Air Fryer Green Beans Casserole (Healthy and Tasty)

An easy Christmas side dish is the air fryer green bean casserole. 

It is simple to make, incredibly creamy, and topped with perfectly fried onions for crispness. All year long, you will desire it. 

I don’t recall having this great casserole with our holiday meals, but it has since established itself as a seasonal staple in my home.

The aromas of the Thanksgiving meal, which includes turkey, stuffing, dinner rolls, and of course, green bean casserole, flood the home. 

Just thinking about those crunchy onions makes me hungry. We slightly alter the fundamental recipe because we prefer ours with a little more crispy topping.

Green beans casserole
Making green beans casserole in an air fryer

Can Green Bean Casserole be Made in an Air Fryer?

The answer is an absolute yes.

I’ve tested my process numerous times and worked out how to produce the right texture of fresh green beans. I personally don’t like mushy green beans, so my method allows you to specify how “cooked” you want your green beans.

Why Will You Love This Recipe?

  • Using the air fryer to prepare your side dishes eliminates the need to use up oven space. 
  • With just a few basic components, it is really simple to make. Therefore, it can be prepared by even a beginner chef and brought as a donation to a Thanksgiving meal. 
  • The crispy onion topping mixes extremely well with the creamy, silky sauce. 
  • The flavor of green beans is covered up. 
  • This doesn’t simply have to be for Thanksgiving, despite being a favorite over the holidays. The family will always enjoy this side.
  • Your family likes using it for Thanksgiving dinner because it is a classic dish. 
  • During the Christmas season, the air fryer makes it possible to cook this hearty dish faster. 
  • When you need a green bean side dish quickly throughout the week, this recipe is excellent every time.

Ingredients You Need to Make Air Fryer Green Beans Casseroles

To make this wonderful side dish recipe, you just need a few basic ingredients. 

Most of the ingredients may already be in your pantry, but if not, just stop by the grocery store and you’ll be all set to enjoy this festive staple.

Soup/coconut creamThe simple creamy basis for these beans comes from a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup. These beans would also go well with a can of cream of chicken soup or cream of potato soup.
Green beansFor this recipe, use fresh yellow, green, or French beans. In a pinch, frozen beans might also suffice. Make careful to cook from frozen, though.
VariationsAfter removing the dish from the air fryer, top it with some blanched slivered almonds or cranberries.
Soy sauceThe dish gains umami flavor from the soy sauce. It’s amazing how much of a difference even a tiny amount of soy sauce can make! It boosts the flavor, and I believe that is one reason why this side dish has endured for so long.
French fried onionsThese give it a great flavor and a crunchy coating on top.
SeasoningAvoid adding salt! There is already plenty of salt in this dish between the soup and soy sauce. But adding some black pepper is an excellent idea.
MilkThe milk is used to thin out the soup and create a creamy sauce.
Ingredients you’ll need to make green beans casserole.

How to Make Air Fryer Green Beans

  1. When using fresh green beans, you must wash, trim the ends of the stems, and blanch them. 
  2. They should be cooked for about 2 minutes in a large pot of boiling water to blanch them. 
  3. Just drain the cans if you’re using canned green beans. There is no need to defrost frozen beans. 
  4. Mix both milk and cream of mushroom soup in a bowl. For nostalgic reasons, I enjoy using my mother’s Corning bowl from the 1970s, which is bright gold. 
  5. To make a smooth sauce, combine everything and mix out any lumps. Then stir once more after adding the soy sauce.
  6. Finally, air-fried everything at 340°F/171°C for about 15 minutes, or until everything is well cooked and mixed. Enjoy warm servings!
  7. In the bowl containing the soup mixture, add the beans and half of the fried onions. Stir everything together and season with pepper.
Green bean casserole is a famous holiday season dish.
Green bean casserole is a famous holiday season dish.

Can You Use Frozen or Canned Green Beans?

Frozen: Green beans can be used frozen. Simply disregard the timing I’ve provided for fresh green beans. Green beans that are frozen just require minor cooking or a warming-up process.

To prepare frozen green beans to your desired texture, air-fried them until they are warmed through. Proceed with the recipe after that. 

Canned: Green beans can be used in canned form. Green beans should be added to the air fryer cooking plate after the can’s water has been completely drained.

At 360°F for approximately 4 minutes, reheat the green beans in the can. When you add the cream of mushroom combination to the green beans in Step 3 of the recipe, continue with the steps from there.

Can You Make Green Beans Casserole Ahead of Time?

Every Christmas season, I find myself designing a menu that includes just as many dishes that can be prepared in advance as day-of meals. 

Nothing is simpler than transferring your prepared casserole from the refrigerator to the oven without creating a mess for the holidays. This casserole can simply be prepared the night before and stored in the refrigerator until cooking time. 

If so, remove the dish from the refrigerator about 30 minutes before cooking it so it can gradually come to room temperature. Then, quickly mix it before placing it in the air fryer.

Additionally, you might need to increase the cooking time by a few minutes. Although it’s quick to cook, this casserole does not store or thaw well. 

When vegan green bean casserole is refrigerated, it keeps for approximately 3 to 4 days before the beans start to soak up too much liquid and turn mushy. However, the sauce makes this a fantastic addition to your sandwich leftovers the next day!

Before cooking, you must trim the ends of the beans.
Before cooking, you must trim the ends of the beans.

Vegan Green Beans Casserole Substitute

While many of my friends like to add a little something more to their casserole, I prefer to keep mine plain with just the essentials. 

The fried onions on top are by far the most well-liked addition. These can be made yourself or purchased from a business. I add the sautéed onions to mine instead of the fried chunks since I like them better. 

Tips and Tricks to Make Air Fryer Green Beans Casserole

Here’re a few tips and tricks that’ll help you in making delicious green bean casserole.

  • Frozen green beans can be used to make this recipe. Don’t let them defrost; cook them straight from the freezer. 
  • Prepare all the ingredients ahead of time to save time. Spoon into the baking dish. Use plastic wrap to protect. Remove the plastic wrap when you’re ready to bake in the air fryer. 
  • The onions should be fried in advance and kept in a bag, ready to be added to the casserole. 
  • When making ahead, use fresh green beans rather than a freezer because frozen green beans must be cooked from frozen!
  • After being prepared, this casserole can be frozen. It can last up to six months in the freezer in an airtight container.

How to Store Leftover Green Beans Casserole

Up to three days’ worth of refrigerator storage is possible for this dish when it is prepared in advance. 

Just follow the directions to prepare the dish, then seal the container tightly to keep it. Heat it in the oven or air fryer just before serving. For up to three months, you can freeze this dish. Follow the recipe’s instructions and place it in a dish that can be frozen. 

Food from the freezer should be thawed in the refrigerator overnight before being baked or air-fried to a hot temperature. These French fried onions should not be added to the casserole if you are making it ahead of time since they will get soggy and the casserole won’t reheat properly.

Air Fryer Green Bean Casserole

Can I Change the Ingredients in this Recipe?

You may easily add fresh mushrooms, bacon strips cut into bacon pieces, fresh garlic, or any other seasonings you like.

Smaller French green beans cook faster. Reduce the time by a few minutes and double-check that they are completed to your liking. The opposite is true for larger or older green beans. You may need to cook them for a few minutes longer to get them to your liking.


  • This recipe for homegrown green beans just calls for three ingredients. Even better, finding the ingredients isn’t difficult. a can of soup, some onions, and beans! 
  • The air fryer saves time, which is crucial when nights are hectic. A quick and simple dish is exactly what is required when there are several dishes to prepare for a large holiday celebration. 
  • This green bean casserole is extremely flavorful and velvety thanks to the can of cream of mushroom soup.
  • Fresh mushrooms, bacon chunks that have been cut up into strips, fresh garlic, and any other ingredients you choose can be easily added.

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