Air Fryer Green Beans With Parmesan (A Tasty Recipe)

The air fryer has perfectly cooked these green beans. The most delectable parmesan, lemon, and garlic flavors are drizzled over them once they are tender and have a beautiful crunch. 

The best way to prepare a side dish is in an air fryer. You end up with a fairly clean kitchen and it’s so simple. You must purchase an air fryer and attempt this recipe first if you don’t already have one. 

After this one, there are tons of more air fryer recipes that I am certain you will enjoy. However, there is no better time than the present to get an air fryer. The texture of these green beans is excellent, and they taste great, too. 

They are so delicious that even my children eat them happily. We are all aware of how difficult it is to obtain that approval. I adore how these greens are drenched in so many delicious flavors, which are only intensified when they are cooked in an air fryer. 

The flavor is to die for and is a combination of garlic, lemon, and some parmesan. They give a great flavor. After eating them, you’ll want to wipe your plate completely clean.

You will have a supper that you return to repeatedly if you serve them with some spaghetti, potatoes, and perhaps even some homemade rolls.

Why Should You Use Air Fryer?

It’s quite simple to prepare a healthy version of your favorite fried foods with an air fryer. So, this is how it functions. 

Air fryers enable you to “fry” foods with the least amount of oil possible by distributing heat evenly throughout the item. Anything from a spoonful to a little spritz will do. 

Additionally, because your food isn’t completely soaked in it, far less oil absorbs while cooking, resulting in a meal with significantly fewer calories and fat overall.

Air fryer cooked green beans
Using an air fryer for cooking green beans is a much healthier option.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe?

Here’re some factors which will make you love this recipe.

  • You can prepare this quick and easy meal in no time. Despite having only a few ingredients, it is quite delicious. 
  • The air fryer makes this recipe hands-free. Simply place the green beans in the air fryer and let it do the rest of the magic! 
  • This dish is inherently gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly if you’re following a special diet or cooking it for visitors. To make it vegan-friendly, replace the parmesan with vegan parmesan.

Things You’ll Need For Air Fryer Green Beans With Parmesan

Green beansFresh green beans weigh one pound and can be purchased at your neighborhood grocery shop either by the pound or in prepackaged bags. Usually, I get them by the pound, but be sure to select the ones that appear to be the freshest.
FlourThese green beans have a foundation coat of flour on them, which is what causes the egg to “stick” to them. You can use any type of flour in place of the all-purpose flour I used.
ParmesanYou can use shaved or petals of parmesan.
Olive OilUse your preferred neutral oil. It also works with avocado oil.
SeasoningsLast but not least, a dash of salt and pepper enhances the flavors of everything else.
Things you’ll need for air fryer green beans.

How to Make Green Beans in Air Fryer?

Green beans with their ends cut off
Green beans with their ends cut off

First Step

First make sure that the green beans are thoroughly washed, with the ends snapped off.

Second Step

Take 3 different dishes. Add flour to the first shallow dish. Then take two cracked eggs, and combined them with water in the second dish.

Third Step

Combine Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, salt, and pepper in the third shallow dish. Combine all spices.

Then a few clean, dried beans should be added to the flour mixture, and they should be coated. Beans should be coated by dredging them in an egg-wash mixture.

Add to the seasoning mixture of Parmesan cheese and toss to combine. 

Fourth Step

Put the beans in one layer in the air fryer. Cooking takes about 5-7 minutes at 400 degrees F if the air crisp function is chosen. 

Cook the remaining beans after finishing the first batch, working in batches. When using a hot air fryer, see the time remark.

Can You Use Frozen Green Beans?

Although I usually prefer fresh vegetables as a base, there are occasions when canned or frozen vegetables are more practical, more affordable, or simply what you happen to have on hand. 

If you want to use frozen, I advise using whole beans rather than chopped beans, though either would work. You can simply follow the directions as written.

I would also advise using whole beans whenever possible if you choose to use canned. Before beginning, make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry them.

Tips For Making Green Beans With Parmesan in Air Fryer

Here’re some important tips that you should remember while making green beans with parmesan in an air fryer:

  • Beans should be brilliant green in color, free of black spots, and with a somewhat hard texture for the best flavor. These are all signs of a fresh bean, providing you with the ideal opportunity to serve a beautiful, delectable side dish with supper. 
  • It always gets a little messy when you are using many dishes to coat chicken or vegetables. Before beginning, we make sure the bowls are fully organized.
  • The duration may need to be changed by a minute or two backward because the next batch of beans will benefit from an air fryer that has been preheated. A cold air fryer is taken into account in the first set of times. 
  • While using shredded or shaved Parmesan may be alluring, you should instead use the powder variety because it browns without melting into a sticky mess. If you’d prefer, save the shavings for a light sprinkle just before serving.
  • Since frozen beans have some moisture, we do not advise using them to make crispy air-fried green beans. 
  • Before cooking, arrange the beans in a line and neatly trim both ends at once.
Cooked green beans in a round plate
Make sure to toss green beans to cook them evenly.

How to Store Left Over Green Beans?

To get the most out of your recipe, use these green bean storage tips:

  • Fridge

Transfer the beans to an airtight container once they have finished cooling completely, and keep them in the fridge for 3 to 4 days.

  • Freezer

Green beans that have been cooked should not be frozen since they will become mushy.

  • Reheating

Put them in the air fryer and reheat them at 380 degrees F for two to three minutes. They can also be heated in the microwave for a total of 20 to 30 seconds at a time, but they won’t get as crisp.

Are Green Beans Healthy?

A ubiquitous staple in homes all around the nation is green beans. They go by a variety of names, with snap beans and string beans being two of the more well-known. However, despite their name, they are not usually green. 

Green beans are a native of North, South, and Central America. They are currently widespread, though. Due to their year-round growth, you can always find them at grocery stores regardless of the season. 

However, you can commonly find them in local farmer’s markets between May and October, when they are at their busiest. Although green beans are low in calories, they are high in essential nutrients that offer numerous health benefits. 

Antioxidants like quercetin, kaemferol, flavonols, and vitamin C are abundant in legumes. By battling free radicals in the body, these antioxidants lessen cell damage and perhaps even reduce your risk of contracting particular diseases.

Here’s a list of the benefits of green beans:

  • Green Beans are a Great Source of Energy.
  • Green Beans are Great for Skin, Nails, and Hair.
  • Green Beans are Great for Bone Health.
  • They Protect Against Free Radical Damage.
  • Contains Detox Effects.
  • Boost Heart Healthy.
  • Great for Eye Health.
Health benefits of green beans


  • At 375°F, air-fry fresh green beans for 7-8 minutes. French green beans should be cooked for 4-5 minutes at 375°F in an air fryer. Cook the green beans in batches if there are too many to fit in one layer in the air fryer basket.
  • Add one or two extra minutes to the cooking time for extra-crisp air-fried green beans.
  • Try cooking the green beans in the air fryer for an additional 2-3 minutes at a time if you want them to be softer. Repeat until you reach your preferred level of tenderness. For them to be cooked evenly, be sure to shake the air fryer basket occasionally.

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