Air Fryer Peanut Butter Cookies (Sweet & Salty)

Crunchy and Chewy cookies
Crunchy and Chewy

No matter if you are a sweet tooth or not, peanut butter is the favorite of almost everyone. Its sweet taste with a touch of saltiness makes it unique and rich in taste. Not to forget that the spread is filled with nutrients, but only if consumed in moderation.

Cookies prove to be of great help to pass those hungry hours when dinner is not ready or when you are getting bored and looking for something to eat that will also cheer your mood. If the cookies are peanut butter cookies, then the delight reaches the next level. 

Store-bought cookies are one thing, but making them at home gives you so much liberty. You can add flavors as you like, you can make it budget-friendly, and you can make them as much as you want and store them in an airtight jar.

Peanut butter cookies made in an air fryer are becoming the talk of the town due to the quick preparation of this sweet delight. Also, people of all ages love this food item at any time. 

Air fryers not only make the cookies quickly, but they are also healthier because of less oil consumption.

Let’s learn some about the fusion of cookies and air fryers. Shall we?

Can Cookies Be Baked In An Air Fryer?

Did you ask if you can bake cookies in an air fryer or not? I say, why not? 

I often tell my readers that when it comes to air fryers, the possibilities of making things are limitless. There is so much that you can do with this appliance.

Air fryers are a great replacement for many kitchen essentials. May it be conventional ovens, toasters, microwaves, grills, deep fryers, or stoves.

It is very much possible to bake cookies in an air fryer, and that too in a few minutes. All you have to do is make some adjustments to the timings and temperature. 

Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter

Can You Put Peanut Butter In An Air Fryer?

Cookies falling in a jar
Make and preserve

Peanut butter is an air fryer-safe ingredient and can be used in making cookies, cakes, and more.

Putting it separately will be unsafe as the butter will melt down and reach the bottom of the air fryer only to interact with the heating elements. 

There is a strong reason why I support air fryer liners so much. They make cooking safe and secure in an air fryer.

Where there are parchment papers, aluminum foils, and silicones that are safe to be used in an air fryer. There are liners like wax paper that are not safe to be used in an air fryer.

Well, placing it in an air fryer without mixing it with other ingredients or a liner makes no sense. But you never know who is trying a new recipe and experimenting with new things, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Foods That Cannot Be Put In An Air Fryer

Air fryers are great for cooking a variety of food, but this appliance has its dos and don’ts that should be followed for a better experience. 

So many things can be made in an air fryer without giving it another thought. But several other items cannot be put in an air fryer.

Let us learn about the things that are not safe to put in an air fryer through the following table.

Foods Not To Put In An Air FryerWhy So?
Leafy VegetablesFood without much weight is prone to burn easily.
CheeseCheese can be used as a mixed ingredient. It cannot be put without coating. Individually placed cheese can create a huge mess.
GrainsIf you wish to make your pasta and rice crispy, then an air fryer is a good choice, but this appliance cannot cook them. Cook your grains first, to put them in the air fryer later.
ToastThough air fryers can make good toasts, they create a huge mess as well.
Food coated in batterThe batter can melt down and reach the bottom of the air fryer.
HamburgersYou can cook hamburgers in an air fryer but they will not be cooked to perfection.
Full roastAir fryers are ideal for small batches of food items. For full meals, choose the oven instead.
PopcornAir fryers do not get hot enough to make you some popcorn.
Foods that are better off without an air fryer

Weirdest Things To Cook In An Air Fryer

I am an air fryer lover and cannot stand without letting my readers know about its goodness after telling them about its shady side.

See the following things to know the weirdest things that can be cooked in an air fryer.

  • Hard-boiled eggs; who would have thought of boiling eggs in an air fryer, hmm?
  • Corn on the cob
  • Apple chips
  • Pickles
  • Croutons

Making these food items are super easy, simple, and hassle-free in an air fryer. Air fryers can make you love it, even with their restrictions and reservations.

How To Make Air Fryer Peanut Butter Cookies?

Peanut butter cookies in an air fryer is an easy-peasy task that can be done within 7 minutes and at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

When it comes to cookie making, the dough is simple and the same in every recipe. The variation comes with added flavors.

Follow this recipe to make Peanut Butter Cookies in an Air Fryer.

Peanut Butter Cookies in an Air Fryer

Do I Have To Make Crisscross Marks On My Peanut Butter Cookies?

Crisscross marks are optional and just serve as ornamentation.

It is, nevertheless, critical to flatten the cookie dough balls before baking your best batch of cookies. (Because peanut butter cookie dough is denser than other cookie doughs, flattening it before baking provides for more even baking.) You can flatten it with the bottom of a drinking glass, but a fork is usually easier and faster.

How Can I Make Simple Peanut Butter Cookies More Interesting?

It’s simple to boost the flavor of your peanut butter cookies. Drizzle melted chocolate over the tops of the cookies, or dip half of each cookie in melted chocolate.

Spread some melted peanut butter chips on top and top with a dollop of jam or jelly. To add even more flavor, add toffee bits, chopped peanuts or pretzels, Reese’s Pieces candies, or finely chopped peanut butter cups to the batter.


In this article, we have discussed the following:

  • Air fryers are one good replacement for conventional ovens as they can make cookies in them too.
  • It is possible to put peanut butter in an air fryer but as an ingredient, not separately.
  • There are so many foods that are not best suited for air fryers. Batter food, leafy vegetables, popcorn, and grains are a few of them.
  • Many foods can be made in an air fryer, even when you think they cannot. Those foods are, hard-boil eggs, pickles, apple chips, and more.

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