Air Fryer Country Style Ribs (The Recipe)

Country-style pork ribs, despite their name, do not contain any rib bones. They are made from parts of the pork shoulder blade, making them much meatier than most rib cuts. (They’re also known as pork shoulder country-style ribs.)

They’re long strips of pork that look like rib cuts but are boneless. Because they contain a lot of fat, they taste best when cooked slowly and slowly. The more time they cook, the more fat renders off, resulting in smooth and tender ribs.

Cooking country-style ribs is not an easy task, but guess what, it can be less messy and tiresome since it can be cooked in the air fryer. I have compiled all the tips and tricks that you’ll need to make some juicy country-style ribs.

Let’s get started.

What Temperature Should The Country Style Ribs Be Cooked To?

The FDA considers pork to be properly cooked when the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

To guarantee doneness, use a meat thermometer to check the thickest part of the meat. It’s always a good idea to test a little batch before preparing the entire dinner to see if our air fryer needs more or less time.

How to Keep Air-Fried Country Style Ribs Fresh

In a tightly sealed container, these can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. You can also put something on hold for up to a month.

Reheat in the microwave or air fryer. If using the microwave, heat in 30-second increments until thoroughly warmed. Reheat the air fryer at 380°F / 194°C for up to 6 minutes, or until well warmed.

How long do country-style ribs take in an air fryer?

The ribs take about 30 minutes to cook in the air fryer.

Cook for 25 minutes at 375°F, then increase the temperature to 400°F and cook for another 3-5 minutes. Cooking time will vary depending on the size of the ribs and your air fryer, so plan accordingly.

Do ribs get tender in an air fryer?

Yes, ribs will be juicy and tender, but will not fall off the bone as in a more traditional and slower-cooked recipe.

It is critical to slightly overcook them so that they become tender in a short amount of time. However, you should keep an eye out if you decide to give them a little time so that you don’t end up burning them.

How do you slow-cook country-style ribs in an air fryer?

country style ribs in a bowl with ketchup beside it
Country style ribs taste amazing with some chili garlic sauce

Cooking country styles ribs is not that easy, you’ll have to prepare them beforehand with all the seasoning. However, you may require a few ingredients, here is what you’ll be needing:

  • 3 pounds of pork ribs, country style
  • 1 tbsp. seasoning salt
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 2 to 3 cups BBQ sauce (homemade or store-bought)
  • Paprika


Preheat the Air Fryer to 380 degrees F. Use nonstick cooking spray, such as olive or avocado oil, to coat the air fryer basket.

Rinse and pat dry the ribs. Mix all of the seasonings in a small bowl and then season the ribs with the seasonings or take out the foiled ones from the fridge.

Place the country pork ribs in the air fryer basket in a single layer. Cook for 20 to 40 minutes at 380 degrees Fahrenheit. Do take a break and look at about 30 minutes if they are being cooked properly or not.

Open the basket and brush the ribs with your favorite barbecue sauce on the sides and top. Cook for another 2 minutes. Remove the ribs from the air fryer and serve them with your preferred side dishes.

can you cook frozen ribs in an air fryer?

Yes, you can cook frozen ribs. Ribs cooked from frozen, like many types of meat, are delicious and just as tender as thawed ribs.

They are crispy as if you bought them from a restaurant, and you can also cook them from frozen leftover Chinese ribs that you previously loaded into the freezer.

If I had to pick a favorite type of rib to cook in the air fryer from frozen, it would be frozen pork ribs.

They cook the best from frozen, don’t contain so much fat that they cause the air fryer to smoke, and are the most tender.

What can I season the ribs with?

boneless style ribs placed in a try with bbq sauce on top
Never miss BBQ sauce with country-style ribs

To season your ribs, rub the seasoning generously on both sides of the rib racks and wrap them in plastic wrap or aluminum foil, then refrigerate for at least 4 hours. You can even opt to marinate them for 24 or 48 hours.

This rub can easily be made ahead of time, and then it can be stored in an airtight container to stay good for months.

Dry rubs are incredibly simple to make in your kitchen using a simple combination of herbs, spices, salts, and sugars that you most likely already have in your spice cabinet, and they can easily be adapted with a little more of this and a little less of that to suit your tastes.

A rub is made up of four components that will not only flavor but also tenderize your meat.

I always use kosher salt rather than table salt because it has a better taste. Kosher salt is iodine-free, so it doesn’t taste chemical, and while it may or may not be blessed by a rabbi, the larger crystals are ideal for drawing out moisture in the meat.

Brown sugar gives the meat a caramelized, molasses flavor and doesn’t burn as quickly as processed white sugar, allowing for longer cooking times.

Herbs and spices: Experiment with different herb combinations, and while the seasonings may taste intense on their own, they add just the right amount of flavor once melded into the meat.

Herbs and spices to incorporate into your dry rub:

  • Paprika dulce
  • Brown sugar, dark
  • black pepper, freshly ground
  • Chili flakes
  • Powdered garlic
  • Mustard, dry
  • Seasoned with celery salt
  • Salt kosher
  • Chili powder

How do you tenderize country-style ribs?

Here’s what you can do if you’re looking to tenderize your country-style ribs:

  • To make more flavorful and tender ribs, remove the membrane.
  • The trick is to preheat the air fryer before putting the ribs in it. This prevents the ribs from sticking to the basket.
  • Arrange the ribs in the basket as evenly as possible, with as little overlap as possible.
  • After brushing the ribs with the BBQ sauce, raise the temperature to create a crispy exterior while making the sauce sticky.
  • Remember to keep a close eye on the last few minutes of cooking so that you can avoid burning your ribs.
How to make tender and juicy BBQ ribs?

I recommend cooking these country-style pork ribs for at least 30 to 40 minutes at 300°F, depending on the size of the ribs.

The second half of the big secret is to add water and apple cider vinegar to the bottom of the baking sheet and to cover the baking sheet of ribs with tin foil for the duration of the cooking time so that it can have flavor.

At what temperature do you cook ribs in an air fryer?

country style ribs placed on a wooden board.
Keep checking the ribs while cooking to avoid burning them

Ribs should be cooked at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes, followed by 5 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. They are done when they reach an internal temperature of about 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the USDA recommends a minimum internal temperature of 145°F for pork ribs, the collagens and connective tissue do not begin to melt at higher temperatures.

To get tender and juicy ribs, the internal temperature should be between 185 and 203°F. When checking the internal temperature, an instant-read thermometer comes in handy.

What do you serve the ribs with?

There can be plenty of things that you can serve with the ribs, some of them are:

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Air-fried sweet potato
  • Cheesy white bean tomatoes
  • Parmesan broccoli
  • Roasted beans with brown sugar and cinnamon
  • Roasted tomatoes
  • Brown Rice

How To Caramelize The Barbeque Sauce?

Place the ribs on a platter and drain the fat and liquid from the baking sheet. Return the ribs to the baking sheet and brush with barbecue sauce on one side. Broil for 3 to 5 minutes before flipping the ribs over and brushing the sauce on the other side.

Repeat for the other side, brushing with sauce and broiling for a few minutes. If you baste and broil the sauce twice, you’ll get a thick and delicious layer of barbecue sauce.

The broiler thickens and caramelizes the sauce. Keep an eye on the ribs because they can easily burn under the broiler.

You can use store-bought or your favorite bbq sauce, but I prefer our homemade sweet and sticky sauce. It only takes a few minutes to make and is bursting with flavor from the combination of ketchup, brown sugar, vinegar, and other spices.


  • Making country-style ribs is not an easy task. You’ll have to prepare beforehand and work on all the seasoning.
  • You’ll need a few ingredients to work with when you’re making country-style ribs because it’s all about the marination.
  • Country-style ribs are ready in almost 30 to 40 minutes in an air fryer. All you have to do is take them out put some bbq sauce on them and put them back in for 2 minutes so that it caramelizes the sauce.
  • Making a perfect bbq sauce with country-style ribs is very important, it gives out the decent taste and smells that you would want if you’re looking to eat them.
  • So do try out my recipe, and let me know how it goes for you.

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