, use it. All types of sugar—white, brown, or raw—will work well.
EggsThe egg gives the cookies a great texture and aids in binding the components together.
Vanilla ExtractThis imparts a mouthwatering flavor to the cookies.
Optional ToppingsConfetti and colored sugars
Things you’ll need for making sugar cookies.
Sprinkling icing sugar on cookies
Sprinkling some icing sugar makes sugar cookies look delicious.

How to Make Sugar Cookies in Air Fryer?

  • In a medium-sized bowl, combine the flour and baking powder to make the air fryer sugar cookies. 
  • With an electric mixer, whip the butter and sweetener in a sizable bowl until they are light and fluffy. It will require around five minutes. 
  • To the butter mixture in the bowl, add the egg white and vanilla. Assemble by combining.
  • The flour mixture should then be added to the butter mixture. The electric mixer should be used to combine everything into a cohesive dough. It will take a little while longer. 
  • Due to how little spreading these cookies have, I did not chill the dough in the refrigerator. 
  • You might wish to chill the dough in the refrigerator for 15–30 minutes if it’s a little sticky.
  • When rolled out, cookie dough that is too cold may crack. If this occurs, simply squeeze the cracks together and wait a few minutes for them to warm up at room temperature. 
  • The dough is now prepared, and you can cut it into cookies. Using cookie cutters or rolling the dough into a log and cutting it into rounds are both options.
  • Roll out the dough between two pieces of parchment paper to use cookie cutters. 1 1/2-inch of dough should be used (1.27 cm). 
  • Because they won’t spread, make sure the cookies are of the desired thickness. 
  • Remove the top parchment sheet after rolling the dough, then cut the log into cookies. I make hearts with a diameter of around two inches (5 cm). 
  • There is a greater chance that the cookies won’t brown uniformly if you cut out shapes with very thin portions, like stars.
  • Put a few of the cookies in your air fryer’s basket or tray after they have been cut. I could fit 4-5 cookies on a tray.
Baking Sugar Cookies in your Air Fryer

Tips and Tricks for Making Sugar Cookies in Air Fryer

Here’re a few tricks that’ll help you in making perfect air fryer sugar cookies:

Preheat your air fryer: 

This action is crucial! The cookies should be added after the air fryer has been preheated. They will cook more evenly and won’t stick to the basket as a result of this.

Use a cookie scoop: 

Using a cookie scoop is an excellent technique to ensure that your cookies are uniform in size. If you don’t have a cookie scoop, you can roll the dough into balls with your hands or a spoon.

Flatten the dough balls: 

Use the bottom of a glass to flatten the dough before transferring it to the air fryer. As a result, they will cook more evenly and won’t over puff in the air fryer.

Don’t overcrowd the air fryer: 

In order for hot air to move around the cookies, it is crucial to provide enough space between them. They will stick together and cook unevenly if they are placed too closely together.

Let the cookies cool: 

Before serving, let them cool on a wire rack once they have finished cooking. They will get stronger and less brittle as a result of this.

Know your air fryer: 

The majority of the basket and oven-style air fryers can be used with this recipe, however, certain models may include a fan that blows the cookies too much. If you have trouble with this, be careful to warm them and avoid packing the cookies tightly.

Use an air fryer liner: 

An air fryer liner can be used to minimize sticking and simplify cleanup by lining the air fryer basket.

Some cookies in an air fryer.
Some cookies in an air fryer.

How Long to Cook Sugar Cookies in Air Fryer?

Air fryer cookies are excellent and worth tasting! But you must check on your cookies constantly as they cook because every air fryer cooks food differently. 

The cookies should be removed as soon as they begin to become golden brown, which usually takes 4 to 5 minutes. As they cool, cookies will begin to stiffen.

Disadvantages of Baking Cookies in Air Fryer

  • These will not be the most attractive cookies. The hot air in the fryer moves around a lot, and occasionally the dough may be blown around a little, giving the cookies a more oval shape. 
  • This is probably not the technique for you if you want an extremely soft cookie. For a truly crispy cookie, the air fryer approach is considerably preferable (particularly when using Pillsbury dough).

Can You Cook With Parchment Paper In An Air Fryer?

I place the parchment paper underneath the meal in the air fryer. Do not preheat the oven with simply parchment paper in the basket.

If I don’t have a lot of time, I can make these cookies in small amounts. I made this cookie dough and scooped approximately a dozen cookies, then wrapped the remaining dough to cook later.

Can I Make This Recipe With Other Candies?

This recipe has been tried with M&M’s and chocolate chips and they both worked flawlessly. 

These cookies may need 5 or 6 minutes depending on the sort of air fryer you have. When the cookies are golden brown on top and bottom and can be scooped straight out of the basket, they are done.


  • While baking, be sure to check on your sugar cookies. Since every air fryer is unique, you don’t want to take the chance of scorching them! After five minutes, look inside the air fryer basket and make adjustments. 
  • These cookies will continue to bake after you remove them from the air fryer as they cool, so I’d advise against overbaking them.
  • These cookies bake in a manner that is quite similar to how cookies bake in the oven. Your sugar cookies should have a top that is just slightly crunchy and firm.

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