Air fryer Pasta Chips (Snack Shack)

Until this day, I thought pasta originated in Italy just to know today that it originated from Asia most probably from China. Amazed, huh?

No matter what the origin was for the pasta. Pasta lovers are now everywhere. Try new recipes more often and make pasta taste more local than ever.

One thing that you might also be hearing for the first time is that there is a thing called Pasta Chips or you might be familiar with it. But did you know these pasta chips can be made in an air fryer?

Air fryers are changing the game for our kitchens and cuisines and it is getting hard to catch on to new things this often.

Pasta chips are becoming famous for snacking because they are considered to be a safe snacking option and I will get into more detail about it later.

Right now I am more interested in telling you how you can make them in an air fryer without regrets. 

This article will surely be a know-it for newbies in pasta chip making. So, keep on reading, and keep on knowing!

Pasta variation
Pasta variation

Is It Possible To Cook Chips In An Air Fryer?

Toss the chips in the bottom of an air fryer (the portion with the paddle), then add the oil and toss the chips to coat evenly.

Using the paddle, set the fryer to cook for 30 minutes. Check that the chips are soft and cooked through after this time. Cook for another 5 minutes if they aren’t done.

Should I boil my pasta before air frying?

Pasta is a delicious and easy-to-make dish that is often found on the nearest shelf in our kitchen because it can be a source of late-night extreme cravings.

I always prefer pasta over anything else when I am craving fast food. Pasta is my all-time favorite because it gives me that sense that I am not eating anything harmful and my tummy is also getting full.

But sometimes the heart wants what it wants and I ultimately reach out for some fried food or a bag of chips.

Now that I know of pasta chips, I am sure those potato chips or corn chips are my second favorites.

During my discovery of these pasta chips, one question that was on my mind was, am I supposed to boil my pasta first before frying it?

The answer was somehow obvious before frying pasta chips, boiling it and patting it dry is a must. And rather than deep frying it, it is better to air fryer it for a quick and crispy result.

Pasta chips that are air fried are a good and budget-friendly option for a snack or appetizer. 

So next time you are having friends over for a movie or game, try to make these rather than those famous brands that you buy from stores. Air-fried pasta chips are not just light on your stomach but on your pocket too.

Pasta comes in all sizes and shapes

Is a dip a must-have for air-fried pasta chips?

Is a dip must for air-fried pasta chips completely depends on your personal preference but if you ask me, it depends on how you have prepared your pasta chips.

Pasta chips can be made in many ways. If you like them salty and simple, make them that way. If you prefer mild flavors you have the option to add flavors according to your taste buds.

And if you like them super spicy, well, who is stopping you? Make pasta chips however you like them to be.

There are so many dips that you can try with your pasta chips. For me, alfredo dip, pesto dip, and BBQ dip are the best choices.

Check out this video to learn two different recipes for pasta chips and dips. Following the trend can be fun after all.

Pasta chips in two different ways along with two kinds of dips.

Why do my Air fryer pasta chips get soggy?

Air fryers are used for two main reasons. One, when people need their food to be healthy, and second, when they want their food to be crispy.

But what if your air-fried food turns out to be soggy rather than crispy? Wouldn’t you feel betrayed?

Whenever you are in a situation like this, pay attention to the details. There may be something you are doing wrong or maybe you are not following the rules by the book.

If you are air frying your pasta chips and you are finding them soggy rather than crispy then you must check the following list to make your next pasta chips air frying experience better.

Always and always boil your pasta before putting them in an air fryer. It helps keep that balance of just-the-right kind of crisp.

Make sure that the pasta is pat dried before you put them in an air fryer. The moisture is the main culprit behind soggy pasta chips.

Overcrowding your air fryer basket can also lead to a soggy eating experience. Make sure you are putting in an adequate batch of your boiled pasta to avoid overcrowding.

Flour coated pasta
Coating the pasta with some cornstarch makes them crispier

Are pasta crisps healthy?

Pasta chips are for sure much healthier than regular potato chips because they are low in carbs and high in protein.

Crisps are a must easier snack than any other but are healthy or not is a thing one must consider before indulgence.

I am not saying we should not have it at all but some of us live on it, I was that someone once until I realized that these are just empty calories.

Though chips do need oil for frying no matter where and how you are frying them but air frying makes chips less fatty because of less oil in them.

Check out the following table to know the calorie details of different kinds of chips.

Pasta Chips90
Tortilla Chips138
Potato Chips155
Calories in different kinds of chips

How Do You Make Air Fryer Pasta Snacks?

Place the pasta in the air fryer basket/tray.

Make an even layer with them. Cook for 6 minutes at 390°F on the Airfry setting. Open the air fryer, mix the noodles well, toss or shake, and cook for another 1-3 minutes, or until the pasta chips are golden and crispy.


In this article, you have learned.

  • Pasta chips are trending way too much on social media and it is happening because of their divine taste, crispiness, and nutrients in comparison to other kinds of chips.
  • These pasta chips are not just light on the stomach, they are also light on the budget.
  • You must boil your pasta first before putting them in an air fryer.
  • Patting your pasta dry is also one important step to follow.
  • Avoiding overcrowding the basket at all costs is important.
  • Adding a dip to your pasta chips is your choice to make.
  • To make them crispy rather than soggy, make sure to follow the recipe.

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