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Air Fryer S’Mores Dip (Even Kids Can Make It)

S'more in a kid's hands
Make your s’more

Most popular in the United States of America and Canada; S’More is not only a choice for campers and scouts. This dessert is one amazing option to include if you are planning to through a low-key, yet a classy party.

This dip requires almost no work and effort for preparation but turns out to be everyone’s favorite. The sweet flavor with Graham crackers crunch is a delight to have as a snack at movie night or just as an evening snack.

You will be surprised to know that this dip requires only three ingredients; chocolate, marshmallow, and Graham crackers. Now tell me who would not like this amazing combination?

Also, the recipe is so easy that kids can also make them at home with a little supervision from the elders. Isn’t it an amazing way to keep your kids busy and also to make them learn some of the cooking skills for their scout camping and more?

When it is made in the air fryer, preparing this dip becomes even easier and more exciting. The hot air circulation in an air fryer makes cooking quicker than ever before. You might even think, Can You Make S’mores In An Air fryer? Well, trust me, you surely can!

S’mores is a combination of two words, “some more” because you would want some more once you get your hands on it.

This article is all about what material you can use to make S’mores dip in an air fryer, what ingredients would you require to make them, what can you use instead of Graham crackers, tips and tricks to make them, and the nutrient that this amazing recipe contains.

So, let’s start!

What Material is Air Fryer Safe to Make S’mores Dip?

Air fryers and ovens, both works almost in the same way. The only two differences that are notable in these two appliances are, the former takes less time to cook than the other and the latter is large enough to make large batches of food.

Any oven-safe material is air fryer safe too. This means you can easily use silicone molds, stainless steel, glass, iron cast, and ceramic in the air fryer.

Whatever material you use to cook your food in an air fryer, add a liner to it too. Liners make your life easy in terms of cleaning the resulting mess. Following are the approved liners for air fryers.

And following are the liners that are not approved for air fryers. Using them can cause severe damage to your appliance and you.

Ingredients of s'more dip
Ingredients of s’more dip

Ingredients Required for Making S’More Dip

The Air Fryer S’Mores Dip is one of the easiest recipes that requires only three ingredients to make. The ingredients are also pantry staples so you can find them at home and satisfy your urgent cravings.

The ingredients that are required to make S’More Dip in an Air Fryer are:

  • Chocolate chips
  • Marshmallows
  • Graham Crackers

You can also make a few changes to the ingredients. Let’s discuss it in the next section.

Alternate Ingredients for S’mores Dip

The ingredients used in S’mores Dips are not only pantry staples but are replaceable too, making it more convenient to make even in the middle of the night.

Chocolate chips are used for baking because it spreads evenly but if you do not have chocolate chips on hand, you can always use a chocolate bar and break it into small pieces.

Marshmallows do not have any substitute at least not for this dip. The sweet and stretchy touch this dip gives is due to marshmallows. Changing this main ingredient will do no good to the recipe.

The third ingredient is Graham crackers which are great for this recipe or casual munching, but in case you do not have them and you have already made the dip, you can use grapes, bananas, apples, or strawberries.

You can always try something new when it comes to S’more dip, experimenting can make things better and practice makes a person perfect.

Fruits as topping

How To Make Air Fryer S’Mores Dip?

Air Fryer S’Mores Dip is super easy to make in less than six minutes. All you have to do is:

  1. Place a liner at the bottom of your air fryer-approved pan.
  2. Place chocolate chips or a semi-sweet milk chocolate bar (crushed) as the layer. Make sure that the layer is equal.
  3. Place as many marshmallows as possible that can fill the pan. The number of marshmallows will depend on the size of your pan.
  4. Now that is optional, you can garnish some more chocolate chips at the top of the marshmallows or you can end the assembling of marshmallows.
  5. Put the pan in the preheated air fryer at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for not more than 6 minutes. You can also keep an eye on the surface to know if it is done. If the upper layer is goldish-brown, it means that the dip is done.
  6. Take the pan out, and serve it hot with Graham crackers.

Check out this video to try this recipe at home.

Air fryer S’More Dip Recipe

Tips and Tricks to make the perfect S’Mores Dip

Air Fryer S’Mores Dip is not something you need to take a risk with. So, here are some tips and tricks that make your recipe the ultimate favorite for everyone.

  • Use a pan that is non-stick to make your cooking mess-free and convenient. Also, use a liner as it aids in convenient dishing out.
  • Choose a pan that is not only air fryer-safe but can fit into your air fryer basket too. Make sure that there is some room left at the corners of your basket so that it cannot interrupt the airflow.
  • Your appliance brand and model may require different times and temperatures for preparing the dish. Read that manual and try to make a small batch before actually making a bigger portion to understand your air fryer’s operations.
  • Customize your recipe according to your liking. Add toppings as per your preferences.

Nutrient Facts

I always prefer knowing what I am consuming before consuming it. To live a healthy life, it is important to learn the nutrient facts about the food you are having.

Check out the table below to learn the nutrient facts of S’More Dip.

Nutrient FactsDaily Value
Total Fats9%
Total Carbs7%
Vitamin C0
Nutrient Facts of S’More Dip

What Kind of Food Can I Cook in the Air Fryer?

You may use any dish that will fit in your Air Fryer and is also oven safe.

If in doubt, consult the instruction booklet that comes with your Air Fryer. If you no longer have the handbook, you may usually locate it on the manufacturer’s website.

Can I Use Graham Crackers Instead of Ritz Crackers for Dipping?

If you don’t have graham crackers or would prefer to use something else, consider apple slices, grapes, strawberries, or bananas.

If you don’t have graham crackers on hand, you can substitute Nilla wafers, digestive biscuits (with or without chocolate), shortbread, or anything else similar. Similarly, you can use granulated sugar instead of brown sugar.

What Time and Temperature Should I Use in the Air Fryer to Make S’mores Dip?

I’ve discovered that 350 degrees Fahrenheit for around 5-6 minutes is ideal.

In just 5 minutes, you can make Air Fryer S’mores Dip with your favorite ingredients! You’ll enjoy how tasty and simple this dip is to make, plus it’s a crowd-pleaser.


In this article, we have learned:

  • Oven-safe materials are air fryer-safe too.
  • The air fryer S’mores Dip recipe requires only three ingredients.
  • You can use a chocolate bar (crushed) instead of chocolate chips if you are out of chocolate chips.
  • You can use fruits instead of Graham crackers.
  • For a mess-free cooking experience, use a non-stick pan and a liner.
  • Use a pan that can fit your air fryer basket while leaving some space for airflow.

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