Air Fryer Side Dishes (Added Value)

Air fryers are a great blessing for people who want to make food in no time, and that includes your side dishes too.

I, myself, often choose an air fryer for a quick side dish preparation while making the main course the other way. Air fryers are also great for making main courses, but the portion size that an air fryer covers restricts the user in many ways.

Nonetheless, there are many other reasons why you should use an air fryer, and I believe the list is so huge that you can only end up loving this appliance more than any other appliance in your kitchen.

For me, preparing my food in an air fryer is better because I find food cooked in an air fryer healthier than the rest of the formulas I put together to make a dish healthy.

Also, the cooking time in an air fryer decreases to a great measure. The food in it is also more manageable, and the after-cleaning is also more convenient. What else do you want?

For now, let us focus on the different things, specifically side dishes that you can make in an air fryer and everything related to it.

So, keep on reading.

Do Air Fryer Work?

Air fryers are fantastic!

If you haven’t noticed by now, the benefits and drawbacks of air fryers tend to be identical regardless of where they are purchased. More importantly, air fryers perform as expected in terms of quality, food flavor, health advantages, the convenience of use, and cleanup!

What Is The Function Of An Air Fryer?

Cooking food in Air Fryers has made it easy to eat better without soaking it in oil.

Air fryers cook meals by circulating heat and hot air through a heating element and a fan, and this circulation of heat and hot air is what helps cook and crisp the food.

Air fryers can cook at temperatures as heightened as 400°F/200°C. Some air fryers can actually cook at higher temperatures.

Can you put different foods in the air fryer at the same time?

Cooking Grilled Black Peppered Pork in Air Fryer
Cooking Grilled Black Peppered Pork in Air Fryer

When it comes to an air fryer, the possibilities of making food are unimaginable.

In the beginning, you might struggle with the recipes, and you might get confused about whether they are going to work well in an air fryer or not, but with time you will learn how an air fryer is a real magic doer.

Air-fried food can be a low-fat version of everything you make otherwise. Here, bear in mind that I have said low-fat, not healthy. Both of these are two different things.

You can also put different food in an air fryer at one time, and it would not be a problem unless the temperature and cooking time required for both meals are not the same.

Some air fryers come with a separator, which makes putting different food in an air fryer together even easier.

How do you arrange food in an air fryer?

Arranging your food in an air fryer is the most tricky and important part of an air frying experience, as it determines how the food will turn out in the end.

People often turn to an air fryer for the amazing crisp it gives to the food after cooking, but if not put right, air-fried food can turn soggy.

When using an air fryer, make sure that the food is not overlapping or overcrowded in any way.

Make a single layer of whatever food you are making in an air fryer for crunchy, crispy, and evenly cooked food.

A plate of different foods
Arrangement matters

What side dishes can be made in an air fryer?

There are plenty of things that can be made in an air fryer, and the list contains many side dishes as well.

Side dishes are somewhat even more important to people rather than the main dish. I mean, who does not love french fries with their steak? I know I love them!

One of the main reasons people choose air fryers to make side dishes is that air fryers do their job quicker, and the time that a person is rendering to cook the main dish can be utilized by preparing a side dish side by side in an air fryer.

Also, side dishes are often made in small portions, and that is what an air fryer does, cooks food in small batches.

Following is the table that will let you know about the few side dishes that can be made in an air fryer and their cook time.

Side dishes that can be made in an air fryerCooking time
Sweet Potato Fries10 to 15 minutes
Corn on the CobAlmost 14 minutes
Dumplings8 to 10 minutes
Brussels Sprouts4 to 5 minutes
Side dishes that can be made in an air fryer and their cook time

Moreover, it is considered to have a healthy option for the side dish, and making it in an air fryer makes that concept more likely to be attained.

Fries and burger
Fries are love

Can I stop the air fryer halfway?

There is no issue in stopping your air fryer halfway, and if anything, sometimes it is important to stop your air fryer halfway to flip the food inside for even cooking.

Also, sometimes smoke starts coming out of an air fryer, and you have to check the cause of the smoke, which means you would have to stop the appliance in the middle of cooking.

Most of the newest air fryer models come up with the feature of pausing when you take your air fryer baskets out, and it starts again automatically when you slide the basket back into its place.

There are many other models which do not have this feature, and for them, you do need to use that pause button it has on the appliance.

In both ways, stopping your air fryer is not something that will damage your appliance in any way. So be at ease if you have to stop the air fryer halfway.

Check out this video to learn some recipes as side dishes for your meals.

Amazing recipes of side dishes made in an air fryer


In this article, you have learned:

  • There is so much that you can cook when it comes to cooking in an air fryer.
  • In the beginning, it may be challenging, but you can master this art with time and practice.
  • You can put different foods in an air fryer at the same time, just be sure that the temperature and cooking time required for both dishes are the same.
  • Always arrange food in one single layer and avoid overlapping at all costs.
  • There is almost no side dish that cannot be made in an air fryer; you name it, search for the recipe, and you can make it with ease.
  • You can stop your air fryer halfway when it’s cooking your food. It will not damage the appliance.
  • Sometimes it is important to stop an air fryer midway to flip the food for better cooking.

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