Air Fryer Potstickers (Perfect Appetizer)

Air-fried potstickers, also called dumplings or gyoza, are famous as a portion of Chinese food and continue to be their legacy. Potstickers can be found on any table, with any food or soup, in the winter or the summer.

The potstickers are served mostly as appetizers and side dishes, but you can snack on them without worrying about gaining weight. The crunch of the skin and juicy, meaty vegetable fillings make the taste uplifting and immaculate.

You can either make these dumplings from scratch or just buy a pack of frozen ones, the taste stays the same. However, frozen pot stickers will be more convenient for you because you can place them in an air fryer with a little oil and they will be ready to serve.

Air-frying the potstickers creates the same steam effect as simmering, but it also gives them a crunchy texture. They turn out so delicious and juicy that you will go back to eating them again and again, either in a restaurant or at home.

Here’s more about these delectable potstickers:

Air frying time10-12 minutes
ServeSoy sauce
General info in the frozen pot stickers

How long do you cook potstickers in an air fryer?

12 minutes maximum.

The frozen potstickers are easy to make in an air fryer as compared to a conventional oven or any other appliance. You just have to do one thing, which is flip them once the cooking time reaches the halfway mark.

Preheat the air fryer to 380 °F (190 °C) for 2–3 minutes, place the oil-based potstickers into the basket with a parchment paper liner, and then cook them for 12 minutes total. Check the condition after 10 minutes just to make sure the potstickers don’t burn.

Can you put frozen potstickers in the air fryer?

Crispy potstickers with  a dip and chopsticks
Potstickers on a plate with sauce

Yes, you can put frozen dumplings or potstickers directly from the frozen pack onto the air fryer basket without any worry.

Be mindful to put them in a single layer and not overcrowd them so that hot air from the air fryers can pass through each of them as they cook.

Also, there’s no need to put them in a liter of oil as they are covered with high-steam oil as they are manufactured in the plant outlet. Just spray them with cooking spray or olive oil while putting them into the prepared basket so that they can have a crunchy and crispy texture.

How to make crispy potstickers in the air fryer?


  • Pack of frozen potstickers
  • Olive oil spray
  • Water
  • Cornflour
  • Sauce


  • Preheat the air fryer to 380F degrees for 3 minutes maximum meanwhile line the air fryer with special air-fried parchment papers.
  • Place the frozen pot stickers into the basket and then spray it with a little bit of olive oil.
  • Cook the potstickers for 12 minutes, and flip them once after half-time is done (6 minutes on each side).
  • OPTIONAL: Make a mixture of 1:1 part of water and corn flour, place the pot stickers into the pan and then pour the mixture into it covering just the base of it.
  • Cook it on the high-heat stove until there’s just a crunchy layer of corn flour left with pot stickers.

How do you know when potstickers are done?

If potstickers are done properly in the air fryer, here’s how they turn out: The top of the potstickers will be slightly chewy with a hint of crispiness on the edges. However, the center filling is juicy and tender, with a crunch and toasty bottom.

If the potstickers are brown at different spots and slightly stick to the bottom rack while being moved with a spatula, then they are ready to serve with your favorite sauce.

Overcooking, on the other hand, will result in it becoming firmly stuck from the bottom with a burnt and mushy texture.

Is the meat in frozen potstickers already cooked?

Potstickers with soy sauce
Potstickers are known as the Asian food

No, the meat in the potsticker filling is not cooked; rather, it is cured so that the bacteria don’t spread and its shelf life may increase.

The cured filling should be treated equally as raw meat and should be cooked and checked from time to time.

The meat used in the typical form is pork, but you can find different types too, like minced beef, chicken, or sometimes vegetables with onions. When the potstickers are done, you should check one in the middle to make sure the meat is cooked at the advised temperature of 160 to 165 °F.

Why are my potstickers soggy and mushy?

The potstickers are tricky to make, but one rule to keep in mind if you want them perfectly cooked is that too much water or steam will make the dumpling skin too saggy and too soft and sticky to be eaten. If you use a moderate temperature in the air fryer or steam, your potstickers will turn out to be chewy.

While, too much oil added while putting them in an air fryer will make the skin too much doughy, also, give them a rest for 3-5 minutes on an open rack so that the moisture could evaporate.

How to make my potstickers crispy?

Hybrid frying—the steaming technique is the only typical method used to make it the right way. However, there is a new twist: it starts with the potstickers being placed in the air fryer basket, then frying for 10 minutes before transferring them to the pan with a mixture of water and cornflour at a 1:1 ratio.

Pour the mixture into the pan on high heat, and simmer it until the water in the mixture evaporates and the cornflour base gets crispy with a swirl of potstickers in the middle.

Should I thaw frozen dumplings before putting them in an air fryer?

Potstickers served with a sauce
Potstickers are also known as dumplings

No, you don’t need to thaw them before putting them in the air fryer; cook them directly.

But to cook it frozen, here are some things to be mindful of, preheat the air fryer first, then place it on parchment paper so that it doesn’t stick to the basket.

If you consider the thawing better, remember the dumpling skin will turn watery, and the filling could burst just by taking it out of the package. If you are not attentive to the change in taste and texture, then you could definitely try it by thawing it beforehand.

How to upgrade the frozen potstickers?

The frozen pot stickers are delicious on their own when air-fried my way, but if you’re an adventurous foodie looking to try new flavors, you can amp them up by combining them with other of the listed options:

  • Serve it with stew
  • Top on the soup
  • Rice bowl
  • Top with salad
  • Spaghetti or pad Thai


The food’s juicy and crispy texture always entices foodies to consume it without exceeding the quantity count or weight scale. However, you gain a lot of nourishment and minerals by munching on them.

Here is the table for your convenience:

NutritionPer serving (37g)
Calories79 kcal
Total fat3.8mg
Total carbohydrates7.4g
The nutrition present in frozen potstickers

The calories and proteins are in essential numbers, which complete the daily needs of a person, but air-frying them makes them more worthy to eat as they lower the cholesterol and fat of food by not using oil for frying.

Potstickers around the world

In An Air Fryer, How Do You Cook Frozen Potstickers?

Spread out the frozen dumplings in an equal layers in the air fryer basket.

Spray the dumplings liberally with oil to completely coat those potstickers. If no oil spray is used, the dumplings will cook dry and hard. Air fry those potstickers for 6-8 minutes at 380°F/193°C.

How Do You Tell If Frozen Dumplings Are Ready?

Your dumplings should be done when the water boils a third time.

Take one dumpling out and pierce it with a fork to see whether it’s done. It should be delicate, with steam escaping through the perforated part.


  • The pot stickers or dumplings can go straight from the freezer to the plate within 10 minutes.
  • No preps and no attention-seeking steps for you if you feeling a little lazy.
  • You can serve them either as appetizers, soup partners, or as a snack with your favorite sauces.
  • Air frying them makes it more accessible and easy for you to serve dinner and work in batches.
  • The air fryer uses none to a drizzle of oil, however, making it just like the typical method of frying or steaming.
  • Air frying the potstickers preserves the nourishment and juiciness of each ingredient without ruining the texture and taste.

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